Student Moving

    You’ll probably never move as often in your life as you do when you’re a student. Residences are never permanent in university life, and students often find themselves uprooted after a mere six months. For anyone with furniture, heavy items, or lots of stuff in general, the frequency of moving can turn into a nightmare. That is, unless you hire professional student movers to help out! We’ve helped countless students in Mississippi and Tennessee to move, whether they’re going to school or coming back home. And in all that time, you can bet that we’ve taken notes on all the things we can do to make it easier on students.

    With our student movers by your side, everything will be packed and ready.
    No matter the amount of belongings you have, our student movers are here for you.
    Hire Movers You Can Trust

    Why our student movers before all others in Mississippi or Tennessee?

    Here’s what you can expect if you call Spyder Moving Services to assist you in your student moving:

    • Five Free Boxes for Students: Students, due to the temporary nature of their lifestyle, usually aren’t as organized as someone who’s moving to a more permanent residence, such as a family. They often acquire a lot of possessions at school, and that’s why we offer five free boxes to our student clients! College is not only hectic, it’s expensive. That’s why we want to do everything we can to help.
    • Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture: Anyone who’s been to school surely knows the struggle of constructing and deconstructing furniture whenever it’s time to move. Armoirs and king-sized beds aren’t really the best choices for school, but buildable furniture is easy to tote around anywhere. We’ll help you build it or take it apart.
    • Full Packing and Unpacking Services: Student moving is often time-sensitive. You need to reach your university before classes start, or move out before your apartment’s deadline. Because of this, we want to help expedite the process by offering full packing and unpacking services. That is to say, we won’t just move stuff for you, we’ll help get it into the boxes and out of them.

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    Are you a student in or around Oxford, Hattiesburg, or Jackson, Mississippi? Make things easier on yourself by calling us for student moving services. We offer short- and long-distance moving services, so you can bet that we’ll help you no matter where you’re going to school.

    We strive to make our services affordable to students. Contact us today and ask us for a free quote!