Room-by-room packing guide for beginners

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If you are interested in the room-by-room packing process, you have definitely come to the right place. Our moving company knows a lot about packing and moving, in general. So, we will tell you how to prepare for your relocation and how to pack your items successfully. Many people believe that packing is one of the hardest moving processes during relocation. This does not need to be true necessarily, but if you are not familiar with the packing process, then it is everything but easy. Fortunately, packing your rooms one by one might be a good idea for you. Here is how you should proceed with your packing.

How to start your room-by-room packing process

Many people are not sure about how to start their packing process. A good way to start is by making sure to calculate moving expenses and prepare for them. Think about how much packing supplies and materials you will need per your room. Then, calculate the estimated expenses. In the end, that is the best way to start with your packing process. Once you calculate, you should:

  • Make sure that you have got enough supplies. Moving boxes and supplies come in various shapes and forms. Thus, you will need to make sure that you can pack your inventory inside all of them. In other words, you should make sure that you do not have less moving boxes than you would actually need for your move. If you need help with your moving boxes, you might want to check out some Cordova movers. They are moving experts and professionals and they can take really good care of your relocation for you. More importantly, they can supply you with moving and packing supplies.
  • Designate the items you will not bring along with you. A good idea would be to designate some items you will not bring along with you. After all, why would you relocate junk items when you will not use them? Instead, organize a yard sale, or even give them away to someone. The less you have to bring along, the smoother the relocation will be. Thus, make sure to know which items you will need for your relocation. Also, a good idea might be to pack your essential items way in advance. That way, you will not have to pack them over and over with every room you pack. This is easier than packing and moving your wine collection, believe us.

How your packing process should look like?

You should start by designating a room that should be your starting point. A good idea would be not to pack your bedroom first, because you might not have where to sleep in if you do not finish your packing process. Thus, a nice idea might be to start from your:

  • Living room. When you are packing your living room, make sure to pack every little thing that makes the room special. Remember that gift card you received from your friends? Make sure to pack it. It will help you feel just like at home anywhere you relocate to. When you relocate your living room, make sure to empty all the cupboards first and everything that is “hidden” otherwise. It will make relocation easier and if you label your boxes correctly, it will mean an even easier unpacking. A good professional moving company can confirm this.
  • Dining room. Unless you plan on having a large dinner party the night before your move, you might want to pack your dining room. Make sure to bring along everything you will need in your new home. Follow the essentials rule – if you will need it, pack it. Also, you can always rely on some commercial movers to help you out with that. Let them know everything they should know about your move and start planning it together.
A woman packing clothes
Make sure to pack your essential items first

Room-by-room packing guide – what about your bathroom and bedroom?

Packing your bathroom might be challenging. In most cases, you will only get the items you have brought in. However, if you have purchased a sink, a toilet, or a shower cabin, you might want to relocate with those as well. Of course, this is only provided that your new apartment does not have any of those. After you have packed everything you can from your bathroom, make sure to clean it. Remember, cleaning before moving out is really a good idea. Also, cleaning before you start packing is a good idea as well, especially when the bathroom is concerned. 

A bathroom
You should pack your bathroom second to last

When it comes to packing your bedroom, you might want to pack your beds the last. Why is this so? Well, in most cases, you will not finish your packing process in one day. So, you will still need somewhere to sleep while you are packing, right? If you pack your beds first, you might have to sleep on the living room couch, provided you did not pack that already. Bulky items, such as beds, should be packed last in any case. They require a lot of space to maneuver around and you might need all the space you can get if you have a bunk bed.

Other tips and tricks we have for you

It does not matter if you are moving to Orlando, New York City or to Moscow, you might want to pack your smaller items first. Usually, if you have a lot of small items – figurines, books, pieces of equipment, et cetera, you want to pack that as soon as possible. Why? Well, smaller items are easy to misplace or to lose. You do not wish to cause more reasons for stress on your moving day because you lost an important small item during the packing process. Thus, make sure to start out small and then proceed to the bigger items.

A bedroom
Pack your bedroom last because you might still need your bed in case you do not finish it on time

Final thoughts about the room-by-room packing process

When you pack your inventory items following the room-by-room process, you should keep in mind several things. Start with your essentials first and then proceed to packing your rooms separately. Then, a good idea might be to pack your living room first, and your dining room soon after. Leave the bathroom and the bedroom last. Good luck with your move and your packing!