Places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit

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If you have decided to move to Mississippi, you are surely aware that this state is one of the best places to live in the USA. It is full of places that stand out for livability, safety, job market, and natural beauty. What’s more, they often top national lists of the best places to live. That’s why after local movers Mississippi moves you, you should consider visiting some of the most beautiful or important places in Mississippi. For that, we will need a list of places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit. For all those who are planning to start a new life in this beautiful country, we have compiled a list of places you should visit. It’s up to you to read the text to the end and go on an adventure!

Brandon is first of places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit

One of the places that everyone should visit is definitely Brandon MS. This city has 20,000 inhabitants and is consistently ranked on national lists as one of the safest cities to live in. It was founded in 1892 and is therefore full of historically significant landmarks that are registered in the National Register of Historic Places, such as:

  • Cocke-Martin-Jackson House
  • Hebron Academy
  • Rankin County Courthouse
  • Stevens-Buchanan House
  • Turcotte House
Two women are sitting on a bench in one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit.
Brandon is a certified retirement city and one place in Mississippi every newcomer should visit.

You should not miss it if you have the opportunity to visit it, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and McClain Safari. Be sure to visit the Black Rose Theater Company and Brandon Amphitheater and enjoy great plays and musical performances. In addition to all this, Brandon is also a certified retirement city. And maybe you like it a lot and decide to settle in the second safest city in Mississippi. Then it is enough to call movers Brandon MS and enjoy while they handle your move.

Oxford MS is the best mid-size city in the Mississippi

If you’re looking for culture in Mississippi, you should definitely visit Oxford. This city is named after a university in Great Britain because it is the most famous university city in Mississippi. What’s more, because of the University of Mississippi, Oxford landed in sixth place on USA Today’s list of the best college towns in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are hiring movers Oxford MS to move here.

With only 27,662 inhabitants, it is often mentioned as the best mid-sized city in the USA. Despite its importance because of the university, it has its southern charm and is known for its picturesque square. Nestled amidst the dense forests of Mississippi’s North Central Hills region, the city showcases some stunning old architecture and historical landmarks, with many treasures found within its sprawling university campus.

A woman takes pictures with animals.
Hattiesburg Zoo is one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit.

Oxford is often referred to as the “Cultural Mecca of the South,” because it is the center of many cultural manifestations and events. It has a strong literary history, and a lively and diverse music scene, but also many galleries and museums. In addition, this city stands out for the number of renowned restaurants, great places to shop, and the large number of students who live and study here. That’s why Oxford is definitely a place that all newcomers should visit.

Hattiesburg is known as the best place for retirement

If you hire moving companies Hattiesburg MS to move to Hattiesburg, you will certainly not go wrong. This city has 46,876 inhabitants and has been ranked among the leaders for years as the best city for retirement. That’s not surprising when you consider the fact that Hattiesburg is a certified retirement community. This means that it has passed rigorous checks and meets the quality standards of the health facility, accommodation, cultural opportunities, and the welcoming committee.

Golf cars on the golf course
Cherokee Valley Golf Club is a great place to visit if you are going to Olive Branch MS.

Plus, Hattiesburg isn’t just a place for retirees. This place is perhaps best known for the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University. It is also famous for the Hattiesburg Zoo. It is an ideal place for fun and adventure whether you are old or young. And that’s not all, Hattiesburg boasts an exciting live music scene, museums to explore, and a family-friendly atmosphere. That’s why Hattiesburg is one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit.

Laurel is on our list of places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit

If after moving to Mississippi you decided to explore the little places that everyone should visit, Laurel is a must. This small town is located in an area of Mississippi known as the Pine Belt. It used to be a very popular place to live because it was a logging and lumber town. From that time, it was left with beautiful old houses in different architectural styles. On them, you can see extraordinary window frames and quality wooden floors. It differs from other small towns in Mississippi because it has a lot of wide streets and beautiful parks. Movers Laurel MS have been busy lately because people are slowly returning to this charming town.

If you think that this city is too small and has nothing to offer, you are wrong. Laurel is one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit, precisely because of its uniqueness. Here’s what you should visit if you decide:

  • Visit Downtown – The best thing about Laurel is that the city itself is the most important thing to see. Wide brick streets, old but polished storefronts, and new businesses define downtown.
  • Explore local woodworking shops – logical when visiting a place known for woodworking. Find thrift stores or those that sell antiques.
  • Go to the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art – which opened in 1923 as a memorial to Lauren Eastman Rogers and her son.
  • Take a walk in the city parks – Gardiner Park and Pinehurst Park are beautiful places and you will enjoy visiting them.

In addition to this, Laurel is home to many festivals throughout the year. Therefore, research carefully what is happening here when you plan to visit it.

