Short guide to moving with seniors

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Whether you’re downsizing and retiring or moving somewhere closer to your family, pensioners from all over the country can benefit from this short guide to moving with seniors. When you hire movers Hattiesburg MS, you move like a pro. Relocating when you’re a senior will have its own unique challenges. For example, if you have a certain medical condition or any kind of physical limitations, that might leave an impact on the process of packing guide for seniors.

Here are a few tips from our short guide to moving with seniors

Whether you’re helping a senior family member relocate to a care facility, or you’re a senior who happens to be downsizing, you should let one of the best moving companies Tupelo MS help you with packing and moving. Planning is crucial in this short guide to moving with seniors.

From mobility access to creating an inventory list, there are many things you can do to prepare for the move.

How to make the whole process easier before your movers arrive:

Pack moving day essentials. Grabbing those crucial items you will need on the day of the move is essential when moving with seniors. These include medications, clothing, and toiletries for the first few days.
Staying on-site and making sure you are available to your movers raises the chances of complete success of this process.

A short guide to moving with seniors: 2 months before the move

  1. If possible, visit your new property to get familiar with your new home and neighborhood.
  2. Time to choose and hire your movers. Schedule your relocation well in advance so you can make sure your moving company has your desired date available. This step of our short guide to moving with seniors is especially important if you are moving during the summer months.

A short guide to moving with seniors: One month prior to your move

  1. Contact your medical professional. If you’re moving out of the county or the state, you should contact your doctor to transfer your medical records to your new address.
  2. Start packing in stages, or zones. If you are not hiring packers, then this is our short guide to moving with seniors: Declutter and pack the attic or basement first, then move to the rooms that you use on a daily basis. Give yourself at least one month to slowly finish this tiring process.
Old lady
Get the floor plan measurements for the home you will move into, so you know which furniture will fit and which will not.

Moving day

  1. Verify the booking with your moving company. Do a final check to make sure that the movers who are helping you move are licensed and insured.
  2. Load the most important items to the front of the moving truck. When our movers were creating this short guide to moving with seniors they said this trick helps to save time when moving.
  3. Do the final walk-through of your old home and now you can have a happy relocation!