Popular film locations in Mississippi

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Mississippi has long been a hidden gem in the world of cinema. With its rich landscapes and historic towns, film locations in Mississippi have often been sought after by filmmakers for their authenticity and charm. Yet, movies aren’t the only spotlight here. As more people learn about Mississippi’s allure, there’s an uptick in those wanting to call it home. This is where companies like Spyder Moving and Storage come into the picture. They’ve made transitions seamless for newcomers drawn to Mississippi, whether for its cinematic appeal or the promise of southern hospitality. As Mississippi’s profile grows in film, so does its reputation as a place of warmth and welcome.

The most popular film locations in Mississippi

Starting to discover the most popular film locations in MS might not be easy since there are so many. That’s why we are here. Keep reading and find out more about:

  • Jackson
  • Tupelo
  • Oxford
  • Laurel
  • Meridian
  • Southaven
  • Starkville
A black camera recorder
Mississippi’s rich history makes it a prime spot for filmmakers.

Jackson – The heart of Mississippi

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. It’s a city that beautifully juxtaposes history with modernity. The downtown area has been the backdrop for various films, from period dramas to modern tales. Notably, films like “The Help” (2011) and “Ghosts of Mississippi” (1996) were shot amidst Jackson’s iconic landscapes. This is what makes it one of the best film locations in Mississippi. The Mississippi State Capitol, standing tall in its Beaux-Arts glory, has been the center of attention in both documentaries and dramatic films. But the allure of Jackson isn’t just for filmmakers. If you’re pondering a move to Jackson, there’s good news. The cost of living in Jackson is 16% below the national average, making it a financially appealing choice. Specifically, housing costs in Jackson are 32% less than the average U.S. city, and utility bills are 17% cheaper.

Education thrives here too. From well-regarded public schools to esteemed private institutions, Jackson offers a robust education system. The city prides itself on its legacy of academic excellence, right from elementary levels to higher education. Renowned universities in Jackson provide comprehensive programs across various disciplines. If you’re considering this move, getting in touch with movers Jackson MS offers can ease your transition, allowing you to step into the world of Jackson seamlessly.

Men holding a camera
Jackson’s bustling streets and landmarks frequently appear on the big screen.

Tupelo – The birthplace of the king

Tupelo is often recognized as the birthplace of the legendary Elvis Presley. It is a city that resonates with a rich musical heritage and cinematic allure. Its idyllic neighborhoods and sprawling landscapes have provided the perfect canvas for movies, narrating diverse tales from heartfelt stories of passion to profound journeys of growth. Films such as “Pure Country” (1992) and “Mississippi Burning” (1988) have harnessed the essence of Tupelo, casting it in pivotal roles.

But beyond its cinematic and musical roots, Tupelo stands out as one of Mississippi’s prime residential destinations. Those contemplating a move to Tupelo will be welcomed with a comforting suburban ambiance. With a median home price of $286,781 and rent averaging at $871.96 per month, it’s not just an affordable city but also offers an enhanced quality of life. Additionally, Tupelo is a budding hub for businesses, offering them numerous advantages. Its consistently low cost of living, often ranked among the top ten in the country, coupled with the benefits of low personal and corporate income tax, makes it an enticing proposition for both entrepreneurs and residents alike. Movers Tupelo MS locals love are at your service if you decide to move here.

Vinyl records in a store
Films shot in Tupelo often highlight its connection to Elvis Presley.

Oxford is one of the most popular film locations in Mississippi

Nestled in the heart of Mississippi lies Oxford, a quintessential university town known for housing the esteemed University of Mississippi. Beyond its academic reputation, Oxford has become a hotspot for filmmakers who find inspiration in its iconic Square, majestic historic homes, and peaceful landscapes. Classic films like “Intruder in the Dust” (1949) and “Barn Burning” (1980) have captured the city’s charm on screen.

