Renting out an apartment in Memphis

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Becoming a landlord may turn into a lucrative business for most people. Your tenants pay you money and all you have to do is collect it, right? Well, it’s not that simple. There are some things you need to watch out for. We’ll cover most of what you’ll need to know about successfully renting out an apartment in Memphis.

Things to consider before renting out an apartment in Memphis

Short-term and long-term renting is one of the most important points to consider for a new landlord. Many professional movers Memphis TN will tell you, that there are two most prominent reasons people move here. Either they want to enjoy the attractions, or they want to take advantage of the low cost of living. The former implies you’ll be leasing your apartment in Memphis for a shorter period, probably about a month or so. The latter, on the other hand, means you’ll have a long-term tenant. Vacation renting services are popular these days, and seasonal renting is more profitable. But there are advantages of renting long-term – for starters, you don’t have to find new tenants as often. Deciding on how long you’re looking to lease is the most important step because it helps you set the tone for advertising.

What to expect when renting furnished and unfurnished apartment in Memphis

Another important detail to consider is whether you’re renting out a furnished apartment or an empty one. Naturally, a furnished apartment is going to attract a different type of tenant than an unfurnished one. Namely, it would be easier to lease your place to people who come to Memphis for a vacation, or people who come here to work for a short period. According to Oxford movers and packers, a lot of students from Oxford Missouri would preferably move into a furnished apartment for up to nine months.

doors walls and mirror
Both, furnished and unfurnished apartments have their advantages when it comes to renting

On the other hand, empty apartments in Memphis are typically rented out to people looking to start a life in Tennessee. They will look for an opportunity to decorate their new apartment in their way. When a family moves into an empty place, chances are they won’t relocate for years. And you won’t need to look for new tenants either. You can also cooperate with a moving company like residential movers Memphis if you’ll need to rent out your apartment empty.

How to efficiently prepare your apartment for renting

If you want to be a responsible and successful landlord who will earn the maximum amount from renting out an apartment in Memphis, the first, basic, and most important is to make all necessary repairs. This is very important to make sure your tenants don’t get hurt. Eliminate any possibility of a lawsuit by providing the tenant with a fully functional place to live. Check if you have any leaks. Look at the condition of your electrical installations, devices, and floors. Check how efficiently can your windows and doors protect you from the light and noise and whether they can be opened, closed, and locked/unlocked effectively. Don’t forget to check the plumbing. Make sure everything is functional, safe, and fit for use.

Clean your apartment

Movers in Collierville TN strongly advise that, to attract the best possible tenants, clean your household as best as possible before renting. If you can, hire professionals to thoroughly clean your apartment and all appliances inside and out. This will let your future tenants know that you are someone who takes cleanliness very seriously. Also, you will have the opportunity to earn as much as possible from renting out an apartment in Memphis. Also, you might reject the sloppy ones, although you can never know that for sure. When cleaning your apartment, do it on the inside and the outside. If you have a yard, cut the grass, rake any leaves, clean your pool and maybe plant some new greenery to add color and to show your tenants that good and quality maintenance is important to you.

Refresh your apartment

Only a clean apartment with outdated furniture, dirty walls, and a poorly equipped kitchen and bathroom is not enough. If you want to get the most from renting and be a successful, responsible landlord, the living space for your tenants must be up to date. If you’re renting out the apartment where, for example, your grandmother or someone older lived, the furniture is probably not up to date. It is very important to remove the old carpets and replace them with new ones. According to moving companies Cordova TN and statistically speaking, hardwood floors are the best long-run investment because they last longer and are much easier to clean compared to carpets. If you have old and/or worn wallpapers, be sure to remove them. paint the walls a lighter neutral color that would be more suitable for most potential tenants.

Woman painting a wall
Refresh your walls with neutral colors and make them suitable for most people.

How to properly furnish your apartment

Do not furnish the apartment excessively, nor buy expensive furniture. Also, it would not be wise to leave some items that are dear to you and have a special value that money can’t buy in the apartment you are renting. Remove all cherished paintings, pictures, books, decorations, appliances, and pieces of furniture. Replace them with some other pieces that are fully functional but also easily replaceable in case it’s broken. Make your tenants comfortable, especially if you decide on a short-term rental. Moving companies Jackson TN and many landlords claim that the more comfortable the apartment is, the more likely it is for your tenants to come back.

Modernize your kitchen and your bathroom

If you can afford it, upgrade your kitchen appliances. this will make your apartment look more expensive, neater, cleaner, and more modern. Also, future tenants will find it easier to choose an apartment for you if the kitchen is modernized because it will make you stand out from the competition on the market. To stand out, bear in mind that bathroom hygiene makes your apartment more appealing than you think. Ask yourself this – would you take a shower in a bathroom with a rusting bathtub and a muck-encrusted toilet? Before you put your apartment on the Memphis market, scrub the bathroom down and change the lights to give it a cleaner look.

