Reasons people are leaving Memphis

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Memphis is located in Tennessee and it is the largest city in the state. Approximately 650 000 people are currently living in Memphis. However, over the past twelve years, the city’s population has not increased. According to Spyder Moving and Storage TN, Memphis lost around 30 000 people since 2010, and the number continues to drop. As a result, the residents mostly move to other communities within Shelby County. Even though there are many reasons people are leaving Memphis, it is still one of the most famous cities in the states. It has a long history and plenty of historic assets. If you are planning to relocate to Memphis, you may want to get familiar with its good and bad sides. Read more to learn why so many people choose another place to be their forever home.

1. Lack of job opportunities

One of the primary reasons people are moving away from Memphis is a lack of job opportunities. The city’s economy has been struggling for several years, and the unemployment rate is relatively high. People may leave in search of better job prospects in other cities. If you’re looking for a job, Tennessee has much better options, including Nolensville, Brentwood, and Spring Hill. Of course, this can all vary from one sector to another, as well as from one individual’s experience to another’s. If you’ve made the decision to leave behind Memphis and try your luck in one of the other TN cities, be sure to contact reliable local movers Memphis TN has to offer and make your move efficient and smooth.

a man stressed out thinking about the reasons people are leaving Memphis
Not being able to find a job is one of the most common reasons people are leaving Memphis.

2. Weather is one of the reasons people are leaving Memphis

Memphis is not the best choice for outdoor lovers and winter enthusiasts. Therefore, forget about skiing, snowboarding, and making a snowman. The patio weather lasts for nine months, and the temperatures are usually high, even in winter. That is why most people hire Memphis movers and packers to relocate them to another, more comfortable area. They simply cannot deal with hot, humid summers, and warm winters without snow. Spending a lot of time outside in the heat requires caution and extra care. Moreover, the residents usually complain about mosquitoes and other bugs that abound in Memphis almost all year long.

3. Memphis has limited public transport

Memphis is a large city and a metropolitan area. What comes with this are crowded streets, traffic jams, and long commuting times. The subway system is well-developed, but you will probably be late for work if you have to use it every day. Even though the city is expanding, public transportation is still limited by delays and busy roads. And while some of the best moving companies Memphis TN suggests are moving plenty of people out of the city, its residents are buying cars! However, due to constant challenges regarding transportation, most citizens decide not to make this investment, so they move out.

A young woman on the bus thinking about reasons people are leaving Memphis
Memphis doesn’t have the best public transportation, which forces many people to invest in a car

4. The crime rates and poverty levels are going up

Memphis is not well-known as a very safe city. It is ranked the second most dangerous city in the states, according to recently conducted research. The reason for this is a high poverty rate, which leads people to crimes to survive. Unless you are planning to hire furniture movers Memphis TN recommends dealing with all the technicalities during the move, don’t leave your items unlocked. The property crime rate has gone up, putting Memphis on the list of cities to beware of, whether you are a tourist or a resident. Some of the most common crimes are burglary, robbery, and vehicle theft, along with petty crimes and scams. Still, Memphis is an attractive destination for visitors who like its distinctive culture and musical history. 

5. Taxes may be higher than you expect

Memphis is a very affordable city. With costs of living 19 % lower than the national average, the city is one of the most budget-friendly places in the United States! You can save money on income taxes, utilities, groceries, and transportation. Tennessee is one of the states that doesn’t impose any income taxes on its residents, and Memphis is following this. On the other hand, property and sales taxes are extremely high, which is not obvious at first. Memphis has doubled its property taxes, prompting people to leave the city and settle in other areas and nearby communities. The sales tax is currently 9.75 % in Memphis, which is also a bit higher than the national average.

Papers about taxes and a pencil on the table
Memphis has a low cost of living but high property taxes

6. There is a potential for natural disasters

Memphis doesn’t have a lot of rain, but rainy season may occur at times. Due to its location, Memphis can experience heavy rains and extreme weather conditions. When this happens, there is a potential for floods, followed by thunderstorms and hail storms. Moreover, tornadoes are frequent in this area. If you are not used to harsh weather, maybe these conditions will seem dreadful. A lot of people left Memphis because they cannot handle storms and tornadoes. There were three devastating floods in the history of Memphis, in 1926, 1936, and 1973.

Memphis is a truly unique place

Even though there are some reasons people are leaving Memphis, it is still a unique Tennessee city that offers a lot. The city of Memphis is the largest in the state, therefore, it is an important socioeconomic and political place. Located on the Mississippi River, it is only half an hour from Nashville and other major cities. Also called “Home of the Blues”, Memphis is an exciting place with so many fun things to do. It is famous for its music scene and as the home of Elvis Presley as well as the legendary Sun Studios. Moreover, Memphis is a good spot for young professionals and families who are looking for an affordable place to live, and plenty of amenities to use.

Final Words

There are always good and bad sides to everything, so it is the same with big cities and towns we are living in. The city of Memphis is a good place for many people, offering plenty of top-notch amenities. However, it is not a secret that there are many reasons people are leaving Memphis in recent years. Bad weather conditions, high property taxes, and crime rates are just some of the reasons that change people’s minds about living in Memphis. Moreover, racial discrimination and inequality among people make it a not-so-desirable spot for many. Whatever your motivations for leaving Memphis, you still need to do proper research about any place you are moving to. The more we know now, the easier it will be later.