Meridian has it all – a great community and rich history

With a population of 36,000, Meridian is the seventh-largest city in Mississippi. It represents the center of Lauderdale County and has the nickname, Queen City. Because of its lively community, rich history, and growing economy, it is one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit.

Meridian is the birthplace of famous musical artists Jimmie Rogers, Elsie McWilliams, Mo Bandy, and David Eli Ruffin. And that’s why it attracts a large number of tourists and people who are passionate about music. It is also home to the Jimmie Rogers Festival, which is the oldest music festival in the country.

hot air balloon
Visit Meridian, one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit, and enjoy a ride on a hot air balloon with a Champagne sunrise.

And that’s not all, it has a rich and tragic history that should be explored in museums, as well as a large number of restaurants where you can eat great meals.

Here are a few things every newcomer should do when visiting Meridian:

  • Watch exciting concerts at the Riley Center
  • Explore history at the Mississippi Industrial Heritage Center
  • Eat at Amore Italian Restaurante
  • Visit the Jimmie Rodgers Museum
  • Explore the tragic history of the Meridian Civil War Trail
  • Visit the Mississippi Children’s Museum
  • Take the kids to the Dentzel Carousel
  • Roam around Mississippi’s arts and entertainment experience or MAX
  • Explore the historic Rose Hill Cemetery
  • Watch a live performance at the Temple Theater
  • Ride a hot air balloon with a Champagne sunrise
  • Try shooting at Binachi shooting sports

This city perfectly combines music, history, and culture, giving you an unforgettable experience. That’s why it’s not rare that people after the visit decide to hire movers Meridian MS and move here!

Visit Olive Branch – a place with the best school system in Mississippi

Olive Branch is a city located in DeSoto County in Mississippi. And it is one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit. Olive Branch has about 36,000 residents who enjoy all the conveniences of a big city but still retain the charm and friendliness of a small town. What’s more, movers Olive Branch MS are quite busy as this city has been named the fastest-growing city in Mississippi. But that’s not what he’s best known for. And the most important thing, Olive Branch stands out as the number one place with the best education system in Mississippi. It is recognized as having the best public schools in Mississippi.

Students high five
Oxford is one of the places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit, especially if you enjoy exploring college towns.

The second thing most often associated with the City of Olive Branch is its connection with aviation. It is home to Mississippi’s busiest airport, Metro Park Airport. It is also home to the premier aviation training facility in the Mid-South, Air Venture Flight Center.

That’s certainly not all, as this city has a lot to offer its residents. Some of the attractions that you can visit here are:

  • The largest bonsai nursery in the United States, Brussels Bonsai
  • Olive Branch city park
  • Cherokee Valley Golf Club
  • Malco Olive Branch Cinema Grill
  • Tipsy Tees – game and entertainment centers

So go on a tour of the city and enjoy while discovering new things.

Starkville is an amazing small town for relaxation and a fun time

The last town on our list of places every newcomer should visit is the City of Starkville. This city has about 25,000 inhabitants and is a great place to live. It is mostly known for being a college town, but there are many other reasons why you should visit it.

For starters, Starkville is an ideal small town for those who want to escape the noise and stress of big cities. It will allow you to relax and enjoy the southern charm that it offers. But also to visit and see some sights in local museums. For nature lovers, this is also an ideal place, because the sunset on the Oktibbeha lake will give you the peace you need.

Here’s what you might see while in Starkville:

  • Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum
  • Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum
  • Listen to concerts by the Starkville-Mississippi State University Symphony and choral presentations of Mississippi State’s Symphony Chorus
  • Sam D. Hamilton National Wildlife Refuge
  • Starkville Unity Park
  • Visit the Cotton District Arts Festival
  • Chadwick Lake
  • Veterans Memorial Rose Garden
  • Starkville Community Market
  • John Grisham Room in Mitchell Memorial Library
  • Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library
Sunset on the lake in Starkville is one of places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit
If you visit Starkville you will enjoy beautiful sunsets on Chadwick Lake.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Starkville is on the list of places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit. And there are many other things that make it an ideal place to live, so people hire movers Starkville MS to move them. All of this being said, if you’ve just moved to Mississippi you should take the time to visit.

Take time after moving to discover places in Mississippi that every newcomer should visit

Magnolia State is a great state that has many more wonderful places that you should visit after relocation with Spyder Moving and Storage. Here we have conquered only a couple of cities that may not attract attention at first glance, but if you know a little about them, it is clear that they are worth a visit. What’s more, most of these cities hold the honor of being the best places to live in Mississippi. So don’t delay too much, start planning your visits to places in Mississippi every newcomer should visit.