Short-distance relocation guidelines

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Organizing a successful relocation can be hard at times. There are many stages you must cover, and often very little time for it. Not to mention the budget you must set aside. You should think about packing, downsizing, costs, and moving services. But worry not, if you begin your preparations on time, you can handle it all before the moving day. So, let us show you how to organize a short-distance relocation like a pro.

Organize your short-distance relocation with a proper moving company by your side

Everything begins with your moving checklist. You should list down all those steps one must take to have it all ready when your movers arrive. Your checklist should include packing and moving details so you can move freely without any fear that you’ll forget something. And you’ll stay organized and up to date. The next step is to obtain packing materials and cover the tiresome packing process. A simple visit to the nearest hardware store should cover all of it. Or you can order the whole batch via the internet. Whatever suits you best.

Finally, you must set aside a moving budget and contact your movers Biloxi MS to secure the relocation service you deserve. But be cautious because all good moving companies are booked well in advance. This means you should call your movers at least two weeks in advance to make sure your moving date is free. Moreover, you must communicate all the moving details upfront to figure out if all steps are doable as you intended.

Investigate a bit further

To have the right moving company by your side is extremely important. This means you want a reliable, experienced, affordable, and able moving company by your side. But to find one, you must conduct proper research. No better way than to look on the internet. Hence, take an hour or two and brose until you find a few eligible moving companies in Mississippi. Then, you must investigate further to make sure your company has everything you need. So, begin with a website, company logo, physical address, and contact details. All should be displayed and transparent. Then, once you contact your movers make sure they have permits and licenses to operate in the moving business.

Browse the internet to find a moving company that will cover your short-distance relocation
Invest a bit of your time and you’ll find a reliable moving company.

Also, you should check if your movers possess all the tools, equipment, manpower, and vehicles for the job. Moreover, if you have any special requests, you should check with your movers if they can accommodate or not. Do whatever is necessary to obtain all the info you need. Ask any question that comes to mind because you want to be sure that your choice is legit and that you’ll get the moving service you are paying for. More importantly, you want to transport your cargo without damages and to stay safe while doing it.

Let us pack together

Time is of the essence and you should spend it wisely. The packing process is something that will take most of it. Start by obtaining enough packing materials to cover the whole packing project. As we mentioned earlier, your hardware store should have it all, or you can order everything online. But be sure to have all the essentials so you can pack like a pro and be sure that your items will reach the destination unharmed. You should obtain enough cardboard moving boxes to pack all your items. Choose different sizes to accommodate both small and robust items. Then, you’ll need packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Use the higher quality packing tape to keep your boxes in place. Also, if the blister pack is expensive to you, use items you already have at home.

A couple planning the packing process
Make a proper packing plan and obtain all the necessary packing materials.

A fine example is a blanket, sheet, old cloth, t-shirts, etc. Make a nest inside the box, fill it with your items, fill the gaps with the cushion, and tape your box using several layers of packing tape. Finally, label each box with the content inside. It will keep them safe and you’ll have an easier time when unpacking. But if everything sounds confusing, or you do not have the time for it, check the packing and unpacking services your movers provide. It is an affordable and lucrative way to pack and unpack in a day. Think about it, but make sure your items are safe and ready to go.

Obtain your moving estimates

You will organize your short-distance relocation much better if you obtain the moving estimates on time. Movers offer free onsite estimates that will give you a better insight into the complexity of your relocation. Therefore, schedule a visit and let the moving representative evaluate the whole moving situation. They will inspect your cargo, weight it out, and provide the moving cost. Also, they will add to it the complexity of the environment they work in. For example, if there is an elevator or they must take several sets of stairs each time around. And if they can establish a proper loading dock or they will carry boxes all over the place. All those little details that raise the chance for damages, moving mishaps, and spend valuable time.

As you know movers are paid by the hour and the body count. This means that you want a clean environment and packed boxes. You should be ready to go as soon as movers arrive. But what is the most important when it comes to onsite estimates, is the chance for improvement. You movers will point out if there is a certain moving service that will make it all easier, safer, and cheaper. Hear them out and use this opportunity to make your move more effective.

Keep your short-distance relocation clean and clutter-free

Whatever you do yourself will save time and money. So, you should cover whatever you can to make your move cost and time-efficient. The best thing you can do is declutter and downsize. Do the following:

  • Inspect your home – The best practice is to do this while packing. Simply inspect all areas of your home and gradually remove outdated or unusable items.
  • Clean, declutter, and downsize – Create designated piles with items that should be removed. Use this time to clean and free your home from all the clutter. Start fresh in your new home.
  • Get rid of it – Organize a yard/garage sale, donate to charities or a local shelter, sell online, gift it to friends, or simply throw away. If you choose the last one, remember to recycle everything adequately.
A woman cleaning
Clean your home thoroughly. This is a perfect moment to downsize and declutter.

Negotiate a better deal!

There is another way to make your short-distance move more affordable. You can ask for a discount or simply negotiate a better deal. Some people find this uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t because the outcome can surprise you. Remember that Spring and Summer are the moving peak season and prices are a bit higher. While on the other hand Autumn and Winter are quite the opposite. There are fewer moves overall and prices are a bit lower. This means, considering the size, complexity of your move, and the time of year/week/month, you should ask for a discount. But if you find a reliable and honest moving company, they’ll throw in a bonus right of the start. So, you won’t have to worry about it.

Also, you should take care of all your personal documents, IDs, medical records, bank records, and moving documents. Especially the last one. Make sure you know what you are signing and know your moving rights. If anything goes wrong you should be ready to file a moving insurance claim and protect your investment.

And there we go, now you know what to look out for and how to organize a short-distance relocation. With this guide in your hands, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Just make sure you are keeping up the pace with your moving tasks but do not burn yourself out. Take a breather once in a while. We are sure you’ll have a successful relocation in the end.