Pet-friendly places in Mississippi

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Have you ever wanted to move or travel but were always worried about your pet? Not having someone to take care of them while you go on trips can make people not go at all. And at the same time if the place you are moving to doesn’t welcome pets can sometimes make moves very difficult. Luckily, that’s not the case for Mississippi! There are many pet-friendly places in Mississippi. And thanks to that both you and your pet can enjoy traveling and moving there. Not only that but moving services Oxford will welcome your pet as a friend while they help you arrange and move everything.

Why do people go to Mississippi?

Your pet is a part of your family. So it’s only natural that when moving or going on a vacation you would like to bring them along. There are many residential movers  that won’t mind your pets and will sure you that there are many pet-friendly places in Mississippi. Among them are some with quite fun activities for the whole family. So why do people go to Mississippi?

A city next to the Mississippi river
This is a place surrounded by nature. And believe us your pets will appreciate it. Nice walks next to the river, a big field of grass where they can run and so on. These places are not only nice for them but for you as well.

If you look at the southeastern part of the US you will see a state called Mississippi. This is actually the 32 largest state. Actually, the state doesn’t have that nice of a history. When it became the 20th state admitted into the Union, it was mostly populated by slaves, who worked in its cotton production. But later it became one of the most important parts of the civil rights movement.

Home to the American Blues as well as the birthplace of many of its talented musicians. Add on top of that very fertile soil, the catfish industry as well as many beautiful historic attractions and it’s no wonder that more and more people are calling movers to help them move.


The capital city of Mississippi is the City of Jackson. Home to many beautiful museums with exhibits covering a wide range of historical events. From slavery, civil rights, and African American culture to science. Add on top of that many top-notch restaurants, cafes, and clubs. Street blues performers and you will already start packing your bags.

With a population of  153,701residents, it is impossible that it doesn’t have some pet-friendly places. So if you are looking for pet-friendly places in Mississippi Jackson has some to offer! Don’t believe us? Well hold your horses and get ready to call movers Jackson MS because we will show you otherwise!

A town and a bridge
You can always ask around and find new places that are pet-friendly.

Brees Bark Park

On 1.68 acres of the fenced area, there is a park called Brees Bark Park. Perfect for owners that like to let their fur baby run wild. It has many nice features all dog lovers will appreciate. There is a small dog area that is separated from the big puppy. And in both of those areas, there are different things your dog can play with. But they have strict rules so make sure you read them before you go!

Mississippi Petrified Forest

How can we talk about pet-friendly places in Mississippi without mentioning the Mississippi Petrified Forest? This beautiful museum, which is also a walking trail is pet friendly! Although dogs must be leashed they are very welcomed. Here you can walk with your pets and see all kinds of petrified wood, leaves, cones and so many more. And not to mention there are even dinosaurs and wail fossils as well!

brown dogs face
Pets are attached to their humans and need certain attention while moving so they don’t stress.

Shops Oxford

Are you worried that after moving to Mississippi you will not be able to take your dogs on your everyday walks and store trips? Well, no need to worry! Shops in Oxford are mostly pet friendly. As long as your pet is leashed and well-behaved they can join you in all of your shopping fun! While local movers Oxford MS are moving your items you can test this and go with your pet to buy the workers some refreshments!


When looking for pet-friendly places in Mississippi we have to mention its second-largest city, Gulfport. This is actually one of the most popular places for retirement in Mississippi. With its nice climate and affordable house market, it is a perfect place to move. Its rising popularity means more work for the movers as well as more pets coming with their owners! Actually, there are quite a few places that your dog will enjoy! 

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

Along the coast of Mississippi, there are 50miles of land. And this brewing company has made the name of those unhabituated islands its name. The Brewing company has one of the best beers on the tap in Mississippi, and it invites all dogs to come and company their owners while they try it! Although the dogs must be leashed.

Caffee that is on of the pet-friendly places in Mississippi
There are many pet-friendly places in Mississippi. Amongst them, most are hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


Senatobia ranks as the 16th largest municipality in the Memphis Metropolitan Area and serves as the county seat of Tate County, Mississippi, in the United States. In 2010, there were 8,165 people living there.  Northwest Mississippi Community College, a public community college that contains 2 academic and technical degree programs, is located in Senatobia. Including Oxford and Southaven. So Senatobia MS movers have their hands full with students and their pets before the start of a school year.

Seabee Dog Park

Among the many pet-friendly places in Mississippi is also Seabee Dog Park. This is a beautiful place where your dog can run free and play with other dogs. The areas for small dogs are separate from the big ones. The park is open all the time through sunlight hours. And actually has a rule that the park is free to Military ID holders.

