Popular cities for couples in Mississippi

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Sometimes a nice romantic holiday in Mississippi can go a long way in order to fix a relationship, or make a nice love even better. The possibilities for an amazing couple’s getaways in Mississippi are endless. From big cities, extravagant hotels, penthouses, yachts, and expensive restaurants all the way to bungalows, small farmhouses, local family bakeries, and so on. The most important thing is to have imagination and even the most boring places can become hidden gems. And one of those hidden gems is Mississippi, without a doubt. Here, many couples found themselves and some even decided to contact Spyder Moving and Storage Mississippi and permanently made it their home. And we are here to share with you some of the most popular cities for couples in Mississippi and their charms.

Welcome to Mississippi

Before we mention some of the most popular cities for couples in Mississippi, we should first tell you something about this state. Why should you come here? At first glance, this state is nothing out of the ordinary. Out of all states, it is 32nd in size and 35th most populated state. So it is nothing special when talking about the size and citizens. But places like this that are often overlooked hide some of the best attractions and chances for couples to experience a peaceful and romantic getaway.

A couple looking at eachother
Sometimes over time couples decide to go on a vacation together in order to relax, and refresh their relationship.

Actually, Mississippi is also a wonderful place to live. The state is home to a number of amazing cities. And not just any cities, but the ones that found themselves among the top on national lists for things like livability, safety, job growth, and more. So we are far from surprised that after coming here many couples and tourists over time hire a Mississippi moving company and make this state their home. So it’s time to talk about some popular cities for couples in Mississippi.


When talking about popular cities for partners in Mississippi one has to start with its capital, Jackson. Nightlife in Jackson is not loud and rowdy but subtle and calm. And even people that live bold and big have over time found themselves falling head over heels for it… As you and your partner walk on the night stress, the lights from the surrounding shops blur together, blending many colors into a rainbow in front of your eyes. The slow music from the local bars escapes on the streets and the faint smell of alcohol enchants the couples helping them savor the relaxing romantic night. Many couples fall in love with each other all over again under the dimed Jackson lights, and some even fall for the city and make it their home with a little help from movers Jackson MS.

A Late Night Dinner

Imagine rows of elegant tables for two, a dim light coming off the ceilings, and quiet chatter in the background with no loud unnecessary noises. At Babalu the atmosphere is cozy, and light, with music in the background. And even with the crowd around you all you can see is your partner and a large, trim blackened salmon on your plate. Covered in a thick sauce making it soft and delicate but at the same time strong in taste.

A couple on a romantick date in one of the most popular cities for couples in Mississippi
There are many popular cities for couples in Mississippi, and many boast a romantic ambiance you and your partner can enjoy.

The Mississippi Museum Of Art

If you want a unique date to remember a trip to the Mississippi Museum of Art is exactly what you need. While all of the Jackson museums are good options for unusual and relaxing dates, the Mississippi Museum of Art is still the one with the most character and charm. While walking it’s always and looking at the exhibitions bout you and your partner will be sucked into its charm. The pieces that call this museum their home have a hundred different stories to tell and so many ways to interpret them, they will force you to think and talk and unravel each other’s minds.

Why you should pick Jackson among all the other popular cities for couples in Mississippi?

All popular cities for lovers in Mississippi have their charms. But undoubtedly as the capital and the largest city, Jackson has the most to offer. That doesn’t mean other places are lacking. But the reason many come here is the diversity. Yes, this city is not fast and noisy, it carries a calm atmosphere and a romantic composed ambiance. But at the same time, it’s not like you can’t find clubs and parties. A wide range of exclusive restaurants and hotels are always at your disposal, along with other expensive attractions such as spas for couples, theaters, beautiful flower shops, and colorful flowers…


Southaven is actually one of the best places to live in Mississippi. Residents that live here enjoy the calm suburban feel it exudes. And unlike most other places in the US most residents own their own homes. Many families and young professionals call Southaven their home. Actually, although it’s not one of those places that pop into your eyes at first glance if you look closely you will notice that it’s one of the most popular cities for couples in Mississippi. Movers in Southaven MS have their hands full because the number of people moving here has increased in the last couple of years. But what should you and your partner do here?

Arcade games in neon lights
Find nice places all over MS and feel like kids again!

