Popular moving scams and how to avoid them

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Planning a move to a new place requires lots of time and money. Among other things, it involves hiring a moving company. As we know, this can be costly. When hiring a moving company, you are expecting all your possessions to arrive at the new place per contract. However, this does not happen every time. Also, there are many fraudulent companies operating out there. So, it is essential to find a reputable moving company and know how to recognize a scam. Here at Spyder Moving Services, we have made up a list of popular moving scams and how to avoid them.

A company with little available information could be a moving scam

When looking for a moving company, always do your research. There are many scammers looking to take advantage of unaware people, and your only defense is information. So, gather as much information as you can regarding the moving company that you choose. As a rule of thumb, try to stay away from companies with generic names. Also, steer clear of companies that offer little or vague information on their website. If you are from Tennessee and looking for a good moving company, you can always choose from some of the most reputable movers in Memphis TN area. It is a good idea to look for a company with an established reputation and one that even offers testimonials on its website. This way, you can hear real experiences from real people who have dealt with the company in the past.

Man using a generic name company van as a popular moving scam
A company with a generic name could be a moving scam

Beware of unspecified costs or many add-ons

Another popular moving scam is to add costs that were previously unspecified after delivery. All of a sudden, the costs are enormous and you have no choice but to pay. When looking for a moving company, always be wary of any unspecified costs. Or, there could even be multiple add-ons that suddenly appear. Before the move, insist on making a contract with all the costs specified and explained beforehand. Make sure there are no unknowns or vague wording in the contract. It could turn out to be a potential scam. The contract should be understandable and the company should explain its price points clearly. In addition, stay away from any company that requests a large deposit beforehand.

Not getting a contract is a common moving scam

As we have said, vague or unsigned contracts should be avoided at all costs. However, not getting a contract should immediately raise red flags. Not signing a contract means that the company could not be liable for any damages made during the move. Or, they could make up additional costs after the move. This way, they could force you to pay much more than what you first agreed on. What is more, they could just walk away with your deposit and there is nothing you could do. So, as we have said, having a contract is a must when hiring a moving company.

Professional movers carrying boxes
Always hire a professional and reputable moving company

Steer clear of the lowest offer and avoid this popular moving scam

When interviewing with several moving companies, stay away from the lowest bidder. Especially be careful if the bid seems too good to be true. Even though this is not necessarily a scam, it is a popular tactic among scammers. As we all know, moving is expensive, especially if you are moving across the country. So, to avoid being the victim of one of the many popular moving scams, get informed. Ask around and compare several offers before choosing a moving company. You can always consider one of the many Tennessee long distance movers when planning your move.

Make sure there is insurance protection and valuation

Moving can be unpredictable. Some of your possessions could get lost or damaged. Luckily, all reputable moving companies offer insurance for your goods. A company that does not offer a valuation could be suspicious. Always check that the company of your choosing offers insurance protection. Before you sign anything, ask the company whether they cover the full price of the value of damaged or lost items. Some companies cover the cost only partly, while others cover the full price of the items. In addition, some companies offer to replace lost or damaged items. However, they have the right to replace it with a used item of similar value. So, before selecting a company, check their policies and find the company that suits you best.

Getting an estimate without visiting the site is another popular moving scam

Some scammers could make a quick offer just by glancing at the site. Or, they could even make an offer without ever visiting your home. Moving is a large endeavor and no reputable moving company would even make an offer without knowing exactly what the move will entail. Scammers could just visit your home quickly and take a passing look at all the things you will be moving. However, a real moving company employee will take the time to look around and see everything. They could even ask you about any special items or the food in your pantry. Professionals take the time to jot down the details, while scammers are quick to get in and out. If you choose to hire professionals to move all your furniture and other belongings, then consider hiring some of the many furniture movers Memphis has to offer.

Professional movers carrying furniture
Consider hiring professional movers to move all your furniture

As we have seen, there are many popular moving scams to be aware of. However, scammers can be successful only if we are unaware of their methods. In addition, you can always check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to see if the company of your choice is listed. This way, you can make sure that the company is legitimate before you do any business with them. Always beware of any company that is not on the FMCSA list. Hopefully, this article will help you identify some of the most popular moving scams and you will know how to avoid them, too.