Biloxi Shrimping Trip

Can you really use moving companies Biloxi MS and come to Gulfport without going on a Biloxi Shrimping Trip? This is a one-hour-long tour. Where you will learn all about the shrimp industry. This trip is of course pet friendly! The staff members are all big pet lovers and are people experienced and knowledgeable about the waters in the Gulf. The trip is nice and calming, and if you are lucky you and your fur baby might spot some dolphins as well.

Dog runing with a ball
Your pets will love running and playing with other pets, in many dog parks located in Mississippi.

Ocean Springs Beach

Did you say you need pet-friendly places in Mississippi? Then Ocean Springs beach is the place for you! As long as you keep your dog on the leash you can bring it and enjoy the beauty of this beach. But do keep in mind that this is not a public beach. That means that you are required to pick up after your pet, as well as to bring it fresh water to drink.

F.E.T.C.H. Park

Located in Mississippi on a 3acre of land is F.E.T.C.H. Park. This is a no-leash zone, but don’t worry it is fenced. The large and small dog areas are separated and have two different gates. The park has waste stations, drinking water fountains, and many other toys your pets can play with like a dog rinse area, tunnels, hills, and fire hydrants…


The third largest city and one of the largest pet-friendly places in Mississippi is Southhaven. With a population of 54,648 that is constantly growing, many people relocate there. This beautiful city is full of nice places to see along with your pets, as well as history and many other things. There are many cafes and restaurants famed for their drinks and food. As well as nice streets to take your pets for a walk.

The Outback at Shelby Farms Park

This is a beautiful park. Among all pet-friendly places in Mississippi, this one is definitely a must-see! It even has many ponds, trails, and a water fountain! Your dogs can run around and explore as well as swim and play with other pets! Their fun can last from dawn till sunset.


The Chickasaw term for Pontotoc means “Land of Hanging Grapes.”   The Chickasaw tribe was the final in a line of indigenous people who lived in this region for several thousand years before Europeans invaded the Southeast. Through the national program of Indian removal, they were compelled to move into Indian Territory in the early 1830s. Over the years it has evolved into a beautiful city. With the help of movers Pontotoc MS many new residents came here along with their pets. And it became one of the most pet-friendly places in Mississippi.

Backbeat Tours

Of course, your pet is allowed to go with you on Backbeat Tours’ Memphis Walking Ghost Tour. This is only if the bus has room, and other passengers don’t mind them. But in most cases, there is always room for a well-behaved fur baby. Of course, your pet should at all times be leashed and well-behaved. As for the approval ask for the ticket window or call (901) 527-9415.

Trained dog
Make sure that you train your pets properly. Many places will open their doors to well-behaved pets.

Uptown Carriages Memphis

Do you want to visit Pet-friendly places in Mississippi and go on an adventure? Well if you like horses there is one for you here! There are many horse-drawn carriages that offer dog-friendly tours. Not only will you bring your dog but the driver as well! You only need to call and book in advance so you get a driver whose dog likes other dogs.

What do you need when moving with a pet?

If you decide that moving here is something you would like, after seeing all of the pet-friendly places in Mississippi then there are some things you need to take note of. Before you start moving you will need to catch up with any Mississippi laws and regulations concerning pets. As well as to take your pet to the vet.

The vet should do a full check of your pet, and make sure it is caught up with any vaccines and treatments. Do not forget to get it’s medical history. After moving no matter which one of the pet-friendly places in Mississippi you pick they won’t have your pet’s prior medical history.

Finding a dogsitter or entrusting it to your friends and family on moving day is the best thing to do. They can sense stress and won’t be of any help there when the movers come. You won’t be separated from them for long.

Ask around for pet friendly places in Mississippi

As new places are opened all the time, it’s no wonder that there are more and more places where you and your pet can go together. But the problem is that these pet-friendly places in Mississippi might not be known to people who are not locals. So you can always ask people with pets where they like to go.

This way you will constantly discover new gems, where you can go and enjoy your day. There are many hotels as well that will welcome your pet gladly. All you need to do is add a pet-friendly filter on any app or site you are searching on and a list of good hotels with that feature will appear.

Not to mention the thousands of public spaces where you can go for a walk. Your pet will like walks next to the Mississippi river and you will as well. Not to mention exploring the city architecture with your little fur buddy. The possibilities are limitless. As many business owners have pets of their own we assure you they will welcome yours as well.