Retiring in Mississippi – where should you settle?

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The American Southeast offers lush green landscapes, warm winters, and its trademark hospitality. So, it is naturally a great magnet for many retirees to use the services of reliable Mississippi long distance movers. But if there’s one Southern state that’s sort of overlooked, it’s Mississippi. We are here to show you what retiring in Mississippi could really be like. Stay until the end and make your pick!

Retiring in Mississippi is definitely a great decision!

First of all, retiring in the state of Mississippi will offer the advantage of affordability. The cost of living is 10.9% lower than the national average. Next, housing prices are very affordable, with a median sales price of $126,400. State income tax rates do go up to 5%, however, you’ll have no charges on state income tax if you have Social Security benefits. Or a certified retirement income like 401(k)s and IRAs.

Still, retiring in Mississippi for budget-conscious retirees offers culturally rich places, an easy-going lifestyle, and attractive beaches. That means that you will have a lot of things to do here while not having too many things to worry about. Here are some places that you should definitely consider when choosing to retire in Mississippi!

a woman counting dollars
Affordable housing is your reason to retire in Mississippi.

1. Oxford

  • Population: 19,022
  • Median home cost: $196,200
  • Cost of living: 2.6% higher than the national average

Like many Southern towns, Oxford residents are notoriously friendly and welcoming. Moving to Mississippi means you can join a “newcomers club” to meet new friends. “The Square” downtown has plenty of places to get together from boutiques to art galleries to live music venues. There is also a nationally known culinary scene including several high-end restaurants. All in all, Oxford offers an urban lifestyle with a southern small-town feel.

Retiring in Oxford, Mississippi will provide you with opportunities for plenty of outdoor activities, such as golf, fitness trails, as well as hiking, boating, and fishing at nearby Lake Sardis. Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi is one of the fastest-growing care centers in the region. You will find one drawback though: the nearest airport is in Memphis, 72 miles away. But, that should not be that big of a setback for you. You will probably not use the airport that much anyway. Make sure that you find the right Oxford moving company when organizing a move because you do not want anything to go wrong. Everything is much easier when you have the right movers by your side!

2. Hattiesburg

  • Population: 51,617
  • Median home cost: $103,900
  • Cost of living: 10.6% lower than the national average

Hattiesburg has plenty of health care providers: Forest General Hospital, Hattiesburg Clinic, and Merit Health Wesley hospital. Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport has frequent direct flights to Dallas-Forth Worth. And you also have an international airport 90 minutes away in Jackson. The cost of living in Hattiesburg is 10.6% lower than the national average, but if you’re looking to work after retiring in Mississippi, know that the unemployment rate is at 11.5%, compared to the national rate of 8.3%.

a baseball field
Baseball fan? Hattiesburg is then for you!

3. Biloxi

  • Population: 44,223
  • Median home cost: $140,600
  • Cost of living: 8.0% lower than the national average

There was a lot of damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but now we are happy to see Biloxi has made a vibrant come back! Many military veterans choose to retire in Mississippi because of its close proximity to three VA hospitals in Biloxi, Gulf Port, and Ocean Springs. If you happen to run out of things to do in Biloxi, which is unlikely to happen, New Orleans is just 90 minutes away. And the Florida coast starts not far to the east.

Biloxi has a great position in Mississippi.

4. Greenville

  • Population: 29,000
  • Median home value: $78,300
  • Cost of living: 30% lower than the national average

The biggest reason why Greenville, Mississippi is the right choice for you is the fact that you have so many activities around you, even in this ‘smaller’ place. Ferguson Lake alone gives you a ton of freedom like boating, fishing, camping, and much more. Also, even though this is not that big of a place, you have the chance to work on your intellectual world. There are many museums and art installations that you can go to and enjoy some great pieces. When it comes to food, you do not have to worry. Southern barbecue will not disappoint you. People in Greenville and as good as you may have heard!

5. Jackson

  • Population: 163,000
  • Median home value: $169,200
  • Cost of living: 18% lower than the national average

We have come to the big guns when talking about the best places to retire in Mississippi. Jackson is a big city and that is a great thing for people that want to be more active. If this is what you are looking for, then you are going to find it. Also, a great thing if you choose to retire here is the fact that you will find moving companies Jackson MS much easier than in some smaller places. The competition is making every single company better so you should have this in mind if you decide to come here.

However, as you can see, the median home value is much higher. And that is certainly a no-brainer. The city of Jackson is the largest city in Mississippi and you can’t expect everything to be as cheap as in other smaller parts of this great state. But, people are the friendliest you will ever meet. You will have no problems adapting to this great city, even if you are much older than them!

a building in Jackson, MS
Jackson is a great place for retiring in Mississippi.

6. Gulfport

  • Population: 70,000
  • Median home value: $80,300
  • Cost of living: 19% lower than the national average

Gulfport is the second biggest place in the state of Mississippi. However, the differences are much bigger when considering the biggest reasons to move to a particular place. As you can see, the difference in median home value is around 2 times lower than in Jackson. This is certainly a big factor you to consider when making a  choice about the perfect place in Mississippi to retire. Also, even though a relatively big place, you should not worry about crimes on its streets. You will be able to walk without having to worry that something bad will happen. So, if this is something you would like to explore further, make sure you get a hold of moving companies Gulfport MS that have enough experience in moving, especially if you do not know the area quite well. Make sure you start your new life in Gulfport, MS in style!

7. Yazoo City

  • Population: 10,800
  • Median home value: $65,000
  • Cost of living: 28% lower than the national average

Considering to retire in Mississippi is a thing where you should not go without considering Yazoo City. This place with an interesting name is perfectly suited for retirees. The reason for this is that you have both plenty of activities to choose from and the choice of doing nothing. You can choose from Panther Swamp, Wolf Lake, Delta National Forest, and much more if you have an adventurous spirit. If not, you can just lay back and enjoy your life in quietness and solitude!

8. Southaven

  • Population: 53,000
  • Median home value: $143,800
  • Cost of living: 13% lower than the national average

As you can see, Southaven is another mid-sized place where you can enjoy your retirement. Some of the things that should make you call movers in Southaven MS right now are a great livability score of 77, affordable cost of living, and a low crime rate. Naturally, this is not everything that will make you consider this place as your new place of living. With the big size, you will find tons of great activities to keep yourself occupied. Also, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the greatest restaurants in Mississippi so why not give it a go?

Make your choice and retire in Mississippi now!

As you can see, our selection of places is a unique one. It is all because all of these places have one thing in common, affordable costs of living. That makes retiring in Mississippi a great decision because this state is quite affordable to live in. Retiring means relaxing and enjoying your life to the fullest. You definitely do not want to worry about costs since you already had to do that all your life. That is why you should really consider places on this list because they will give you both plenty of activities and a ton of places where you can enjoy solitude. We guarantee, no matter which place you pick, you are not going to be disappointed!