Signing a storage rental agreement 101

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If you are planning to rent a storage unit maybe you are worried about the bureaucracy part. And you are not the only one. People usually have trouble understanding legal terms and agreements. And they usually try to skip, what might be the most important part of renting a storage unit. So, before hiring movers Meridian MS to transfer your items to the storage, read this article. It will help you to learn about signing a storage rental agreement and understanding it.

Read everything before signing a storage rental agreement

A storage rental agreement is a contract that you and your storage provider have to sign before you rent a storage unit. However, reading it is the thing that most people avoid doing. And it is not only for not understanding it but sometimes people are uncomfortable to take 5 minutes to read the contract.

A man in an office signing a storage rental agreement
Read everything before signing a storage rental agreement

Nevertheless, without carefully reading your storage rental agreement you cannot be sure what you are agreeing to. So, before you sign your contract take a five-minute break and read the papers carefully.

Information that the storage rental agreement should contain

But reading the contract will not be of much help if you don’t understand everything. And you don’t know what information the storage rental agreement should contain.

  • Before signing a storage rental agreement, check if it contains all required contact information.
  • It should also contain terms in which you are renting the unit.
  • For what purpose you are renting the storage unit
  • Payment information
  • Termination guidelines

If you find that your storage rental agreement contains all the above parts it means that you are on the right track.

Check the contact information

When you are checking the contact information, make sure that it contains the company’s legal name, address, and phone numbers. Also, your task is to check if the information is correct.

Terms of renting a storage unit

Under terms, you should find details concerning the length of your lease. For example, if you are moving to Florida, you will probably need a short –term solution. Just until you settle down. So you might rent a storage unit on a month-to-month basis. On the other hand, you might just be looking for extra storage space. In that case, renting a storage unit is much cheaper if you rent it long term. But, whatever is the case, you should find all the information about it in your storage rental agreement.

Purpose of renting a storage unit

The purpose part of your storage space lease contract should list the items that will be stored in the storage unit. Therefore, before signing a storage rental agreement, you should prepare an inventory list. List all the items that you are planning to store in a storage unit. And be detailed about it. Besides the names of the items, list their brands, model numbers, color, state, and numbers. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you take pictures of your items and make a useful contribution to the contract.

Prohibited items in storage units

Also, when you are reading your storage space lease agreement pay attention if there are items that are listed as prohibited.  So make sure that you are not renting a storage unit that prohibits the items you intended to store. Also, some storage facilities might limit the items by value. So it is not unusual to find a $5000 limit in some storage facilities. That means that if you planned to store your diamonds during a move, for example, you will have to find another solution to maintain security while moving. Or simply find another storage facility.

Diamond on a table
Valuables are usually not allowed in storage units

Read payment details carefully before signing a storage rental agreement

At the payment section of the agreement, you should find every financial detail concerning your lease. Of course, it all depends on the contract, but usually, you will find payment schedule, provisions, grace periods, late fees, due dates, and deposits. The important thing is to have everything written down. That is the only way that you can be sure about the financial side of your storage unit contract.

Storage rental agreement termination guidelines

Your storage rental agreement should also contain termination guidelines. Every reason for termination should be clearly stated. For example, if you breach the agreement or fail to pay the rent, the storage company could sell your stored items to cover your debt. It is important to be aware of this, so you don’t end up losing your items because you skipped one or two rents. That is another reason why you shouldn’t keep valuable items in a storage facility. Especially as there are many more ways for your items to suffer some kind of damage in a storage unit.

When signing a storage rental agreement think about getting insurance for your stored items

Renting a storage unit is one of the best ways to keep your items in good condition. Of course, you will need to use good packing materials. But, sometimes, an accident could happen. Maybe rodents ate some of your stuff, or there was a fire at the facility.

Calculating before signing a storage rental agreement
You will have to take care of the insurance

That is why insurance is one of the most important parts of renting a storage unit. And usually, insurance is not a part of your storage rental agreement. Therefore, you will probably have to find insurance on your own.

Find a good storage facility

Signing a rental storage agreement is not that hard, you just have to write your name on it. However, the difficult part is reading it and understanding what it says. But, hopefully, after reading this article you will have a clearer picture of how signing a storage space lease agreement looks like. And what to watch out for. But the easiest way to avoid complications is to find a storage facility in your area that has good security and conditions to keep your items safe. And you should sign contracts only with reputable companies that have positive customer reviews.