Steps to packing a piano for relocation

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When it comes to relocation, packing is the most time-consuming part of it. In general, people have thousands of things to sort out.  Also, they have to properly pack dozens of moving boxes. And we all know how important packing is. Only properly packed items will survive transportation. In addition, there are items that require special attention. Such one item is a piano. Packing it is not an easy job. Thus, we will here offer steps to packing a piano for relocation. So, we can help you if you are resolute to try DIY piano packing. However, bear in mind that they are large, heavy, and awkwardly shaped. And in most cases, they are very expensive. So, hiring moving companies Mississippi, that offer piano moving services, is a much better option. 

Packing a piano for relocation on your own is not so easy

Before you come to piano packing, you will have to plan and organize everything. First, the way you will deal with piano packing will depend on its type. We are dividing them into two general categories:

  • Grand piano
  • Upright piano

However, they both have some features in common. They are heavy and massive. What makes them heavy? Well, their casing and soundboard are usually made of solid wood. And, their internal parts are made of cast iron, So, no wonder that a grand piano can weigh 1,300 pounds. The upright pianos are a bit lighter. On average, their weight is between 300 and 800 pounds.


Grand piano silhouette - steps to packing a piano for relocation.
A Grand piano can easily weigh 1,300 pounds.

Don’t be tricked by the lighter weight of upright pianos

Upright pianos are lighter than the grand ones. Still, moving them is not easy. They are smaller. And generally, they look like an even box. So, people expect that moving them is easy. Well, you may, or may not know that weight distribution inside upright pianos is not even. So, don’t be tricked by their outside looks. Upright pianos are divided into four types:

  • professional upright piano
  • studio piano
  • spinet piano
  • console piano

And, each of them demands a different approach. So, don’t risk. It is much better to ensure the assistance of the movers Gulfport MS.

Mistakes that you can make trying to relocate the upright piano

Pulling, or pushing the upright piano is one of the common mistakes that people do. As we have already said, the weight distribution inside is not even.  Needless to say, described attempts often lead to the piano tipping over. This can lead to damage or even destruction of your piano. Or, in the best case, to scratched floors or dented walls.

Another, very big problem is if you or your friends get injured. How will you cover the costs of medical treatment? Especially if one of your friends has to stay longer in the hospital. Or if you are hospitalized. The entire relocation process will have to be stopped. Or at best postponed until the end of the treatment. You can only imagine what consequences could this cause. Let’s say, related to renting an apartment. So, safety is one of the reasons why we are strongly recommending hiring professional help.

Packing the grand piano for relocation

The best way to relocate the grand pianos is to disassemble them. So, the question is whether you or some of your friends know how to do it. And, do you have the right tools for that? And lastly, do you know what packing supplies will you need to properly pack different piano parts. Also, once you pack the piano parts, you will have to carry, load, and unload them. And, even after disassembling, many parts will still be oversized. So, do yourself a favor. Hire the skilled help of the MS packing and unpacking services, for a risk-free piano move.

There is one more thing that you should keep in mind when dealing with grand piano relocation. Looking at your piano. The first thing that you will notice is its odd shape. So, not only that you will have to deal with uneven weight distribution inside the instrument. You will have to deal with its outside shape too. Or, simply said, each piano part will need a different packing approach.


Black upright piano near brown leather padded chair.
Upright pianos are easier to handle than grand pianos.

Pianos are rather expensive instruments

Relocating a piano is not cheap. You will usually need more people to carry the upright one. Or the pieces of the grand piano. Besides, they are heavy, and their weight will affect the overall moving cost. But, you have to keep in mind that you have already invested a lot of money to purchase it. Or your parents, or grandparents did. Repairs to such a valuable object can reach high sums. Even higher than the amount you would allocate for professional help.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is re-tuning your piano. Even after well-made disassembling, moving, and reassembling, you will need  $150-$300 to re-tune it. In the case of amateur relocation, this amount will certainly be much higher.

When packing a piano for relocation you will need packing supplies

If you are still resolute to go on with DIY relocation, you will need packing materials. Some of them you have already purchased for packing your other belongings. So, we can assume that you already have enough packing tape, moving boxes, bubble wrapping, self-adhesive packing sheets, and fillers.

