Packing tips for students moving to Memphis

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Moving to college is the first moving experience in many people’s lives. If you are a young person about to do this, know that each next time will get easier. But that doesn’t mean that your first move has to be chaotic. On the contrary, with the right tips, and the help of Spyder Moving and Storage, your move can be a great experience. But you can never learn enough, so it’s a great idea to go through different guides on how to tackle the most difficult moving task of them all – packing. Luckily, you are in the right place to learn a few packing tips for students moving to Memphis.

First, what can you expect when moving to Memphis for college?

Picking the right college is no easy task. And if the distance doesn’t stop you, you will have plenty of opportunities. Tennessee is a very popular state for people who are hungry for good education. Memphis has two very respected higher educational institutions:

  1. University of Memphis
  2. Rhodes College

No matter if you plan on being part of one of these two or not, your moving experience will benefit from hiring some moving companies in Tennessee. Our packing tips for students moving to Memphis are primarily focused on students, but anyone can use them.

Picture of a pile of books in front of a person
Good packing tips for students moving to Memphis can be used by everyone

Our packing advice for students moving to Memphis will turn a tedious task into an enjoyable one

As a student, you will have a million things on your mind, during this time of big changes. Because of this, we have put together a list of the very best tips gathered from many Memphis moving companies that will hopefully help you speed up the process.

Take with you only the items that you need

The difference between a regular move and your situation is that you are likely moving from your parent’s home. This gives you the advantage of not having to get rid of items that you don’t want to bring with you. But you still should give everything you own to some Memphis moving helpers to transport. It will turn out expensive for no reason. Just take the things that you absolutely cannot live without, and everything else you can buy when you get to Memphis.

Pack appropriately for a long-distance move

Long distances moves are famous for the many unexpected things that they include. Even though you can decide between traveling by car or plane, your items will travel in the van of some residential movers Memphis. Many things can happen on the road, from bad weather conditions to traffic jams, and all of these things can negatively impact your items. Fragile items can easily be damaged by shifts or temperature fluctuations, which are bound to happen on a long trip. For that reason, you need to pack your items appropriately, in multiple layers of protective materials, and sturdy, new boxes. Only the right packing techniques will keep your items in good shape.

Picture of a person implementing the packing tips for students moving to Memphis
If you will be dealing with a long-distance move, you should prepare for it properly

Conclusion on packing tips for students moving to Memphis

Depending on the place that you are moving from, moving to Memphis can be a big change. Starting college is a big shift on its own, but our packing tips for students moving to Memphis can at least make the preparations less dramatic. Moving to a college dorm is the start of an interesting era, so you shouldn’t let moving tasks wear you down. Go through them while your motivation is high and then slowly get used to college life. We wish you good luck and plenty of fun in this exciting new chapter of life!