Preserving your Halloween decoration – tricks and treats

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It’s Spooky Season! Halloween is just around the corner and it is one of the most beloved holidays. A lot of people love decorating their homes and even their yards. It’s the one time a year that scary things are completely acceptable as decoration. Have you ever wanted to reuse some old Halloween decorations and run into the problem of them being ruined? This time, no such thing will repeat. As the best Mississippi moving company, we’ve decided to write down a little guide to preserving your Halloween decoration.

Two preserved Halloween decoration pumpkins
With a solid plan preserving your Halloween decoration won’t be a problem.

Make a plan

Halloween like any other holiday can be a bit hectic. The holiday decoration has been stored away for a long time and now you need to prepare a decoration plan before getting started. There are so many creative ideas and gorgeous decorations you can use. But if you just start immediately piling up your decorations, it might look off. Not only that but you risk damaging your decoration by hurrying and moving it around a million times.

Our first tip is to make a plan for all the decorations. You need to know where you’ll put what. This is a good way to avoid duct taping something to the wall and then having to move it. Or it will help you spare your back moving around a huge Halloween statue. It’s a sure way to preserve your decorations!


The key to preserving your Halloween decoration is to store it properly. It needs to be stored in paper or bubble wrap. The paper will keep all the colors on the items from flaking and falling off. The bubble wrap is for breakable items such as ornaments or glass decorations. If you’ve been avoiding this kind of storage for a while, now it’s time to face the facts. Your items will stay safe and in one piece! If you’re moving to Mississippi, then all the better! Your decoration is prepared for the trip.

A person wrapping fragile decorations
To keep your decorations completely safe, be sure to wrap them!

Even if you change up your Halloween decorations from year to year, you will still most likely use bits and pieces of the old decorations. That’s why storing it properly will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Are birds causing problems?

Most often people’s outdoor Halloween decorations fall victim to birds. This can be extremely annoying, but there are a few simple solutions. Rubbing some vinegar or hot sauce on your jack-o-lanterns will prove to be quite effective. All animals that might have been interested in your decoration, will be disappointed. And your decoration stays safe! Petroleum jelly and hair spray are also good options. The stickiness of the surface will make it undesirable to animals.

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As you’ve seen, preserving your Halloween decoration is a piece of cake! Now go and enjoy the best holiday.