Preparing your family home for movers 101

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Moving entails a multitude of organizational tasks. Whether you are moving cross country or within the area, the drill is the same. You need to make an inventory, buy packing supplies, do the packing, and organize transportation. If you are putting your house up for sale while preparing your new home at the same time, the stress just piles up. If you hire a professional moving company, your only task will be preparing your family home for movers. Everything else will be taken care of by professionals such as Spyder Moving. Here are ultimate tips on how to do the preparation before the movers arrive.

Make an inventory – the first step to prepare your family home for movers

Making a checklist serves to help you prioritize your items. This way you will determine what to keep and what to get rid of, and thus make your packing boxes lighter. Here are some tips on what to pay attention to:

  • get rid of ripped and stained clothes
  • get rid of damaged kitchen appliances and breakables
  • donate the things you do not use
  • set aside valuables like jewelry, money, personal documents, and medications (these will be kept with you)
  • consume all perishable food
coffe, watch and notebook on the table
Making a checklist will help you prepare your family home for movers

Start packing

Before the movers arrive to relocate your stuff, note that the boxes need to be properly packed. Use small boxes instead of big ones to avoid heavy load. Make sure to secure the boxes with a lot of duct tape. Remember to label each box, especially those that contain fragile items. If you do not want to bother with packing, packing services Memphis will gladly take on this chore.

This is especially helpful if you are moving cross country and have a long road ahead of you. Place your boxes in the safe hands of Tennessee long-distance moving companies and enjoy the best assistance.

Do the cleaning

After your boxes are packed, wipe the floors and vacuum the furniture. Memphis moving services will feel more comfortable working in a clean environment. After all, you will have less cleaning to do after your boxes are taken out.

two men putting furniture in a van - preparing your family home for movers
With professional movers, your relocation would be a piece of cake

Look for the best cleaning tips to leave your home in an impeccable state.

Secure the parking

Before the moving van arrives to pick up your stuff, make sure to figure out where they are going to park. Make enough space on your driveway for the movers if you live in a house. If you live in a flat, check with the building manager if you can reserve a parking spot on the street. It is important that the movers park at the closest and most convenient spot, so your moving process goes as efficiently as possible.

You are ready to welcome the moving crew

After you’ve done preparing your family home for movers, your only obligation is to be there on a moving day. Guide them through your home, answer any questions they have, and give them directions to your new residence.