Packing tactics for beginners

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Probably all of us will experience packing and moving at some point in our lives. We are aware that moving can be problematic for some people – we know for a fact that this can be one of the most challenging things to do when it comes to relocating and starting a new life in a different place. Try for a second to think about all the things which you own and make a list – seems almost impossible right? This is why movers Tennessee prepared some of the best packing tactics for beginners that you can use. We are here to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible; keep reading to find out how.

Get rid of the clutter

Before we dive into the best packing tactics for beginners you need to go through all your belongings and determine which ones you want to carry with you. We are 100% positive that you don’t want to take everything with you. Surely there are some things which you won’t need in your new home. To determine what you need and what you are just hoarding here is a special rule of the thumb that we are advising you to practice. Just go over these questions and try to be as honest as you possibly can:

Two people are packing and moving
Get rid of the trash – one of the most important packing tactics for beginners
  • Have I ever used this item before?
  • Does this item have any sentimental or material value?
  • Will I use this item over the next two years?
  • Do I know where will I put this item in my new home?

Try to do this for all the things which you are wondering if you should carry or not. If the answer was NO on any of these questions then we advise you to get rid of that item. Memphis movers and packers know for a fact that the heaviest thing to carry when moving is the trash which no one wants. Try to save everyone’s time and your money by eliminating unnecessary things.

Secure your most precious belongings before applying packing tactics for beginners

Your first thing to pack as well as unpack are these items. Firstly think of the irreplaceable documents that you will need and where they are. Put them in the same place and label them clearly. We advise you to use a special box or at least label the box in a clear way. Now that you have your documents in one place it’s time to pack your family heirlooms and other items of great sentimental and/or material value. Collect these items in one place and put them in the box over the documents. Before you close the box think of any other objects that you simply can’t live with. If there are any put them in a box and close it. Carry this box with you and never let it out of your sight. Do not open this box until you are fully unpacked in your new home. If you have successfully secured and sealed the precious belongings box it’s time for the next step in packing tactics for beginners guide.

Couple is packing the boxes
Packing can be fun you just need to know the right way to do it

Choosing the right box size and weight

Choosing the right boxes is of the utmost importance. The idea is to pack easily and unpack in the same way. It’s much better if you have smaller boxes in which you can put all your from one place of your old home so that you can simply unpack it to a designated place in your new home. Another great packing tactic for beginners is to share the load equally. Try not to put all your box in one box and all your clothes in another. It’s much less demanding to carry the boxes of the same weight because workers can adjust to the wait and thus avoid the potential danger of lifting surprisingly heavy boxes causing injuries and accidents.


Sorting the items in boxes

Always start packing by adding a layer of protective paper to the bottom of the box. Likewise, once you have finished filling the box add another layer of paper to the top of the box before closing it. You want to put the heaviest things first; you don’t want the weighty items to compress the lighter ones by putting them on top of the box. Try to sort the boxes by item just be careful not to put too many heavy things (like books) all in one box. Fragile items should be put in separate boxes and clearly labeled both for you and movers. Another one of the great packing tactics for beginners is to separately wrap tiny appliances or computer components when packaging them for extra protection. If you are an experienced traveler then you know that the best way to pack your clothes is to roll them – it will save you a lot of space and it’s super easy. Simply roll the clothes and put them in boxes.

An employee from a moving company is checking the list of items
Professionals can make your life easier – consider hiring them

Hire professional help if you find packing tactics for beginners too difficult to handle

Packing for beginners can be challenging and overwhelming although it seems easy. Moving companies Memphis area advise you to seek professional help if you think that you are not capable of doing everything by yourself. A lot of people miscalculate the time that they use on packing moving. Also, don’t forget that by asking for help from your friends and family you are using their time and thus money as well. It’s usually a better idea to pack by yourself by using some of the packing tactics for beginners which we provided in this article and hire movers for the moving process. We hope that we provided some useful pacing tactics for beginners in this article. Try to follow those step by step and we are sure that your moving process will go as smoothly as possible.