But Oxford’s allure doesn’t stop at education and cinema. The cost of living here presents an attractive picture. Housing costs hover just above the national average, while essentials like health care and transportation fall below it. Groceries are a bargain, costing roughly 8% less than the national average. Residents also benefit from the city’s relatively low local taxes. As a ballpark figure, a single adult would require $36,896 annually to comfortably cover housing, food, child care, transportation, and other essentials in Oxford. This is slightly higher than Mississippi’s average of $34,395 but still under the national estimate of $38,433. If Oxford’s harmonious blend of academic, cinematic, and economic offerings appeal to you, reaching out to movers Oxford MS has to offer should be your first step towards making this enchanting town your home.

Laurel – The gem of Pine Belt

Laurel stands as a testament to timeless beauty and historic charm. With its captivating historic districts and retro storefronts, Laurel effortlessly takes its visitors on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of the 1900s. This unique aura hasn’t gone unnoticed by filmmakers. Movies such as “End of the Line” (1987) have utilized Laurel’s backdrop to add depth and authenticity to their narratives.

This city also boasts a lively community of 18,607 residents who relish the city’s offerings. It’s not just a beautiful place to visit but also an ideal setting to live, work, and raise a family. The city is equipped with reputable schools, diverse shopping options, and delightful eateries. Adding to its cultural footprint is the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, which holds the distinction of being Mississippi’s oldest art museum. Economically, with a median household income of $49,111, Laurel thrives due to the presence of major employers like Howard Industries, Sanderson Farms, and Masonite International, among others. All these facets combined paint a picture of a city that blends history, culture, and economic vitality, making Laurel a true gem of the Pine Belt. If you want this city to be your home, movers Laurel MS residents rely on are at your service!

A woman sitting in a museum
The rustic charm of Laurel has become a favorite for period pieces.

Meridian – The grandeur of the past

In the heart of Mississippi lies Meridian. It is a city echoing the grandeur of its rich past. The iconic Grand Opera House and the elegant Riley Center are testaments to its architectural splendor. These historic edifices have not just graced the city’s skyline but have also carved their niche in cinematic tales, with movies like “The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag” (1992) capturing their essence. However, Meridian’s legacy is not limited to its beautiful buildings. The city has been a cradle of talent, birthing legends like Jimmie Rodgers, revered as the Father of Country Music. His melodies, much like Meridian’s architectural marvels, resonate with timeless charm and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Meridian isn’t just about the past. This city also thrives in the present. Positioned strategically in Lauderdale County, Meridian has become a hub for sectors like retail, health care, and manufacturing, pulling in a steady stream of professionals. With a median income of $32,778, its residents find a balance of work and recreation. The scenic Bonita Lakes Park and the pristine greens of Lake Tiak O Khata and its golf course offer idyllic getaways. For those who prefer a bit of retail therapy, the Northpark Shopping Center awaits, and come evening, places like Applebee’s provide the perfect setting for a delightful meal. If the harmonious blend of history, culture, and modern-day conveniences in Meridian beckons you, reaching out to movers Meridian MS has to offer might just be the first step towards embracing this amazing city as your own.

A woman watching TV after moving to one of the most popular film locations in Mississippi
Meridian’s grand historical structures have added depth to many movie storylines and that’s what makes it one of the top film locations in Mississippi

Southaven – Mississippi’s Northern glory

Southaven shines as Mississippi’s Northern glory, thanks largely to its proximity to Memphis, TN. This strategic location allows the city to harmoniously blend Mississippi’s quintessential southern grace with the dynamic vibe typical of larger urban centers. This duality is not just seen in its day-to-day life but also depicted in cinema. For instance, the versatile landscapes of Southaven, from its bustling urban streets to peaceful scenic parks, were beautifully captured in the film “Christmas Connect” (2019).

