Pros and cons of moving to a smaller town in Colorado

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Moving to a smaller town is a big choice. Most people make this choice because they are looking for a quieter life or lower costs. This article will walk you through the pros and cons of moving to a smaller town in Colorado with the help of movers like our team at Spyder Moving and Storage CO. We’ll give you straightforward advice from our experience helping people relocate. If you’re thinking about a move to a smaller town in Colorado, it’s important to know what to expect. From community benefits to potential challenges, this guide will help you figure out if this move is right for you.

What are Colorado’s smaller towns like?

Colorado’s smaller towns are as diverse as they are charming. Located by mountains, plains, and picturesque landscapes, these towns offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re moving to a small place with just a few hundred people or a larger area with several thousand residents, each town has its unique charm. For those considering a move to Littleton, for instance, it’s worth noting the high-quality movers Littleton CO has to offer. They can ensure your transition can be as smooth as possible. These towns not only provide a quieter and more scenic living environment but also boast a strong sense of community that larger cities often lack. Each one offers a unique way of life that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The pros of moving to a smaller town in Colorado

Cost of living

Living in smaller towns is usually cheaper than in big cities in Colorado. You can save money because homes cost less to buy or rent. Things like utility bills, groceries, and taxes are also generally lower. This makes smaller towns a good choice for people looking to stretch their dollars further. If you’re planning to move to Golden, Colorado, consider using one of the local moving companies Golden CO residents recommend. These companies know the area well and can help make your move stress-free. Golden, like many small towns, offers a more relaxed lifestyle where your money goes further. This affordability, combined with the support of trusted local movers, makes moving to places like Golden an appealing option for many people looking for a new home in a more budget-friendly community.

A person budgeting before moving to a smaller town in Colorado
One of the biggest benefits of moving to a smaller town in Colorado is the lower cost of living you can expect.

Community and social cohesion

One of the best parts about living in a smaller town is the close community. People get to know each other, and you’ll often see the same faces at community events like local festivals, farmers’ markets, and town hall meetings. These gatherings help everyone feel connected and supported. That can also be great for families and retirees looking for a friendly place to settle down. If you’re thinking about moving to Lakewood, for example, you’ll want to check out the residential moving companies Lakewood CO locals recommend. These movers are known for being helpful and making the transition smoother for newcomers. Living in a smaller town like Lakewood means you can enjoy the peace of a tight-knit community.

Access to nature

Many people love Colorado’s smaller towns because they are close to nature. These places give you great access to outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and skiing. There are lots of parks and trails where you can spend time outdoors every day. This makes it easy to stay active and healthy. If you’re thinking of moving to Northglenn, CO, you’ll find it has all these benefits too. Plus, it’s easy to move here with the help of movers Northglenn CO offers. These movers are known for doing a good job and can help you settle in quickly. Living in Northglenn means you can enjoy nature anytime you want and have a lifestyle that keeps you moving and happy.

A person taking pictures of a forest after moving to a smaller town in Colorado
Moving to a smaller town in Colorado can be beneficial for both your physical and mental health since you’ll be able to spend more time in nature.

Lower crime rates

In smaller Colorado towns, crime rates are usually lower than in big cities. This happens because people in small towns often know each other well and keep an eye out for one another. This helps everyone feel safer. It means there’s usually less worry about theft or other crimes. Parents also tend to feel more comfortable letting their kids play outside. If you’re moving to a place like Meridian, this lower crime rate might be a big reason why. When you move, you might want to use one of the moving companies Meridian CO locals recommend. They can help make your move smoother. Overall, one of the big perks of living in a smaller town in Colorado is enjoying this safer environment.

Real estate opportunities

Buying property in smaller towns can be a good investment because it often costs less to start, and the value might go up as more people move to these quieter places. The real estate market in these areas is growing, which makes it appealing to both investors and people looking for a new home. If you’re thinking about moving to Wheat Ridge, for example, you’ll find that it has a lot of opportunities in real estate. It’s a smaller town, so it’s quieter and has more space, but it’s still close enough to bigger cities for convenience. Plus, the movers Wheat Ridge CO has to offer can make the transition smoother for you. They know the area well and can help get you settled in no time.

A real estate agent showing a family a home
Since most smaller towns in Colorado are constantly developing, buying a home here can be a great investment.

The slower pace of life

Moving to a smaller town in Colorado can be a great choice if you’re looking for a more relaxed way of life. In these towns, there’s usually less traffic, not as much noise, and fewer people everywhere. This slower pace helps many people feel less stressed and happier overall. Residents often talk about how peaceful their lives are and how much they enjoy the quiet of their community. This laid-back atmosphere is perfect for anyone wanting to step away from the rush of city living. You’ll have more time to enjoy simple pleasures, like a walk in the park or a quiet evening on your porch. If you’re considering a move to a smaller town in Colorado, you can look forward to these benefits. It’s a change that could make your life calmer and more satisfying.

