Pros and cons of public storage unit rental

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You are moving and a ton of tasks and obligations fell in your lap. You must organize everything, pack like a pro, and find movers Hernando MS capable of undertaking this journey with you. But what to do in a situation where you have more stuff than you can handle? Usually, people rent storage units to help them through these tough times. Some rent short-term while others keep their units indefinitely. It is all good, but before you decide on renting one you must know a bit more about public storage unit rental. Let us provide a few pros and cons on the subject and find the best solution.

Research online before deciding on public storage unit rental

The best way to go into detail on this subject and obtain much-needed info is to search and read online about it. You can’t know if your unit provider is legit if you do not research them first. Therefore, start browsing for Mississippi moving company that has the best offer. More importantly, you want to confirm the legitimacy and if they run an honest and safe business. So, as soon as you begin this journey, you’ll find a ton of eligible choices. But narrowing your search down guided by your preset requisites will lead you to the best outcome. You will find a couple of providers that fall into the category and meet the criteria. Once you do, check if they offer services you need, compare prices, location, accessibility, and safety aspect.

Several people searching online for public storage unit rental
Make sure you do your research. Find a unit that suits you the most.

When you are done reading online, give them a call to obtain additional info you might need. We all have additional questions and the best way to obtain the answer is via the phone or to visit them in person. Whatever you find easier and more assuring.

Positive sides of a public storage unit rental

You can find positive sides to public storage in many ways. Some people use it to store seasonal items while others use it as a second garage. As long as you follow the rules and regulations you can use it however you want. This opens possibilities for anything you think of. But before you can match a unit with your personal needs, you must know what is out there. Check out a few perks a public storage unit rental brings:

  • Size – You can choose whichever size you want. Small unit to hold a few boxes, medium one to store the whole apartment, or the large ones accommodating your entire home, furniture, and a vehicle. Amazing, right?
  • Safety – If you can afford it, safety won’t be an issue. You have climate-controlled storage units inside a high-security facility, a guard on-site, and 24hr surveillance. Also, your unit is protected with a combination lock and reinforced steel door. That should be enough.
  • LocationYou can choose to rent a unit 10 minutes away from your home or in another city. It depends on what you are using your unit for and how much time you can invest when visiting. Remember, storage units located outside of the city area are much cheaper than ones located in municipality areas.
  • Accessibility – Yes, you can access your unit at any time of day. But be sure to check this with your provider beforehand. Some facilities are closed during the night.

Now, you must figure out your moving budget beforehand to realize if you can support this amazing service. We can say that a whole year rental yields better results than paying rent monthly. But again, if you need a short-term solution, paying monthly is the way to go.

Anyone can use public storage

The only disadvantage of a public storage unit rental is the fact that anyone can use it. This is a good thing as well but this raises a question of responsibilities and how customers take care of their units. There are so-called abandoned units where people store a bunch of junk and never go back to pick it up. This kind of behavior leads to poor hygiene, theft, and other legal problems. As you know, you must keep your unit clean and check the lock and door each time you visit. It is the basic maintenance each unit must-have. Yes, your provider can oversee what you store at the beginning but you have all the privacy and responsibility going forward. But we are sure you will keep your storage in a good shape. After all, your items are in there.

You must pack with care

We won’t call this a disadvantage rather than a cautious behavior. You must pack in the right way if you want your items to stay intact. So, you will need regular packing supplies such as cardboard moving boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. Although, you can substitute blister packs with sheets, tarps, or similar cover. And you can re-use old packing supplies as well. But be careful when reusing packing supplies because your boxes must be in a good shape to protect your belongings against dust and moisture. Tape your box around and label it right so you can find your items easily.

Cardboard moving boxes inside a truck
Use only higher-quality cardboard boxes for your storage needs.

Now, if you do not know how to pack properly, maybe it is a good idea to use packing and unpacking services. Your movers will bring all the packing materials, pack, and unpack. While they are at it, they will pack the whole batch for your storage unit as well. Just make sure you set aside and point out which batch of items is in question.

Keeping your unit clean can be a challenge

Yes, it is a challenge because no one likes cleaning. It is a boring but necessary process. Yes, your storage unit provider offers a maintenance crew but they will cover only the hallways and surrounding areas around the unit. No one will enter inside but you. This means you must keep it clean and fresh in order for your stored items to stay intact. Simply wipe with a broom and a kitchen cloth each time you visit and it should be fine. Remove the dust from the furniture and boxes and let the fresh air in. You can use air moisturizers, fresheners, rodent repellants, and scented baggies for this occasion as well. It will be your arsenal in the battle against environmental influence.

Figurine of a man cleaning the carpet
You must keep your storage unit clean. Do a bit each time you visit.

Decluttering and downsizing

Conducting a pre-move purge is a good way of getting rid of all the clutter and starting fresh in your new home. The same thing goes for your storage unit. You do not want to bring any junk inside. Let alone any of the prohibited items such as flammable objects, chemicals, gunpowder, or perishables. Hence, inspect all your belongings and donate what you do not need. Or simply throw it away if you have no time for it. But be sure not to clutter your storage unit unnecessarily.

Ok, now you know more about the public storage unit rental. You are ready to search and rent one you like the most. Just ensure you keep it clean and double-check your door before leaving. Ensure it is secured and safe until the next time you visit. Good luck.