Professional car shipping services to consider when moving overseas

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Relocating your car internationally will require planning. While you probably found perfect Oxford movers and packers that will help you, you need to look for car shipping services. You need a company that can offer you different options. Shipping a car overseas is something that will take time, and you need to consider all of your options. And most of all, you need a reliable partner that will help you!

One of the car shipping services is roll-on/ roll-off

The roll-on/roll-off option is one of the common car shipping services people use. While you need to add this to your moving expenses this is one of the budget-friendly ways to transport your car overseas. Basically your car is driven into the ship’s hull, very well secured. After the boat reaches the destination the car is driven off the boat. If you drive a big car – this actually might be your only option. But, you need to consider one of the main downsides of this. Your car is not protected as it is when you relocate it inside of the container.

ship in a port for car shipping services
RORO is one of the most common ways to relocate your car

Car shipping containers are always an option!

When it comes to this type of relocation, there are two options. Either your car is in its own metal container. Or it is in a big metal container with a couple of other cars. Of course, planning to move your car by itself is always a better option. But also – this means that the price will be higher. You can ask for quotes from different moving companies Southaven MS and choose the one that suits you. 

Ship with cargo
Shipping your car in a container is always a good option

If you want to save some money, shipping your car overseas with other cars in the container is always a great option. But keep in mind that the shipping company won’t send the container until it is full. So, make sure to add that into the account when choosing your ideal car shipping service.

Airfreight is the fastest way!

So, naturally, this is one of the safest and fastest ways to relocate your car. But, the biggest downside of this type of relocation is the fact that it is often more expensive to transport the car than to buy a new one. A lot of companies don’t even offer this type of transport due to the price. But, if you have a car that is irreplaceable and expensive – this might be the best option. And, since this is a rare car shipping service – make sure to leave a review after the relocation. It will help people that have the same issue as you!

What documents do you need?

You will need a lot of paperwork for this, so you need to prepare yourself for that. Every country usually has their own requirements when it comes to importing a car. But some of the basic documents you will need include a photo ID, proof of ownership, vehicle registration. You can always check the full list and all the details online on a US Customs and Border Protection website. The most important thing when it comes to shipping your car overseas is to choose a reliable company that will assist you!