Short-distance moving guide

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Moving can be overwhelming, even if you’re just going a few blocks away. But short relocations can become much simpler if you take some time to plan ahead. When it comes to shorter distances, you have options that would never be possible during a long-distance relocation. Check out this short-distance moving guide by the Spyder Moving team if you want your upcoming move to be a complete success!

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A move is always a great time to declutter your life and donate, sell, or toss out all that stuff you really don’t need.

Measure twice, relocate once

Unlike a cross-country relocation, a short-distance one provides you with an opportunity to easily access your new house or apartment. That means you could visit the new home before our Hattiesburg movers relocate you there, and study the space. Just sit in the car after work and go to your new house. Walk the rooms, measure the closet/cabinet space, and make a visual and mental note of where individual items will go.

Take the time to design how your existing living room furniture will fit in the new living room. Then you can focus on moving that furniture and its corresponding decor at the same time. This creates an opportunity for you to clean and move one room at a time. Rather than unpacking a home’s worth of stuff all at once, you will be able to unpack, set up, and finish the room in one step instead of several. This makes short-distance move a whole lot easier.

Borrowing boxes for your short-distance moving project

Unless you’ve been collecting boxes for months, packing up (even the smallest of homes) means purchasing moving boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing material. But there are several smart ways you can save a few (hundred) dollars on supplies. It all comes down to planning ahead and Spyder moving services can help you with that. Ask everyone you know whether they have boxes, bins, blankets, and anything else you could use. Usually, most people will be able to spare at least a few large cardboard boxes and maybe an empty crate or two.

Prioritize what you relocate and when

If you can start moving into your new home before you have to leave your old one, get to it right away. Firstly, pack the items you know you won’t need during the transition such as cookware, clothes, artwork, and some furniture pieces. You can easily store out-of-season clothing and items out of the way as well. The last items you take with you should be the essentials you’re using on a daily basis.

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Use these tips to help make your move as smooth as possible and start out your new chapter favorably.

Short-distance moving is a great opportunity to declutter

If you have any items that you know you’d never bother moving across the country, then why bother moving it across town? Short-distance moving is still a transition and a new start, and there’s no reason not to consider it as such.