Simple guide to packing artwork

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As you already probably know, packing is the most difficult and most delicate part of the moving process. And when you have precious artwork to pack along with the rest of your stuff, your troubles will multiply. If you took enough time to hire good and professional movers, then the only thing that will determine how successful your relocation will be is how good you will pack your belongings. Of course, you can hire professional packing and unpacking services that will ease your packing process immensely. However, not everyone will decide to let strangers go through their belongings. Also, that is a service that you will have to pay additionally. Therefore, if you are looking for a packing artwork guide, you should keep reading.

Before you start packing your artwork you need to determine how many items you have in your inventory – Prepare your moving inventory list

When you are preparing for packing artwork, you will need to prepare suitable packing materials. If you are moving for the first time, surely you do not have a clue about what items to prepare and where to get them. Well, before you search for answers on those questions, you need to determine how many items you have to pack. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to prepare your moving inventory list. That list will contain all the items that you are planning to move with you.

Maybe this looks like an exhausting job, but this list will be of much help not only because of the amount and because of the type of packing materials, but it will also help you to get an accurate moving estimate from your moving company Germantown TN. And you can later use it to check your stuff. Once they deliver them to your new home.

Pen and paper
Make a list of all items that you will need to pack

Use an online app to easily create your moving list

Every home has thousands of items. And surely it is not an easy job to list them all. But as mentioned above, there are many advantages to doing so. If you are not a fan of the old pen and paper there are moving inventory apps that will vastly easy this process. The advantages are numerous, but the thing that stands out the most is the possibility to add photos of your items.

Where to find supplies for packing artwork?

After you prepare your inventory list you can determine how much and which packing supplies to prepare. If you have no prior experience, you can find an online moving box calculator that will give you a clue. Once you are clear with what you need you will need to find a retailer in your town that is selling this type of supplies.

However, the best place to find proper moving materials will always be your selected moving company. Therefore, call movers in Collierville TN and you will certainly find everything you need for packing artwork. And also, for packing the rest of your belongings.

Materials you need to prepare for packing artwork

Packing artwork is a delicate process. Artworks are most often sensitive and valuable. So if you want to be sure that your paintings and sculptures are safe, besides packing them properly, you need to make sure that you are using packing materials of the best quality. Moving companies Olive Branch MS are the companies that operate with such materials. So if you are close, give them a call and ask them to supply you. Here is what you should prepare for packing artwork:

  • Cardboard boxes are one of the essentials for packing artwork. Ask for triple wall corrugated carton boxes. Those are the sturdiest type of boxes. And that is what you should use for your artwork. If you have paintings to pack, you can get boxes that are specially designed for mirrors and paintings.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Regular packing tape
  • WAT (water-activated tape). This tape will not fall off the box under any circumstances. And it is impossible to remove without leaving a trace on the box. Very handy when you are transporting valuable items as you can easily spot is someone has been opening your boxes.
  • Bubble plastic and stretch wraps
  • Wrapping paper
  • Permanent markers
Bubble wrap
When packing artwork, you will need tons of bubble plastic

Packing paintings for the move

When packing painting, first you need to match the paintings with appropriate boxes. As mentioned above the best solution is to use boxes that are designed for moving mirrors and paintings. For every painting that you will pack you need to find a box that is slightly larger than its frame. If the painting has a glass covering use the painter’s tape and tape an ‘x’ cross over it. This will give the glass additional strength and it will keep it from shattering in the case it brakes.

Next, glass or no glass, you should wrap the painting with several layers of stretch wrap. Place it on a large piece of brown packing paper (do not use newspapers as they can leave marks on it) and wrap it as you would do with a present. Tape it with packing tape and, finally, wrap it with bubble plastic. Now, your painting is ready for the box. Put it inside and make sure that it can’t move. If it can, add crumpled packing paper to fill the gaps. In the end, use WAT tape to seal the box and label it properly with a marker.

Packing sculptures for the move

When packing sculptures your main concern will be to take care of the most vulnerable parts. So start dealing with those. Use smaller pieces of bubble and stretch wrap to secure them. Wrap them as much as you can. It is important to fill all the gaps and holes and secure thinner parts of the sculpture. Once you secured them, start wrapping the whole piece.

You will need lots of bubble plastic for this, but you should end up with an entirely wrapped sculpture. Then you need to find an appropriate box and make sure that it cannot move while inside it. If the sculpture is too big and heavy, consider getting a wooden crate.

Small angel sculpture
Sculptures are little trickier to pack

Be careful when loading them into a truck

And that it is. As you can see, when packing artwork, you will need to do lots of wrapping, but it is also important to watch out where you place them in the truck. Try to be present while your movers load them. And make sure that your valuable items are in a secured place, that they can’t move or fall, and that there are no things on top of them.