Photo of a clean, white bathroom
If your bathroom is as clean as this one, you’ll have no trouble finding tenants and renting out an apartment in Memphis.

If you’re renting out an apartment in Memphis to tourists, or guests who are there for a short time, seasonally or on vacation, add some simple but special items as a gesture of welcome to your tenants. With this, in addition to standing out, you will also increase the chances that your tenants will come back again. Add something simple but efficient like a fruit basket, and flowers, or leave them a small tourist or a city guide on the table.

Be realistic with your price

If you want to find a tenant for your apartment quicker you should think about lowering the price a little bit. You could offer them packing and unpacking services to make their moving process faster. Nevertheless, the price is an essential consideration. It will take some work to get pricing that is both competitive and suitable for you and your tenants. You need to take into consideration the whole range of services and features that are part of the package. The time and effort needed to clean and prepare the venue for visitors. If you had to spend anything extra, how much was it to get it ready for your new tenant? Do you provide more of a luxury service, with things like plush bedding, elegant fixtures, plush towels, and cutting-edge appliances? Is it a nicer place to stay, or just a cheap and easy place to sleep for someone who doesn’t care much about where they stay?

two people talking about renting out an apartment in Memphis
Don’t overprice when renting out an apartment in Memphis if your aim is to find a long-term tenant.

It would be best to take into account the prices of apartments for rent in your area. The price should not vary much because it would be suspicious to potential tenants. You should also consider how the price of the monthly rent reflects on your monthly income. When all costs are considered, you shouldn’t be in the red.

How to announce an advertisement that you are renting out an apartment

In today’s time, when everything is digitized and comes down to supply and demand, it is important to “sell yourself“. That is, to secure the rental of your property as best as possible. Although, even though everything is digital now, don’t forget to place an ad in the paper. Newspapers are still a good ally when it comes to looking for apartments and jobs. Create accounts and/or advertise your apartment on all popular sites. Download their apps on your phone to make yourself more accessible to potential tenants. Make sure to check your phone more often after you put up your apartment listing. If your tenant needs to move urgently and you still have some of your stuff laying around in the apartment, moving labor in Memphis can help you with that.

When posting your advertisement, make sure to consider the most important factors:

  • General characteristics of the apartment
  • When it’s suitable for residential use
  • Where exactly it is located and what kind of area or neighborhood it is
  • Rent price
  • Clear photos

You can also do this by hiring a property manager. This, with a certain compensation, which is most often 10%, can make renting easier. This is especially useful if you rent out several apartments. The property manager will advertise the apartment for you, and take care of maintenance, repairs, and everything that is needed for the safe and responsible rental of the apartment. If you decide to take this step, do it by recommendation, or be sure to interview more people before making a final decision.

Find good tenants

You need to build trust with your tenants. You should also emphasize how important it is that they take good care of your property.

Be respectful and choose new renters based on their qualifications, not their skin color or religious beliefs. Make sure not to offend them during the interview and be nice. You can even go a step further and suggest them a reliable moving company like Memphis movers and packers since they are probably new in town.

shaking hands with a tenant
Finding a good tenant isn’t as hard as it seems.

You must already have some reasons why it is important to find good tenants. However, movers in Memphis will present to you several crucial reasons just so you don’t overlook them. The first and foremost reason is paying the rent on time. You must choose a tenant who can pay your rent regularly. Renting out an apartment in Memphis is a business like any other, and if you are a dedicated landlord, your tenants should be responsible for you. It’s also very important to do a background check on your tenants. No one would want to rent out their nicely furnished and tidy apartment to criminals or troublesome people who could later get them in trouble with the law.

Last but not least important

Keep in mind that debts paid quickly encourage friendship. Running a credit check on your tenants is important to make sure you’re not lied to or scammed. There are several credit reporting agencies at your disposal that you can use to screen your prospective tenants. Also, go through the insurance process. Arrange renters insurance and landlords insurance. This way you can avoid a wide variety of inconveniences. Do that as soon as possible.

a woman signing a lease
If you want to rent your apartment long-term, it’s important to find good tenants and arrange insurance.

Being a landlord is an obligation and responsibility. It brings many risks but also advantages if done right. We hope that this article has given you the necessary guidelines on how to start a rental business without spending too much money and with as little stress as possible. All that’s left is to wish you luck with renting out an apartment in Memphis and let you start your next business adventure.