Storing belongings long-term – a brief guide

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There is less and less space, generally speaking. The gentrification of various neighborhoods means that we pay more for less space each year. This is, of course, likely to change for the better sometime in the future. However, while we wait for the normalization of rent prices, we need to figure out what to do with various stuff we have and don’t have space for! Be it that it is a piece of winter-sports equipment we cant use during the summer, various furniture we have no space for, or even a car, there is something you can do. Thanks to a lot of storage facilities around the US, you can be storing belongings long-term with ease.

Storing belongings long-term requires planning

In other to get moving help Hattiesburg MS for storing belongings long-term, you need to start planning on time for the relocation to storage. First off, you will need to take an inventory of what you have, giving you an overview of your possessions.

Storing belongings long-term requires - notebook for a plan
Let’s talk about planning

Secondly, try and focus on the state of the items, their last usage, and potential value. Having all of that information will help you pick what kind of packaging and storage you need.

Packing supplies and how to pack

First off, you will need packing supplies if you are to store anything. More often than not you can find quite adequate, free packing supplies in local shops and on craigslist. Always pack things into boxes of appropriate spaces, never stack heavier boxes atop the smaller ones, and always aim to disassemble furniture and electronics. Clean items before you store them!

What are the types of storages you can have

There are generally 4 types of storage you can find in any Mississippi moving company offers. First off would be the distinction between the exterior and interior storages, with the first one being easier to access and the second one is generally more protected. There are also climate-controlled storages, and those storages for specialized purposes, such as wine storages.

What are the potential problems?

There are a few potential problems that can happen if you use storing options. These can, in theory, happen to any storage, but are generally less likely with storages that are granted by more professional movers Laurel MS and other companies that have greater standing in the storing business.

moisature on the glass
Moisture is a big problem!
  • Moisture – Moisture is the reason why you want climate-controlled storage units when you are storing belongings long-term. The buildup of moisture can greatly damage whatever possession you stored.
  • Mold – Moisture, paired with heat, will also create a mold which is always bad news. Don’t try to fight mold by yourself, always first seek the help of a professional.
  • Pest – In storages with less reputable standing you can sometimes also find termites and rodents, or other pests. These can be a great danger to any possessions stored within the facility.

This has been our storing belongings long-term brief, yet informative guide. We wish you look into your storing choices in the future!