Senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis

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Once retirement comes, chances are high that you will want to move. You have maybe spent your whole life in one place, and now that you are free, you want a change. Many people see retirement as an escape and a time when they can do whatever they want. But there are some things that you need to pay attention to when moving to a new place as a senior. But first, since you are moving, we recommend hiring Spyder Moving Services for the best move possible. If you are thinking to move to Memphis, you should take a look at senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis. That is what you can find in this guide, so keep on reading.

What are some senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis?

When talking about senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis, what exactly does that mean? Senior-friendly means that it is a calm place with amenities and features that benefit the seniors. Some of the best neighborhoods in Memphis according to these criteria are:

  • Broad Avenue
  • East Memphis
  • Germantown
Old woman in the woods
These neighborhoods offer features that benefit older people

Broad Avenue

This neighborhood used to be a forsaken street and now it’s a lovely borough perfect for seniors. We all know how important health is. Nowadays people have gotten more aware of the importance of healthy, organically grown food. This is especially important for kids and seniors. Since you are a senior looking for a place to move to with the help of some movers in Memphis, you will love this borough. There are plenty of restaurants that offer dishes made from locally grown produce. There is also a landmark that is characteristic of this part of the city, a restored water tower. Artists have painted on it, and a light show illuminates the landmark at night.

East Memphis

East Memphis is a great place for family-friendly fun. If you want to have your grandchildren visiting you often, you should pick this place as your destination when moving with some Tennessee long distance moving companies. It has one of the largest urban parks in the USA that has playgrounds, boating, horseback riding, hiking, and even its buffalo herd. Most of these activities are both senior and kids friendly, so you will have plenty of outdoor fun.


When becoming a senior, chances are that you want peace in a quiet little place that is far away from the crowds of big cities. That is what Germantown offers. Germantown is a suburb on the east side of Memphis. This suburb mostly has homes, with very few places to explore. While they are few, they are real treasures. It has a high-end restaurant, one that serves amazing ribs, and a high-end fashion store. If you are a nature lover, hire those packing services Memphis now, because you will love it here. Germantown is home to numerous hiking and biking trails where you can see wild animals like herons and deers.

Man enjoying some senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis
You probably want to move away from busy cities and big crowds

Senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis – conclusion

As you can see, all of these senior-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis are small, and quiet and offer various things to do. We advise you to explore them further before deciding to begin a senior move. We wish you good luck and an easy move!