Pros and cons of using your attic for storage

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Finding extra storage is always a struggle. Whatever you are moving to Mississippi to a new home or just reorganizing your current one, finding storage for all your items can be hard. The house storage options are filled up quickly and your next option is to look below and above the living area of your house. If you recently moved to a new home, storage units might be too expensive. For this reason, your only option left is trying to find more storage in your home. Using your attic sounds like a good idea. It’s free and usually big enough, and most importantly it’s close, only a few feet away. However, as much as it sounds like a great idea, it also has its cons. Here are all the things you should pay attention to if you choose to use your attic as storage. 

Is using your attic for storage a good idea? 

If you recently moved with movers Pontotoc MS, you might not have enough space in your home for all your belongings. Before you definitely decide to use your attic, you should check a few things first. Not every attic is suitable to be used as storage. Look at these characteristics first then you can decide if your attic is in a good shape. 

  • Roof and roof leaks 
  • Roof framing 
  • Floor framing 
  • Access to attic 
green roof
Check your roof before making a decision

One of the biggest cons of using the attic would potential roof leaks. For this reason, before you bring your items there, you must look for potential signs of a roof leak. Also, you must see if the floor can support the weight of your belongings. Most floor framings are made of joists and there is a chance they aren’t strong enough to endure the weight of your items. 

What kind of attic is a good option? 

One of the mistakes when storing items at home is to choose a room that is hardly accessible. That kind of room in the house is usually the attic. First, if your attic is hard to access, you will have a problem bringing your items up there, especially big and heavy ones. Additionally, you will also have trouble bringing them down again. For this reason, check the accessibility carefully before you start transporting your items. 

Attics usually don’t have a lot of space. They give an impression of huge space because of the open concept. However, the room framing doesn’t leave much space for storage. For this reason, you shouldn’t get carried away with the idea of huge space in the attic. Choose your items carefully before a Mississippi moving company arrives for transport. 

empty attic
Check the condition of your attic

What you should store in your attic? 

The pros of using your attic for storage are that it’s free, easy to reach and you can use it as long as you want. However, not every item should be stored there. The most common stored items in the attic are holiday decorations, travel items, kitchen supplies, etc. Items you definitely shouldn’t store are delicate fabrics, furniture made from natural materials, important documents, food, electronics, etc.