Post-move paperwork you need to handle when moving from Brighton

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The biggest concerns during move preparation are finding good movers, finishing packing on time, and having safe relocation. Not many people think about move-related paperwork. When you arrive at your new home and movers Brighton TN deliver your moving boxes, post-move paperwork is not your immediate concern. Numerous moving boxes are waiting to be unpacked. However, you can’t escape from paperwork even when relocating. No matter how boring paperwork always is, you must do it. It will take some time to finish all required paperwork after the move, so it’s better to start in advance. You don’t need more stress in your life after you just finished relocation. It’s time for you to relax and enjoy your new home. For this reason, here is the list of paperwork you should do after your relocation.  

What post-move paperwork you should do?  

Paperwork is a very important part of relocation. Sure, it’s boring but at least it’s not hard like packing. For an easier understanding of what paperwork you need to do, you should create a list. If you don’t want to create numerous lists during relocation, you can add which paperwork you must not forget to do on your moving list. For this reason, you should also write these documents besides finding moving companies Tennesse and moving supplies.  

  • Utilities  
  • Driver’s license  
  • School paperwork  
  • Medical and vet documents  
  • Postal service  

The first paperwork that you should deal with when you are moving from Mississippi to Tennessee would be utility services. As you disconnect utility services at your old home, you should also connect them at your new home before you arrive. You should call gas, electricity, water company, internet provider, and telephone company.  

a folder next to the phone
Keep all of your documents in one folder

Don’t forget to visit the post office after the move  

The goal of every move is to change your address. However, you should notify the postal service about your changed address as well. Online shopping is very popular these days and your postman needs to know where to deliver your goods. Additionally, you also need to receive not so interesting letters from the government sector and official authorities. For this reason, you should head to your new post office while movers in Memphis TN area are unloading your belongings.  

One of the most important paperwork you need to handle after the move is to transfer medical records to your new doctor. You first need to obtain all your medical records from the previous doctor and inform him or her about your move. Also, you should get all your prescriptions before you move, so you can have all the necessary medicine for the first days in your new home.  

a sticker that says sign here
Be prepared to sign a lot of documents

What about a driver’s license?  

If you are changing states, then you must update your driver’s license, car registration, and insurance. However, if you are changing just the city and not the state, then this rule doesn’t apply to you. Also, if you have kids, you must transfer theirs school paperwork. There is a lot of post-move paperwork that you need to handle after the move. For this reason, you should start in advance, finish the most important one first like utility service, and then do the rest.