However, films aside, Southaven’s real charm is in its day-to-day life. A mere glance at its amenities explains why it’s considered a prime residential hub. With efficient highway connectivity, being near an international airport, boasting commendable emergency services, housing credible higher education institutions, and offering a myriad of housing choices, it’s no wonder that many consider Southaven an ideal home.

Charting its growth story, Southaven transitioned from a village to achieving city status. Now, it proudly ranks as the third-largest city in Mississippi in terms of population. It’s not just its growth but also its pace of life that attracts many. Residing in Southaven gives you that urban feel – lively, yet not overwhelmingly fast-paced like some megacities. With a median home value of $226,420 and a household income averaging $66,769, residents find value for their money here, especially in terms of space and amenities.

Moreover, its dynamic yet comfortable pace of life means there’s always something new to explore, ensuring no dull moments. And if you’re nearing retirement or already there, Southaven welcomes you with open arms, offering the perfect balance between tranquility and activity. For those eyeing this Northern Glory of Mississippi as their next destination, reaching out to movers Southaven MS provides will pave the way for a smooth transition into this community.

Starkville is also one of the best film locations in MS

Starkville, often referred to as Bulldog Territory, is best known as the proud home of Mississippi State University. This university setting offers filmmakers a canvas to paint authentic portrayals of American college life, making it an apt backdrop for sports dramas and films centered around youth. One classic example is “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” (1968), which was filmed here.

Beyond its cinematic potential, Starkville is a growing community, its growth majorly fueled by the university. The town beautifully interweaves the university’s atmosphere with its distinct charm, resulting in a unique blend of sporting events, concerts, museums, and galleries amidst a lively business environment and welcoming residential spaces. With a population of 24,466, Starkville serves as a haven for families seeking more bang for their buck in terms of space without compromising on the quality of life.

Delving deeper into its economic landscape, the median income here is around $33,318, with the median home pegged at $193,453. Notably, Westwood stands out as one of Starkville’s premium neighborhoods. Besides its prime residential offerings, Westwood is in proximity to prominent spots like the UEC Hollywood Premier Cinema, the Tuesday Morning home goods store, and the much-loved Firehouse Middleton Court Sandwich Shop. Such amenities ensure residents never run short of entertainment or essential services. Considering a move to this bustling college town? Reach out to movers Starkville MS offers for a seamless transition to a community that perfectly marries academia with everyday joys.

A man and a woman studying
Southaven’s blend of urban and natural landscapes is versatile for various film genres.

Is Mississippi a good state to move to?

Whether Mississippi is a good state to move to depends on individual preferences, needs, and circumstances. Here are some advantages and considerations to help you evaluate:


  1. Affordability: Mississippi is number one among the cheapest states to live in right now. Housing, utilities, and transportation are generally cheaper than the national average.
  2. Cultural heritage: Known for its rich history, music (especially the blues), and Southern charm, Mississippi offers a deep cultural experience.
  3. Natural beauty: With its rivers, forests, and the Gulf Coast, Mississippi provides ample outdoor recreation opportunities.
  4. Friendly communities: Southern hospitality is more than just a phrase in Mississippi; many residents pride themselves on their welcoming and community-centric attitude.
  5. Lower taxes: Mississippi has relatively low property taxes and no inheritance tax.


  1. Economic opportunities: Depending on your field, job opportunities might be limited compared to larger metropolitan areas in other states.
  2. Weather: The state experiences hot and humid summers. Also, being close to the Gulf Coast, it can be prone to hurricanes.
  3. Healthcare: Access to medical facilities might be limited in certain rural areas.

Consider moving to one of the most popular film locations in Mississippi!

The film locations in MS have captivated audiences and filmmakers alike with their beauty and history. But it’s not just about the movies. Moving to these iconic places offers a blend of culture, tradition, and Southern hospitality that few other states can match. For those considering a move, the film locations in Mississippi are more than just scenic spots; they are communities rich in experiences and opportunities. A move here could mean being part of a story much larger than what’s seen on screen.