Besides those, you will also need some specialized equipment, such as:

  • moving blankets
  • piano moving board with wheels
  • straps, etc.

Such moving tools you can buy. But, just a skipping board alone will cost you hundreds of dollars. The other option is to rent from some moving company. If so, make sure that the moving company is a reliable and trustworthy one. Otherwise, running onto the wrong company, you may rent already damaged tools. And, you will be charged for their damage. So, check the tools when you are taking them over. Taking shots in the presence of the company representatives is also a good idea.


Woman in Gray Shirt Sitting on Floor Beside Girl in White Shirt.
Getting proper packing supplies is important for packing.

Hiring a reliable moving company can be a much easier and safer solution

Instead of going through such demanding procedures, you can simply hire reliable residential movers, to complete the whole relocation. They will have all the necessary tools for disassembling. They will know exactly which packing material to use for each part. Their workers are skilled and well-trained. And they will know how to complete each stage of the process.

Additionally, they will provide all tools for disassembling, moving, and loading. They will also know how to properly move the upright pianos. As those pianos are usually transported in one peace, finding their balance is necessary. And additionally, your upright piano will be properly wrapped. And also properly fastened, once inside the moving truck. So, it will not involuntarily move and get damaged during the transportation time.

Your movers will also take care of transportation

The professional piano movers will also organize the transportation of your piano. However, in the case of DIY relocation, you will have to rent a moving truck. As you can see, doing a relocation yourself, will not make the entire process much cheaper. On the contrary, you can easily make some very costly mistakes. And those mistakes will, bottom line, make your DIY project a very costly one. Worst case scenario, you may lose your precious piano. It can easily get damaged behind repair, if not handled by skilled movers. 


Bearded black male musician playing piano - packing a piano for relocation.
After relocation, you will have to re-tune your piano.

Disassembling and packing a piano for relocation

By now you should have all the necessary help, supplies, and tools ready. So, it is time to start disassembling and packing your piano. As we already noted, upright pianos are usually moved in one piece. Therefore, we will concentrate on packing your grand piano for relocation. 

Remove the lid

If you have a grand or baby grand piano, your first task will be to remove the lid. Find the hinges that are holding it. Then, use the appropriate screwdriver to unscrew it. Your helpers should be holding the lid open while you are doing the important work. After you unscrew it, wrap it in moving blankets. So wrapped, secure it with packing tapes or buckle straps. Also, do not forget to place the screws in a plastic bag, and label it properly.

Remove the lyre

Next, go underneath the piano, and find the screws that are holding the lyre. Unscrew them and remove the lyre. It has pedals that are very easy to break, especially during a move. So, you will have to give it special care while packing it. Wrap each pedal in bubble plastic and use it to fill the gaps between them. Or use the fillers like styrofoam peanuts to fill up the gaps. The main goal is to make the lire immovable. Finally, wrap the entire lyre in a thick layer of bubble plastic or moving blankets.


Piano time, fingers over piano keyboard.
After successful relocation, you can enjoy playing your piano.

Tilt the piano to its side

Prepare the piano moving board and your helpers to get ready, and turn the piano on its side. Be careful while you are doing it. Control the whole process, and make sure that the entire piano is in the air while you are tilting it. Do not let the weight of the piano press on the legs during this process. They are very fragile, especially in this position. After you place the piano on its side, fasten it to the moving board with buckle straps. Only then you can remove the legs.

Remove the legs

Grand pianos have four legs, while baby grands have three of them. Nevertheless, find the screws, and remove the legs. After that place, the screws in a bag, and don’t forget to label them properly. In the end, wrap the legs separately in bubble plastic or moving blankets. Cover the body of the piano with blankets too. This way, your piano is ready for the move.

Relocating the piano to your new home safely

The reason why many are deciding to try a DIY relocation is a moving budget. On the other hand, you have to remember that the piano is one of a few household items that are hard to move. Still, if you have the knowledge, skills, reliable helpers, and proper tools, you may complete this task successfully. That is why we have decided to provide the steps to packing a piano for relocation. And, we hope they will be useful for you.