Popular job opportunities in TN

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People move for many different reasons. Some move in order to go to college. Others move back to the city that they had originated from. When people retire, some of them move to the place where they had always wanted to live in. Alas, some move for job opportunities that they simply cannot get in the city in which they are currently living in. After all, finding a dream job is everyone’s goal! Today, we are going to take a look at the popular job opportunities in TN.

Choosing the right career path

When looking for a job we should be ready to make some big changes in our life. Moving to another place is certainly one of them and many people go with that option at least once in their life. Many moving companies Memphis TN could help you relocate once you know for sure that the job you found is suitable and will provide a stable life for you. After finishing college young people usually look for a good company with open job vacancies. Some of them will stay in their hometown, while others won’t think twice to move to a different state. 

person using laptop looking for popular job opportunities in TN
Before you officially make a decision to move, take a look at some popular job opportunities in TN

If Tennessee caught your attention, you will not have to worry too much about finding a job. This state offers countless opportunities to anyone, especially young professionals. Pretty much every field is covered and all you need to do is spend some time looking for what is right for you. When you hit the business jackpot, all you need to do is make arrangements with movers in Tennessee and schedule your relocation. To make things easier, here are some job opportunities you shouldn’t miss.

What are the most popular job opportunities in TN?

Since Tennessee has many universities and schools, a lot of its young residents decide to stay within the state. This means there are a lot of small businesses forming every day. If you have one too, commercial movers Tennessee can help you move to another place. Your inventory and equipment will be safe and you will not have to stop working because of relocation. On the other hand, if you are looking for a job, arriving in Tennessee will be completely different. Once you settle in, expect to see job vacancies in these fields:

  • Medical field
  • Law
  • IT
  • Education
  • Air traffic controllers

These four represent the most requested ones in this state and are always looking for new employees. Just like any other state, Tennessee also looks for freelancers and other professions. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t start panicking if this process turns out to be longer than expected. Good things take time so always be patient.

Medical field as one of the popular job opportunities in TN

The entire medical field is an endless space for different job vacancies. If you are a doctor, nurse, or any other profession related to medicine, you will find a job relatively easy. The medical system in Tennessee is pretty good and provides a stable life to anyone doing it. As you may be aware of it already, doctors are very well paid in the whole of the United States. So, the situation is the same in Tennessee as well. In the case that you have a medical degree, you should try and get a job in this field.

As soon as you make a final decision to move, look for the the right movers. Leaving your relocation to professionals will give you more time to focus on your career and have a great start in the new place. If you used to work in a private clinic and possess some of the medical equipment, make sure to let the movers know. They will help you pack it and be extra careful when transporting it. 

three people having meeting
This state is known for providing a stable life for its residents


In the case that you would like to help people in a different way and have a diploma in law, then you should consider pursuing this career in Tennessee. In fact, lawyers are very sought after here. It is one of the most popular job opportunities in TN and you will come across many young people pursuing it. Above all, this is a noble field to work in. Given the median salary in this field, this is something that is a win-win situation. Thanks to the economy being stable in Tennessee, lawyers are enjoying a pretty cozy lifestyle here. Not only that, but you will be able to receive a proper extended law education in case you want to.

Be careful, as applying in this field will take some time. There are a couple of reasons as to why, but mostly because a lot of young people choose this field as their main profession. In order not to waste too much time, you have a couple of options. The safest one is to look for a job and set out applications before relocation. The best place to start is the Memphis area. You can check smaller towns around there that usually look for lawyers. Once you settle in you can proceed to look for something bigger. Movers Somerville TN will take make sure you arrive there safely and on time.

IT industry

Did you really expect this list to not contain IT? After all, software development is the industry that has been booming in the past 10+ years. So, if you are looking for a good job in TN, the IT sector is the one to consider. Nowadays, when social media is unstoppable and we can’t spend a couple of hours without our precious devices, this sector is always looking for new people. Probably the best part about it is that you can easily get a remote job and work from home.

If you are already in this field, then you know that it is very easy to get in touch with hiring companies. Nevertheless, you will still need some time to prepare for moving when the time comes, so make sure you have a plan. Considering that you have a lot of valuable equipment, let the professionals deal with it. Get professional residential movers TN to help you relocate and jump-start your career.

professor during the lecture
For all teachers and professors Tennessee offers some amazing job vacancies in this field


With that many universities and schools, the state of Tennessee has, no wonder there is always one more teacher and professor needed. If your field of profession is related to education, you will find it extremely easy to find a job. The education system in this state is always on a high rank and many young people decide to stay after graduation so they could catch a good job position. You will be happy to know that there is a wide range of education facilities you can choose from.

Here there are both private and public schools that are making sure both teachers and students are getting the proper education and have good work conditions. You will manage to get in even faster if you provide your working biography on time and ask your previous school to send a recommendation letter. As this is one of the most common jobs out there, you won’t be encountering any surprises in Tennessee. Schools here are amazing and you will fall in love with them immediately.

Air traffic controllers

Lastly, consider working in air control if you have the knowledge and the certificates needed for it. While this may not be one of the most popular job opportunities in TN at first, it is one of the very lucrative ones. This profession provides a stable income for many years and you can enjoy countless benefits that are included. In Tennessee, there are a couple of good companies that consider hiring you if you are suitable for the job vacancy. All you need to do is submit your application and wait for your job interview.


Working in retail is always popular, wherever you go. Even if you don’t have enough experience, it could be a great opportunity for you to settle in properly. A place that could be interesting to you right away is Jackson, Tennessee. Due to this city being a trading center for West Tennessee, you could easily find a job in no time. Before you hire movers Jackson TN, check out your new place a couple of times. There is a chance you will start working sooner than you think, so your new home should be ready.

The bottom line on popular job opportunities in TN

Although making a change this big can make you anxious, try to always be positive and look forward. Finding a good job can only bring good things to you and your family, so chasing after it is not bad at all. People living in Tennessee will welcome you with huge smiles on their faces and you will find yourself enjoying your new community really soon. 

doctor and nurses looking at the patients file
In Tennessee, you can easily get a job in a hospital as long as you have a degree!

Before you officially move, schedule an appointment with movers Germantown TN who will guide you through the rest of the details. Since this place is in the very heart of the state, it will be much easier to look for different job vacancies across Tennessee. Since you will need some time to look for popular job opportunities in TN, let them do the hard work. Once you arrive, get to know your new area and commute, and get ready for a wonderful life waiting for you there.