Should you DIY an office move?

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Moving comes with a heavy burden of decision-making. No matter if you are about to make a residential or commercial move, whether or not you should hire professionals like Spyder Moving and Storage, is a big question. Commercial moves tend to be more complicated than residential ones since you will have to move a lot of fragile office equipment and relocate your whole team. Even though challenging, many people ask if should you DIY an office move, and we are here to answer it. Below we will list a few factors that you should consider.

What are the factors to consider before moving?

There are many reasons why people decide to do something without assistance, and money is the biggest reason. But getting every supply and service that you need yourself will cost you more time and money than it would with some movers and packers in Denver. Aside from the cost, other things that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Size and complexity of the office move
  • Safety and liability concerns
  • Time and productivity considerations
Picture of a man wondering if you should DIY an office move
If you choose the DIY approach, you need to do everything yourself

Size and complexity of the move

Offices come in many sizes, with teams of different sizes. A big office with many employees will take more time to move than a small office. But don’t let yourself get fooled, small offices are often more cluttered than one could imagine. If you would attempt to move a big office, there will be many items to prepare, pack, and transport. And since you will be using the DIY approach, you need to do all of this. It can take up to 6 months to do this, taking into consideration that you will be working like you would normally. Our commercial movers Denver has are professionals, who can handle heavy furniture and fragile office equipment better than anyone else.

Safety and liability

Moving is considered one of the most stressful events in life, mostly due to all the unexpected things that can happen. Many of them can cause injuries and damaged items, which will both cause damage to your business. A DIY move might be cheaper, but there will be no insurance to back you up in case of an accident – and accidents happen. With our movers in the Denver area by your side, you will rest assured that even if something gets damaged, you will always get its full value replaced.

Time and productivity

One single person cannot move an office. Even if you decide that you should DIY an office move, you won’t be the only person working on that project. Your employees will help you to some extent, which will take them away from their regular duties. Customers come for the services and products that you offer. and their quality will decline if your employees don’t work on their workload. Reputable packing service Denver providers work fast and efficiently, while your employees do their job undisturbed.

Picture of a clock, notebook and pen on a white surface
The decision of whether you should DIY an office move or not will depend on your unique circumstances

Final thoughts

As you can see, many factors will impact the decision on whether you should DIY an office move or not. The move’s complexity, safety, and productivity are all things to keep in mind, alongside proper planning, budgeting, and communication with employees. A plan will give you solid guidelines, a budget will keep you from overspending, and communication will keep your employees happy and engaged in the move. Productivity in the office is a goal now as much as it will be after you finish moving, so good luck!