The cons of a move to a smaller town in Colorado

Limited cultural and nightlife options

In small towns, you might not find as many theaters, art galleries, or live music venues, and there usually isn’t much of a nightlife either. Because of this, people living there often have to come up with their ways to have fun and socialize. They might organize local events or get-togethers at someone’s house to keep their social life lively. For example, neighbors could set up movie nights, art shows, or small concerts right in their community. This can make entertainment more personal and enjoyable because everyone gets involved in making it happen. It’s a great way to meet new people and strengthen bonds with neighbors.

Employment opportunities

Finding a job in smaller towns can be tough because there aren’t as many openings and the types of jobs are limited. This can be hard if you need to work close to where you live. But, the growth of remote work is helping with this problem. Now, you can live in a small town but still work for a company that’s based in a city. This mix of rural living and city working is a big plus for many people. If you’re thinking about moving to a smaller town in Colorado, consider the benefits of remote work. Living in a small town doesn’t have to limit your career options anymore. You can enjoy the peace and space of rural Colorado while keeping or finding a job that fits what you want to do. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

A person at a job interview
One of the biggest downsides of living in a small town in Colorado is the fact that it can be a bit more difficult to find a job in certain industries.

Limited amenities

Living in a smaller town has its downsides, like not having many amenities. For example, you might not find big shopping malls, a wide variety of restaurants, or specialized medical centers in many small towns. This means you might have to travel to nearby cities for shopping, eating out, or healthcare that you can’t get locally. You might need to plan these trips or look for local options that can work instead. If you’re moving to Manitou Springs, remember these points. Despite these challenges, many find the charm and community of smaller towns worth it. Plus, the movers Manitou Springs CO offers can help make your move easier. They understand the area and can help you settle in quickly, making it simpler to start enjoying life in your new town right away.

Transportation challenges

In smaller towns, you often won’t find many public transportation options. This means you’ll likely need a car to get around. This can make travel more expensive and time-consuming. Especially if you have to commute to work or go to shops and services that are not available in town. But many people think these downsides are worth it for the quieter, less crowded living that smaller towns offer. 

When thinking about moving to a smaller town in Colorado, it’s important to consider how you’ll get around. Although needing a car might add to your expenses and travel time, the peaceful environment and less traffic are big pluses. The relaxed pace of life in these towns often makes up for the inconvenience of having fewer transport options.

Educational facilities

For families with kids, schools are very important when thinking about moving. In smaller towns, you might not find as many different classes or after-school activities as you would in bigger cities. But there are good things about schools in smaller towns too. They often have smaller classes, so each student can get more attention from teachers. Also, the school community is usually very close. Everyone knows each other, and this can make school a nicer place for your kids.

Even though smaller towns might not have every program that big city schools offer, there are ways to fill in the gaps. Nowadays, many online learning options can give your kids extra choices for subjects they’re interested in. This way, moving to a smaller town doesn’t have to mean your kids miss out on a good education.

Kids at school
Although schools in smaller towns tend to have fewer options when it comes to afterschool activities for kids, they make up for it by providing your child with a close and safe community.

Accessibility to healthcare

In smaller towns, it can be hard to find specialized medical care. If you have specific health needs, you might need to travel to bigger cities to see the right doctors. But, there are new ways to get healthcare that are helping people in remote areas. Telemedicine, which lets you talk to doctors over the Internet, is becoming more common and can be a big help. When moving to a smaller town in Colorado, think about how you’ll handle your healthcare needs. While you might have to plan for some trips to the city for certain treatments, telemedicine is making it easier to get some types of care without leaving home. This is especially useful for regular check-ups or consultations that don’t require you to be there in person.

Long-term considerations for moving to a smaller town in Colorado

When thinking about living in a smaller town for a long time, you need to consider several things. As you get older, it’s important to know if you can comfortably live in the same place (aging in place). You should also check if there are services for older adults, like healthcare and community support. Another thing to think about is whether the town can offer you chances to grow personally and as part of the community.

Seniors with grandchildren
If you’re going to move to a smaller town in Colorado, make sure to consider whether it can provide everything you need for aging in place.

Some small towns are well set up for people to live there for many years, but others might not have everything you need. This means you might have to plan carefully to make sure you can enjoy your life there as you age. Making these plans might involve looking into what services are available and how the community supports its residents. This is crucial if you’re considering staying in a small town long-term.

Take your time when choosing a smaller town in Colorado

Moving to a smaller town in Colorado means thinking about a lot of things. You have to consider how much it costs to live there, what the community is like, the kinds of jobs available, and what schools are like. You also have to plan out the move itself. Taking a close look at these pros and cons helps you make a smart choice that fits your way of life and what you want for your future. Whether you want a quiet place or to be closer to nature, small towns in Colorado have a lot to offer. Each town is different, offering various benefits depending on what you’re looking for. For instance, some might have great local schools or beautiful parks. Thinking about all these things will help you decide if a move to a smaller town in Colorado is right for you.