Should you use second-hand packing supplies?

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Seeing how moving is a very pricey thing to go through, you might be willing to cut some corners during the moving process. But should you go so far and use second-hand packing supplies? Should you accept the used cardboard boxes from your local market? Or do you really need to spend money on brand new packing supplies? You’ll need to enlist the help of proper moving companies in Tennessee for your move to be a success, but first, let us answer these questions and any others you might have.

Woman using second-hand packing supplies
Using second-hand packing supplies can lower the overall relocation costs.

Should you reuse moving boxes?

When organizing a big move, chances are you will need a lot of packing boxes. They will be your biggest expense during packing. So it’s understandable you’d want to lower your expenses. Getting second-hand moving boxes sounds appealing, but is it really completely okay?

The biggest pro of reusing moving boxes is, of course, the lowered cost. But also, they are so easy to come by. You are bound to already have many in your home. Your friends, family, coworkers, if they were to give you all of the boxes they have laying around their homes, you’ll instantly have enough for your move. Some of the best movers in Memphis will always offer packing and unpacking services you can book and not have to worry about. The other big pro we’d like to mention is that reusing cardboard boxes is a very eco-friendly way to move. So many of these boxes just end up in landfills for no reason. So, recycling the boxes by using them again is an amazing option to save money and help out the planet a bit.

Most professional Memphis movers and packers would still recommend buying everything new for your move, and reaching out if you ever need additional help during your packing. It’s the safest option. Why should you even consider buying boxes? Because second-hand packing supplies can be very fragile. Buying new boxes will ensure your items stay safe and in one piece. Sturdier materials will help keep all of your possessions safe.

Specialized moving boxes
By using specialized moving boxes, you’ll always know that all of your belongings are safe and undamaged.

Why should you avoid reusing moving boxes?

Second-hand moving supplies will most likely fall apart during a longer moving process. Used moving boxes are likely to rip and damage your items during the move. So, really, is there a need to risk having all of your items damaged? We understand that everything during a move is really expensive, but you really shouldn’t risk bigger things.

Used packing boxes can be dirty, moldy, infested. Again, you wouldn’t want that to come into contact with your belongings. Also, used moving boxes aren’t specialized moving boxes and can be of inappropriate sizes or made from the wrong materials. For some heavier or bulkier items, you can contact heavy item movers for help!

We hope you see why you shouldn’t rely on second-hand packing supplies. If you’d like to get rid of some old cardboard, consider recycling it. Good luck in packing and moving!