Post-moving cleaning tips

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When relocating home, it is the perfect time for cleaning the clutter. Sadly, you must clean both your old and your new place. On top of the post-moving cleaning tips, today we bring you a small guide on packing and a search for movers in Mississippi. But mainly we shall focus on cleaning, decluttering, and downsizing. So, let us begin!

We hope your relocation plan is in place

Ok, everything begins with a moving checklist. To create it you must inspect your home. Note down all furniture and other household items. This way you’ll know which and how man packing materials you need. When you have this info on paper, start searching for Tennessee long distance moving companies.

A man making a post-moving cleaning tips list
Create your moving checklist and stay on track with your responsibilities.

Now when you have everything ready, start looking for your movers online. Compare prices, check their Memphis moving services, and compare prices. Eventually, you’ll find the right moving company. Read a few feedbacks and moving reviews and confirm the legitimacy of the company you are about to hire. And now, because you want to leave your old place in an impeccable state, let us focus on post-moving cleaning tips.

Identify the clutter

The best cleaning method Is to search your home and pinpoint all the unnecessary hoard you have. It is one of the most useful post-moving cleaning tips we can give. Actually, it is not a post-move but it is huge prevention of new clutter. Therefore, scout your home room by room, and cover your garage, attic, basement, and backyard. Find all clothing, electronics, and random household items you do not need anymore and pile them up. Then, you will get rid of them with one of your methods.

Getting rid of it is one of the post-moving cleaning tips we can give you.

Now we will list a few methods you can use to get rid of all the clutter and unwanted items. Consider the following:

  • Donate
  • Give away
  • Sell online
  • Recycle
  • Garage/Yard sale
  • Throw away
A bunch of random household items on the table
Some items still can be used. Be a good Samaritan and donate your unused ones.

The last one is obviously the easiest solution. But we encourage you to pick one of the others we mentioned. Simply because someone can still use your items even if you do not need them. For all other items, you will either pack them yourself or engage movers and purchase packing services Memphis and let your movers do it instead.

Post-moving cleaning tips 101

It is not all about the clutter and unnecessary hoard. Yes, you must remove those and dispose of hazardous waste along the way as well. But after removing everything you must clean the whole place as well. You can use regular everyday household chemicals to clean your kitchen, bathroom, floors, and doors. Pay attention to which ones you use for wood, glass, ceramics, etc. And if you have kids and pets around, ensure they are not entering your old or new place until it is safe.

Now you know a few more post-moving cleaning tips you can use when the time is right. You will probably add a personal touch to it and make the whole place shine. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to start making a cleaning plan. Good luck.