Pros and cons of hiring moving labor

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Relocating home is exhausting and time-consuming. You must organize adequately, pack like a pro, and search for professional movers Memphis TN to assist you. Or you can decide on hiring moving labor only and doing some things yourself. Sometimes our budget does not allow us to purchase a full moving service. In this case, moving labor will be enough. So, let us cover the pros and cons of hiring moving labor and help you decide what is best for your situation.

Positive sides of hiring moving labor

Some people hire moving labor because there is not enough room to cover everything with the moving budget. While others have more time to spare on their relocation preparations and will do most themselves. In this case, you’ll prepare everything and wait for your movers to do the hard work. This service includes a couple of workers only with the addition of a moving truck if you do not have one. The biggest problem here can be a moving truck. You must be licensed and know how to operate such a vehicle. Especially if you are driving long distances with a huge cargo in the back.

hiring moving labor will let you skip the physical moving hardships
Moving all those boxes is hard and complicated. Enlist movers to do it instead.

If you decide on moving labor in Memphis you should know that movers charge by the hour and a headcount. This means that you will be paying for labor plus the hours invested. Depending on the size of your relocation, it can be a few hours or a whole day. But it is good that you can calculate your moving costs precisely with maybe 1 hour more or less. So, prepare your moving budget adequately and call your movers to schedule your service.

Cons of hiring moving labor

There are not many negative sides to hiring moving labor. It is pretty simple. You are paying for workers to cover the physical aspect of your relocation. Although, you must know what the full service brings to the table. This way you’ll realize what you are missing if you hire moving labor only. Hence, consider the following perks you’ll receive if you decide on purchasing anything else then labor only:

  • Packing – Your movers can pack, relocate, and unpack upon demand. Of course, they can bring all the packing supplies as well. If you wish so.
  • Special services – If you wish to move antique, artwork, a vault, or any similar expensive and fragile item, you will need a specialized moving team. The same goes for robust furniture like a piano, pool table, or a king-sized bed. For example, if you wish to move your business and your offices, you must enlist Memphis office movers to cover this task.
  • Moving insurance You will receive partial moving insurance. It covers minor damages and injuries. Ensure you talk to your movers about it to figure out which kind of insurance they provide.
Stacked cardboard moving boxes
You can pack yourself or purchase the packing service. What is better for you?

This does not mean that you cant add any of the moving services to the whole batch. You can make any combination you like. Therefore, talk to your moving representative and figure out what would be the best course of action.

Calculate your moving costs before you decide

As we mentioned before, a great decider is your moving budget. If you can’t purchase the full moving service, at least you can afford physical labor and the moving truck. Rest is up to you. Therefore, calculate your moving budget as soon as you decide on moving and prepare to cover the costs. So, inspect your home and your belongings to figure out how complex is to pack and relocate everything. Also, you’ll know how many packing supplies you must obtain and all those steps that will cost you along the way. Once you have your numbers crunched, you can decide on investing in additional moving services Oxford or try to make it a bit cheaper. And remember to use the moving cost calculator on the mover’s website or utilize onsite estimates. Usually, this service is free and it will help you calculate moving costs and prepare the moving budget better.

Various dollar bills scattered
Calculate your moving costs as soon as possible to figure out how much you can invest in labor and moving services.

Is it better to purchase a full moving service?

If you have enough time and a stretching moving budget, then yes. It is far better to invest a bit of money into this project and gain a lot of time that you can invest in other things. You will surely have a lot of errands, chores, and personal tasks to complete before you are ready to move. Maybe you are moving with kids, elders, pets, or a big family. In that case, time is of the essence and we never have enough of it. Therefore, investing in a full moving service will have an amazing outcome if you have enough funds to support it.

Evaluate the situation and do some things yourself

As we stated before, you can do some things yourself. Or should we say, even cover the whole relocation by yourself? This means you must organize the whole deal, realize a moving quote, declutter, pack, rent a moving truck, and relocate. But you can do a bit of both as well. For example, you can purchase the packing supplies from your moving company but pack yourself at your own pace. Or you can rent a moving truck and pay one for one mover to drive it with you. You can basically make any combination you like. This opens opportunities to skip a moving stage that bothers you the most and invest your time in something you like.

Also, note that whatever you do yourself will lower the overall moving cost. If you decide to disassemble a pool table and prepare it for your movers then the service will come cheaper. The same goes for any other piece of furniture. Moreover, if you declutter and downsize, your bill will be lower as well. If you have fewer boxes altogether, your movers will load the moving truck faster and you won’t have to invest many hours. Again, the end result is the lower price. Therefore, do whatever you can yourself. Make it a DIY project and use moving services for something you can’t cover. Whether the issue is with the money or the time you have on your hands.

Hiring moving labor comes easier than you think. If you have enough time to run errands and pack yourself, this would be the cheapest and safest way of doing it. Whatever you decide, we wish you a safe and successful relocation.