Post-moving checklist for beginners

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As moving is so complex and difficult it is always advised to create a moving checklist that could help you to go through it easier. Hire residential or commercial movers, find appropriate boxes, pack, and similar. However, it seems like everyone seems to forget how a post-moving period can be sometimes even more difficult. Not only that you have to deal with unpacking boxes, arranging furniture, cleaning, connecting utilities, changing address and other. But you also have to do all this exhausted after a difficult move. So many things to do, in combination with tiredness usually leave people to live in a boxes-cluttered home for months after the move. If you do not want to end up like this, prepare a post-moving checklist and follow it through.

Inspecting your delivered items must be the first thing on your post-moving checklist

The first thing that you need to do after you arrive at your destination is to check your items. Of course, if you invested some time into exploring movers and managed to hire reliable moving companies Memphis TN, you will not have a difficult task. On the other hand, if you hired the first movers that you found on the internet, inspecting your stuff will be a stressful experience.

If you find a problem with your items, filing a claim could be the second thing on your post-moving checklist

Hiring first movers that you find on the internet could result in filing a claim at your insurance company. Of course, getting paid after filing an insurance claim could take some time. So you could be living with damaged furniture, or without it sometime.  Therefore, it is always better to spend some time researching moving companies before hiring one.

A calculator and a pen
You should prepare your insurance policy before the move.

Unpacking process – Start with essentials, or hire professionals to do it all at once

If your items arrive in good condition, you can start unpacking. This should be one of the priorities on your post-moving checklist. If you paid your movers for their packing and unpacking services, things will be easier. They will do it all at once, so there is no danger in being left to live among boxes. Plus, they will collect all the boxes, bits and pieces that are left after unpacking. If you will be doing it on your own, first unpack essentials so you could freshen up, or go to bed after the move.

Think about your utilities before you start building your post-moving checklist

When you arrive at your new home, it is important to get your utilities running. Of course, you should have scheduled this way before your move. However, if forgot to do this while you were creating your post-moving checklist, you should do this immediately after the move. Naturally, your priorities are power and water. Maybe even the internet. You also need to connect the gas, cable, and telephone.

If you didn’t hire a professional packing crew you will have to unpack on your own

If you didn’t hire packing and unpacking services you will have to do it on your own. This is a difficult process. Especially after the move while you are still exhausted. However, if you wanted to save money by not hiring professional packers, you will have to do it on your own.

Cleaning after unpacking should also take a spot on your post-moving checklist

After unpacking, you will be left with a ton of garbage. Pieces of boxes, plastic wraps, packing tapes will be everywhere. So do not forget to include this on your post-moving checklist. Take a garbage bag and start collecting. You can take the remaining boxes to recycle.

Pieces of cardboard
Cardboard boxes leave a lot of rubbish after unpacking

Arranging furniture and connecting appliances is difficult, place it on your post-relocation checklist

One of the most difficult things you will face after the move will be arranging your furniture. However, first, you need to assemble it. Do not forget that this is also a thing that an unpacking crew would do. After you assemble everything, place it where you want. Also, connect your appliances. All appliances except the fridge. Place the fridge where you plan to keep it and leave it for a few hours to rest before you plug it in.

Clean your home after you arrange everything

Now that everything is arranged, you can start cleaning. Of course, you should mop the floors before you arrange furniture. However, proper cleaning should start after, as you also need to clean your furniture and appliances. Include this on your post-move checklist so you can remember to prepare cleaning products, buckets, mops, and other items that you might need.

Dealing with paperwork should be on your pre-move as well as you post-moving checklist

After the move, there are a lot of paperwork and administrative things that you must do. This takes time, as you cannot do it all at once and at the same place. Of course, you will have to start preparing for this way before your move. You will need to:

  • Change your address at postal service
  • Change your driver’s license
  • Get new license plates for your car
  • Transfer your medical documentation
  • Transfer your child’s school records
Many license plates on the wall
Changing your license plates should be on your post-moving checklist as well

Get to know your new neighborhood

Finally, take some time, to get to know and greet your new neighborhood. Of course, you will get a glimpse at it while you are dealing with paperwork.  However, it is not the same as taking a casual stroll, discovering local restaurants, grocery stores, or meeting new neighbors. If you are moving to Hattiesburg, make sure that you do not miss one of these restaurants:

Best places to eat in Hattiesburg

  • Jutamas Thai Restaurant
  • Crescent City Grill
  • Best Wok
  • Glory Bound Gyro Co.
  • T-Bones Records & Café

Prepare before the move

Those are the most important things that you should include in your post-moving checklist. Naturally, your priorities might be different. Just remember that things like getting moving insurance, hiring unpacking crew, scheduling utility companies, and getting your medical and school records, you should prepare before the move.