Popular misconceptions about moving

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Raise your hand if you’ve been terrified about moving only to find out that you wasted your time being worried without a reason. There are so many popular misconceptions about moving that listing them all would b impossible. So we won’t try to do them all. Instead, we will focus on the most popular myths people have about moving and hiring residential or commercial movers. Once we go through them om detail, you’ll see that relocation doesn’t have to be a nightmare like everyone believes! Don’t get me wrong, it’s no walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

A DIY move is cheaper is one of the most popular misconceptions about moving

Statistics show that the biggest portion of all moves is carried out in the good old DIY style. Does that mean people just love to do everything by themselves without any help at all? Does it mean that they are more capable to do a good job than experienced Tennessee long distance movers? Of course not! It just means that people believe that hiring professional movers will be much more expensive than moving with some help from friends. And we will show you just how wrong this can be. The stress alone can make up for the finances.

People packing themselves
Doing your own packing usually doesn’t end up being the cheaper option

When you hire a moving company, you get the whole package. Within their residential moving services, movers include many assistance options. Like a moving truck and moving equipment. But when you opt for a DIY move, these are all the things you’ll have to pay for yourself. Just to make it clear how many things you’ll have to pay for as a DIY mover, consider carefully the following list:

  • Moving truck
  • Moving equipment
  • Lodgings and meals
  • Road tolls
  • Moving insurance
  • Parking Permits
  • Vehicle insurance

And, quite possibly, many more. Rest assured your DIY move will rake up quite a bill and it will end up costing you the same as an assisted move would have. You will go through all the trouble in vain. Had you not trusted this common moving myth you could have had a top-rated moving company MS right by your side. Even more importantly, think about the time. An experienced moving company is like a well-oiled machine, doing moves on a daily bases. Whereas you are just a beginner and you will need more time to organize everything.

There are no differences between moving companies

There probably isn’t a moving myth out there that’s more harmful than this one. All moving companies are not the same! Remember that! Thinking they are is a path that leads to moving scams and fraud, which is certainly something you don’t need. That’s the kind of thinking that will make you choose the cheapest moving company, thinking you are making a sound financial decision. In reality, you are setting yourself up for failure. Good research is the key to the best choice. Call up on the internet or your friends and family who have had experience moving.

Choosing the right company
Shop around to get the best company or the best price available

To make sure you hire a reputable moving company, look at their years of experience. Moreover, never hire a moving company without checking their licenses and doing online research about them. If the moving reviews and testimonials are favorable then you can feel free to proceed by signing the moving contract. The contract itself shouldn’t be taken lightly but that’s a completely different matter. Nowadays everything is pretty transparent and bad reputation is easily discovered.

All moving boxes are the same

How can we have so many misconceptions about something as simple and as straightforward as moving boxes? But most often than not, people believe that you don’t need that many boxes and they can be of any quality. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, moving boxes have to be sturdy if you want them to provide the best protection for your belongings, and it would be ideal if they could be brand-new. Of course, when you hire professional movers in Memphis, they will provide all the necessary equipment. All shapes and sizes, everything you may need.

Different packing boxes - Popular misconceptions about moving
All boxes are the same is one of the most popular misconceptions about moving

Whether you are packing your hunting equipment or fragile items, the moving containers you put them in should keep them safe until you arrive at the new location. So while you can find decent moving boxes for free while going to your local supermarkets and bookstores, you still stand the best chance of having a safe move by purchasing new moving suppliesWhen you add to this the additional materials such as bubble wrap and duct tape, it really makes sense to get professional help.

One of the most popular misconceptions about moving is that it’s best to move during the weekend

Quite possibly the only time when it’s convenient to move during the weekend is when you can’t get any time off work. In all other situations, it’s best to move from Monday to Friday. Precisely because the majority of people choose to move during the weekend, you stand the best chances of having a quick move during the weekdays. Another thing that speaks in favor of moving during the weekdays is the fact that you might be able to score a deal with your moving companies in Macon TN.

When there is less demand for a service, the service providers usually resort to different measures to lure in customers. That’s why moving during the winter and on the weekdays is the best thing you can do if you are on a tight budget. Contact your chosen company and see what kind of a deal you can get. As with most things in life, shopping around gets you the best deal. Weekend moving is one of the most popular misconceptions about moving and you should take advantage of this.

Moving company van
Make sure you know what to expect from your moving company before you hire them. They will help you with the move

Thinking your movers will relocate everything? Give it a second thought!

It is a fact that residential movers Memphis will move the majority of your belongings – but only if they are not on the list of prohibited items. For different reasons such as safety and legality, there are certain items your movers won’t move. Guns and explosives make up just a portion of that list. So before expecting your movers to relocate every single belonging you have it would be a good idea to check whether something you own belongs to the list of prohibited items. The same goes for cleaning, most companies don’t include cleaning services in their offer. However, some can offer point you to a recommended cleaning company.

Something gets damaged or lost

Although most of the moves handled by professional companies go smoothly, it would be unrealistic to expect everything goes seamlessly every time. Accidents do happen, and sometimes items can get damaged. This is important when you are signing a contract with the agency that you go through your coverage insurance in detail. As far as losing things, this part is less to do with professionals. Good organization makes the move much easier but if you mislabel boxes or you don’t do a thorough check something will get lost in the move.

Labeling is not important

To continue the previous point, it’s not the first time to say that good organization is the key to a stress-free move. Labeling boxes and arranging them in the right order is crucial for this. Make a detailed plan on how you plan to unpack in your new home and pack in that order. Label those boxes clearly and pack them accordingly. There are many ways to organize boxes:

  • From which room do they come from
  • Into which room the box will go
  • Organize them by size
  • Color code the labels
  • Separate the heavy ones that require more than one person to carry

    Be careful with your stuff
    Make sure you handle your boxes with care

Debunking popular misconceptions about moving

So, have we successfully busted some of the most popular misconceptions about moving you may have had? If we were able to address only one of them, we consider our job to be done! The final advice we have for you is not to believe everything you hear. Indeed, moving can sometimes turn out to be a hellish experience. But that’s not always the case. All you have to do is be careful about the company you hire and, of course, adjust your expectations to what’s realistically possible. Drawing on previous experience, whether personal or someone else’s, will help you make the right decisions.

People move all the time and pretty much all of them get there in the end. Yes, there is a possibility things go wrong but the chances are very slim. It’s important not to panic in advance and to take things calmly and stick to the plan. We hope to have debunked the most popular misconceptions about moving to put your mind at ease.