Proper ways to use a dolly when moving

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Relocating can be very stressful. You have a lot of things to consider. Moving heavy objects, fragile items, and furniture has been difficult, but now, with the use of a hand truck, everything is easier. You should definitely use a dolly when moving. You will save some time, and the chances that something will be broken are very small. Don’t forget to use the help of Spyder Moving Services when relocating!

Select the proper dolly

Before moving, during the preparation, you should purchase adequate dollies. Choose the proper dolly depending on what kind of furniture you have and what exactly you are relocating. There are different types, such as:

  • Hand truck – The most common type for moving objects.
  • Furniture dolly – It appears to be relatively basic, there are no handles. It has four wheels.
  • Pushcart dolly – Although it looks like a furniture dolly, it has a handle for better movement and guiding.
  • Appliance dolly – It is similar to a handy truck, but this one has extra stripes for the protection of stuff.

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A habd truck
Choose the right dolly before relocating.

Make your way

Initially, make sure you’ve left enough space to use a dolly when moving. You need a route with no obstructions leading to your goal. Remove the boxes away from any adjacent walls, objects, or other potential barriers if necessary. Allow yourself a lot of space to maneuver your dolly into place and move your item away after it’s loaded. Moving labor in Memphis can offer you a variety of relocation services and help with each stage of moving.

How to use a dolly when moving?

Before all, put the items in boxes, and mark the boxes to make them easier to unpack later. When moving boxes, make sure the piles are organized so they don’t fall. The biggest objects must be placed at the bottom. Put your dolly close to the object you want to transport. To move the dolly beneath the cargo, tilt it forward. Line the object’s midway with the plate on the bottom section of the dolly. Afterward, raise it straight up and place the hand truck on its wheels again. When moving furniture, use pads for it so it doesn’t get damaged. If you are moving from Memphis to Nashville keep in mind that our service has the best tools and equipment.

A girl holding the boxes
Remove items in order to use a dolly when moving.


During the process, you and your objects must stay protected. Pulling a cart is never a good idea. You should gently push it. To avoid incidents, it is crucial to examine your equipment before moving anything. All the stuff must be loaded with care. When moving heavy furniture, use pads under it, so it doesn’t get damaged or scratched. If possible, put the stripes around objects and you will be without worry!

We think the answer to the question of why you should use a dolly when moving is evident. Plus, the method of using it is not difficult at all. It might be rather unpleasant to accomplish this on your own, which is why we always advise you to engage specialists to assist you.