Planning a Memphis move remotely – tips and tricks

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Relocating home is challenging right from the start. And when you must relocate remotely, it becomes even harder. Moreover, you still must organize a whole deal, pack safely, find movers, and work on your moving budget. It will take a lot of your time, money, and patience. Luckily, today we will help you with planning a Memphis move remotely and ensure you do it right. Your relocation is in good hands. Let’s go!

Start planning a Memphis move remotely as soon as you realize your moving date

As soon as you decide you are moving, you must begin working on your moving logistics. You shall begin with a moving checklist then move on to the moving budget. To safely reach your moving price, you must inspect your entire home and realize how hard is it and if it is safe to work in. Also, you will realize how much furniture you have and which tools are required to handle it. Then, you will know how many packing materials you must purchase and which kind. And remember, if you are moving your business with you, you must start looking for commercial movers straight away because such a relocation requires a few more steps and a bit better organization.

a person making a list
Create a moving checklist and follow it until the end.

Once you note all your requirements and findings on your moving and inventory checklists, you can call your moving company. Explain what you want and what you know and with your intel, they will assemble a moving plan. One that will cost you less but bring more. Also, they will offer Spyder Moving Services TN that can improve your relocation quite a bit. Once you evaluate the offer and the services they provide, you can work on your moving quote and your moving budget.

You will need a reliable moving company to accompany you on this journey

The search for moving companies Lakeland TN is an inevitable part when planning a Memphis move remotely. But how to do it right and evade fraudulent companies? Simply browse online and find a few companies you like. Never hire the first one you find but you must inspect them first. Check out the following requirements:

  • Compare prices and services
  • Read reviews and feedbacks
  • Ensure they have a physical address and contact info
  • Ask them if they are licensed
  • Confirm they have the tools required

You can always dig deeper and find your movers online on external websites or on social media groups. But if you ask the questions we listed above, it should be enough to find a legit moving company.

Downsizing is a part of each relocation

If your moving budget is tight and you are trying to find a way to reduce the moving costs, there is a way. Decluttering and downsizing were always a good way to get rid of the unnecessary hoard and to save some money in the process. It will do wonders for your emotional state in a long run. Not to mention that you will gain a lot of space in your new home. Therefore, while inspecting your home, set aside all broken, unused, outdated, or old items and get rid of them.

Declutter your home when planning a Memphis move remotely
Declutter your home and you will feel much better, your relocation easier, and cheaper.

You can donate, sell online, sell on the garage sale, recycle, or give to friends and neighbors. Whatever you do with it, just make sure you do something about it. If you do it right, you’ll have much less to pack and with it, fewer materials to purchase. This will lead you to the lower moving cost in the end.

Planning a Memphis move remotely and packing accordingly

The biggest problem for most people when relocating is the packing process. Simply because it is time-consuming, boring, and confusing. Also, it requires a bit of knowledge as well because you must pack safely and know how to wrap items, how to pair them, and how not to overstuff your boxes. So, start by obtaining all the materials from the nearest home depot or the hardware store. You can also order everything from your movers or online from the 3rd party website. You’ll need cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, labels, and bubble wrap. Obviously, the cardboard box is the main player in this game and you’ll need around 30 of those. Bubble wrap is here to wrap pieces individually and to place them at the bottom of each box to make a nice cushion.

As for the tape, you will use it to assemble your boxes and to close them out once they are full. And the labels should go on each box with a detailed description of the content inside. At least for the fragile content. Or you can simply write the name of the room it belongs to. Just make sure you label each box, it will help a lot. Finally, if you want to skip packing entirely, you can hire Memphis movers and packers to do it instead. Talk to your moving representative and purchase this amazing service. Let your movers bring everything you need, pack, and unpack you safely and affordably. Keep this in mind as an option.

Meet your new home

You certainly visited your new home before you purchased the property. Even if you are renting, you at least had a chance to inspect your home and make a plan where to place all your items. But what would be a smart thing to do is to visit it again when you have a bit more time. Take a day off and visit it with your family. Spend more time inside your new home and inspect it inside out. Let all family members express their desires on how they want it to look like and note it down.

a guy packing a box
Obtain packing materials and pack with patience. The safety of your items is important.

Later on, you can discuss the final product. Once you are done, take a walk through the neighborhood and check out local parks, playgrounds, green areas, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Visit a few points of interest and meet a few locals. Get to know your neighborhood a bit and you’ll have an easier time accepting this change. Planning a Memphis move remotely is one thing but coping with the emotional aspect of relocation is something else. Work on it as well.

Are you ready?

This last step is tricky because you must do it over time as you go through the moving process. All your personal documents and your moving-related documents should be in order and ready to be used on your moving date. As well as your personal services such as Wi-Fi, cellphone, and mail. Everything should be adequately transferred and all parties update about the change of address and contact info. Now, keep in mind that some services and documents take a longer time to process. So, you must start working on this one as soon as you realize you are moving. Call your providers and set up your PO box as soon as you can. Check your personal ID, credit cards, driver’s license, medical records, etc. Ensure you are up to date and avoid unpleasant situations.

Planning a Memphis move remotely is not so hard if you have at least two weeks available and a proper moving company enlisted. Everything else depends on your budget and how well you organize. At least now you know more about the steps you must cover and how to do it right. Good luck.