Signs it might be time to leave Texas

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For most people, Texas is not just a state. It’s a state of mind. Who wouldn’t like owning a small ranch and enjoying pristine nature and wonderful views? However, things are not always as straightforward as they may seem. Living in The Lone Star State truly has its advantages, but some people start feeling signs it might be time to leave Texas. According to Spyder Moving and Storage TX,  around 435,000 people moved out of Texas last year. Hiring professional movers to relocate people to nearby states is nothing new, as Texas is experiencing a decline in the quality of life in recent years. If you are thinking about moving here, maybe you should take into consideration the reasons why people mostly leave Texas.

Texas has become too expensive

Texas has always been an affordable state. Renting a house takes only $ 1045 per month, and there is no income tax. However, plenty of people are now thinking about moving from Texas to Mississippi because the prices have gone up. It turned out that Mississippi is 10.4 % cheaper than Texas. For instance, renting a one-bedroom-apartment outside the city will cost you $ 750 in Mississippi, compared to $ 924 in Texas. Moreover, groceries are 4.8 % lower, and child care is 43.5 % less expensive. Based on these numbers, we can conclude that living in Texas means you need to have a salary of $ 53 000 to maintain a decent standard of living.

A woman counting money and thinking about signs it might be time to leave Texas
If your expenses exceed your budget, maybe it is time to think about moving to another place

The taxes have gone up

Although Texas doesn’t charge income tax, property taxes have increased in 2022, and residents expect their bills to be higher in 2023. This is one of the reasons why so many people think about fleeing from the state. The tax burden has increased from 7 to 8.22%, and the numbers seem to go up this year. Compared to this, the neighboring state of Tennessee has only 5.75 %, which makes it the second most tax-affordable state. Property taxes are also lower in Tennessee. They are estimated to be around 1.71 %, compared to 3.75 % in Texas. As a result, moving to Tennessee from Texas has become a major job for plenty of movers in the area. This means that you can save more money in case you decide to leave Texas.

Climate change is one of the signs it might be time to leave Texas

In recent years, Texas has developed the potential for natural disasters such as tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and thunderstorms. It is ranked second of the top ten states with the highest number of tornadoes in 2020. Moreover, Texas is vulnerable to hurricanes. The eastern part of the state is especially risky because it is located in the subtropical zone. This area receives the most rainfall in Texas, which results in hurricanes and flooding. People mostly move out of Texas in April, May, and June, to avoid the prime time for hurricanes and other storms. Unless you can put up with scorching hot summers and natural disasters, Texas is not a good state to be called a home. Therefore, this is another reason people are considering moving out.

A car going under the bridge on a snowy day
The state is experiencing a big climate change, which is one of the signs it might be time to leave Texas

The power grid is not getting developed

An unusual winter storm hit Texas last winter, killing 210 people. In addition, widespread power outages left people without heat, contributing to the disaster. These power outages raised concerns about Texas’ power grid, resulting in many people deciding to leave with the help of cross county movers Texas recommends. Because snowfall is not a regular sight during the winter, the government didn’t rely on the power grid infrastructure entirely. Moreover, residents say there is still a strain on the power grid, and the government did nothing to improve the system and prepare it for a potential snowstorm. The disaster made plenty of people think about moving out, as they were worried about their safety.

The traffic is getting worse

Texas is a large state with a population of almost 30 million people. This means that the traffic is chaotic and there are plenty of traffic jams every day. Unfortunately, Texas is experiencing an increased number of traffic accidents and car crashes. According to some long distance movers Texas offers, more and more people decide to move to smaller states with better traffic and transportation systems. Research from 2018 shows that Texas has more motor vehicle accidents than any other state. Speeding and traffic collisions are two of the factors that contribute to these issues. As many people cannot handle busy roads and traffic jams, plenty of them consider starting afresh in another state.

More people are carrying guns

Texas is famous for open-carry gun ownership, which increased the number of violent crimes in recent years. This is another thing that makes many people uncomfortable about living in Texas. If you are moving from another state, especially one with limited gun rights like California, you might be surprised by Texas’ open gun culture. Seeing a gun on someone’s hip may be a bigger culture shock, according to newly-settled residents. Most violent gunshots happened in schools and other public places, which greatly changed people’s opinions about Texas. Therefore, they see this as a sign to leave and search for a place with a lower crime rate.

People walking down the street with their masks on
Texas is a state where people have the freedom to carry guns without many rules and regulations

Some areas are experiencing a low-income crisis

The average income in Texas is around $ 61, 874 per year. However, some areas have much lower incomes, ranging from $ 42 000 to $ 22 000. With the prices going up and salaries going down, it is not surprising that many people start thinking about leaving the state of Texas. The areas that are mostly affected are Dallas, Memphis, Austin, and other major cities, where the cost of living is much higher than in suburban areas. California, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Louisiana are the top five states where Texans mostly go in search of a better life.

Final thoughts on the signs it might be time to leave Texas

Texas is truly a unique place in the world. With its distinctive culture, amazing nature, and friendly communities, it is hard not to like it. However, sometimes people feel it’s time to leave, be it for bad weather conditions, an increased crime rate, or a less affordable lifestyle. Moreover, low income in some areas, bad traffic, and poor power grid system are also signs it might be time to leave Texas. Whatever you decide and wherever you plan to go, good research about the place is important. Therefore, start planning your relocation, but don’t forget to hire professional movers to help you out.