Flip Side

Tall walls made of brick, and dimmed lights give this place a beautiful feeling. But the light from games makes the place look so colorful. Here you will find not one but two dart boards, a pool table, 16 pinball machines, and so much more.  You can play both vintage and current pinball games. And it’s actually not expensive, the token price is quite reasonable. At the same time, you can also enjoy drinking premium craft beers and eating great pub grub. Followed by nice music this is a fun place to visit with your partner and play games together.

Olive Branch

Popular cities for partners in Mississippi also include Olive Branch. This is a growing city in Mississippi. That has seen more and more people move here in recent years. Actually many people contact movers Olive Branch MS and use their services exactly because they fell in love with the small-town appeal that this place radiates. The people here are nice and everyone is welcoming to both new residents and tourists. Here you can go on beautiful long walks next to a small lake, and you can even bring your pet along. But surprisingly this is also home to some beautiful Wedding venues.

Andover Plantation Bed & Breakfast

This beautiful and romantic English Manor exudes elegance no matter how much you look at it. Andover Plantation Bed and Breakfast is the perfect spot for couples who want to relax and let the days fly. Although it is an old manor it still has all of the comforts of today! And even though it is not that big its meeting room still holds 75 people, making it a great place to hold an intimate wedding ceremony. Still decorated by it’d original furnishings that are all in perfect condition, it is one of the wedding venues in Olive Branch MS that has attracted a huge number of couples over the years. Not only for weddings it is also a good honeymoon destination! Especially for those couples that like to sit by a fireplace during the winter or stroll through the garden area when spring comes…

An old English manor
Many couples find their perfect wedding destination, while on romantic getaways!


We can’t talk about popular cities for couples in Mississippi, without mentioning Biloxi. This beautiful city located on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi is one of the top destinations for all tourists and couples. But what can you and your partner do here? Long romantic walks at sunset on beautiful beaches, go and test your luck gambling in one of the local casinos, visit a local restaurant and enjoy the fresh seafood the city is known for! All in all, it’s a wonderful place where all kinds of people can find something to do.

A couple kissing on a beach
Is there anything more romantic than walking on a beach, holding hands as the sun slowly goes down?

There is so much you can do here! Stay in world-class resorts, many museums, and historical sights, visit amusement parks, and where there are beaches there are many water sports! Don’t forget the casinos! Surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere and nice weather it comes as no surprise that many couples after visiting fall in love with Biloxi. Some even go a step further and contact movers Biloxi MS for quotes and moving help.


Not even two centuries of turbulent history was enough to make Oxford disappear from the Mississippi maps.  During the Civil War, it was burned to the ground by fire, and afterward, during the Civil Rights Movement, it went through pure chaos. Oxford is a city surrounded and decorated by so many trees it almost looks like a forest. Its size stretches over 267 sq miles. Many young people get moving help Oxford MS can offer during their moving process. But why is Oxford one of the popular cities for couples in Mississippi?

Well if the rich culture, interesting history, gorgeous architecture, tasty food, and broad green space aren’t enough, then there are also academic factors. Many young people come here! One of the city’s best bragging points is the University of Mississippi. It brings you people from all over the US. But even that’s not all many writers, painters, and poets have described and romanticized this city, making it immortalized in music and literature.


Are you wondering what is Senatobia MS known for? Well, this is the home of Northwest Mississippi Community College. And residents here take a lot of pride in it. The community is tight-knit and welcoming to all visitors! The citizens are nice and very interactive amongst themselves! They are quick to accept everyone that moves here with Senatobia MS movers. But why is this small place on our list of popular places for couples in Mississippi? Because of its warm environment and small size are perfect for couples that want a calm and refreshing vacation. Especially for those couples that like nature, small family diners, rustic cafes, and a homey environment.

A couple siting and looking at nature
Pick the right place for you and your partner based on your personal preferences!
But there are also some fun things to do here! For example, you can visit Whippersnaps Trampoline Park. Although they specialize in kids activity’s such as birthday parties, some other types of event rentals, and corporate parties are also possible. So it also makes a nice destination and activity for you and your partner to feel like kids again and use up some energy.

Summary of popular cities for couples in Mississippi

However, you look at it, there are many popular cities for couples in Mississippi! Many we didn’t even have the opportunity to mention. But if you looked closely at what we had to say, you probably got the basic feel of the state. Mississippi isn’t rushed or loud. This is a state where people go to relax and enjoy romantic dinners under dimmed lights, take long walks on the sandy beach, explore the local nature, and chat in bars accompanied by music. Of course, your personal preference is the key factor in picking your top location here. But what’s important is, that no matter what you choose you will be welcomed and taken care of by the locals.