Steps to packing a piano for relocation

When it comes to relocation, packing is the most complicated part of it. You have thousands of things to sort out, dozens of moving boxes to prepare, you have to pack it all and secure it for the road. While you are in the process there will be things that will require a little more attention and preparation work. Like packing a piano, for example. Packing a piano for relocation is not an easy job. They are large, heavy, awkwardly shaped, and usually very expensive. Therefore, it is always advised to hire professional help if you have a piano to move. Movers Gulfport MS, have specially trained staff to carry out the most difficult relocations. Including moving pianos. On the other hand, you might plan to avoid paying for professionals. In that case, this article will be of much help.

You should start with planning

When moving, planning is the most important part. Especially if you never moved before. If you are moving for the first time, make time to plan and organize everything. And you should do it at least two months in advance. That way you will have time to make adjustments to your plan and modify it as needed. Think about removing excess items, getting packing supplies, packing.

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Prepare a good plan before you start packing your piano for relocation

Plan in which moment you are going to start dealing with your piano. Are you going to hire moving companies Jackson MS to pack a piano for relocation? Or, are you going to try to deal with it on your own? If you are going to do it on your own, are you going to disassemble it? Of course, this depends on the type of piano you have. Nonetheless, all those questions need to be answered before you actually start dealing with your relocation. So start planning as soon as possible.

If you are packing a piano for relocation, hire professionals

Of course, the quickest, the easiest and overall most convenient way to pack a piano for relocation is to hire professional packing and unpacking services. Even though it costs a little more, most of the time it really pays off. Not only that they will relieve you from the hassle of the pack and moving piano, but they will also know how to disassemble it properly and pack it securely for transportation. Also, do not disregard the fact that they will be responsible if it comes to any damage.

As you can see, there are dozens of reasons to hire professional packing and unpacking services. And only one against. Of course, a financial reason usually suppresses the other. But if you going to deal with packing and moving the piano so you can save money you need to know that you won’t save that much. On the other hand, you can expect that the hassle will be big.

When packing a piano for relocation you will need packing supplies

If you decided to go on the road of packing a piano for relocation without professional help, the first thing you should do is to prepare packing materials. Besides, boxes and packing tapes that you will need for packing your other items, for packing a piano you will need moving blankets, bubble plastic, straps and you will need a piano moving board with wheels.

Packing supplies
You will need lots of bubble plastic and other packing materials when you are packing a piano for relocation

However, you can compensate for the last with enough manpower. Nonetheless, while paying for those moving blankets, expensive straps and piano moving board maybe you will recollect a story about how deciding not to hire movers Brandon MS packing and unpacking services will not save you a lot of money.

Disassembling and packing a piano for relocation

After you gathered all the required packing materials, you need to find someone to help you in your mission. Next, you need to figure out how to disassemble it. Of course, some types of pianos cannot be disassembled, but those are usually smaller upright pianos that are easier to pack and carry anyway.

Remove the lid

If you have a grand or baby grand piano, your first goal will be to remove the lid.  Find the hinges that are holding it and use the appropriate screwdriver to unscrew it. Your helper should be holding the lid opened while you are doing the important work. After you unscrew it, wrap it in moving blankets and secure it with packing tapes or buckle straps. Also, do not forget to place the screws in a plastic bag and label it properly.

Remove the lyre

Next, go underneath it, find screws that hold the lyre. Unscrew them and remove the lyre. As it has pedals that are very easy to break, especially during a move, you will have to give it special care while packing it. Wrap each pedal in bubble plastic and use it to fill the gaps between them. Finally, wrap the entire lyre in a thick layer of bubble plastic or moving blankets.

Piano pedals
Be careful when you are removing and packing lyre. The pedals are very sensitive.

Tilt it on its side

Prepare the piano moving board and your helper and get ready to move the piano on its side. Be careful while you are doing it. Control the whole process, and make sure that the entire piano is in the air while you are tilting it. Do not let it the weight of piano to press on the legs while you are doing this. They are fragile, especially in this position. After you place it on its side, secure it to the moving board with buckle straps. Only then you can remove the legs.

Remove the legs

Grand pianos have four legs, while baby grand has three, nevertheless, find the screws, remove the legs, place the screws in a bag, and wrap the legs separately in bubble plastic or moving blankets. Cover the body of the piano with blankets.

That is it. Your piano is ready to go.

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