Packing supplies checklist

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Packing for a move is physically difficult and time-consuming, but it’s pretty straightforward, right? After all, you just need to grab everything you own and put it in a couple of boxes. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Packing a house can be a nightmare if you’re not properly prepared and organized. Before you even think about starting, you should get some packing supplies. When we say packing supplies, we don’t just mean boxes either! There’s a whole lot of other things you will need. And that’s why Spyder Moving Services has prepared a checklist of the packing supplies you should have ready before you start putting things away. Let’s get into it and help you have the smoothest packing experience ever!

Packing supplies checklist

As moving day gets closer and you start preparing for the relocation, you need to begin thinking about packing. To avoid any distractions and delays, it is best that you get all the supplies you need before you start packing. It’s a good way to stay on track and not get caught up in a bunch of other matters that also need taking care of. Here’s what you should get:

  1. boxes of various sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large)
  2. different kinds of tape (and tape dispensers)
  3. cushioning material (such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, or newspaper)
  4. labeling supplies (sharpies, markers, printed labels, and the like)
  5. various packing tools (including scissors, box cutters, gloves, plastic coverings, and anything else that comes to mind)
A woman writing in a notebook
Write down a checklist before going supply shopping.

You can obviously buy all of these in your local hardware store or online. But there’s a variety of other ways to get your hands on them too which is especially important if you’re on a tight budget. Check with any local stores or businesses if they have any boxes they’re willing to part with, for example. And don’t forget to look on social media either! You can find a variety of local Facebook groups that aim to help with moving whose members may be able to provide you with packing supplies for free or at a low cost. Facebook marketplace and other sites dedicated to recycling used items are the places to check out. Just keep in mind that used boxes and materials can be in bad condition.

Packing supplies: boxes

Boxes are the most important thing you’ll need when packing. You’ll need anywhere between 30 and 130 of them depending on the size of your place, the number of people moving and the amount of stuff you’re packing. To be on the safe side, always get more boxes (and other supplies too!) than you think you’ll need. Try to find sturdy boxes in a wide variety of sizes and never fill them up too much. Your moving company Germantown TN is more than likely to offer packing and unpacking services, so check it out before you decide to handle everything yourself.

If you’re not sure about the type and amount of boxes you’ll need or where to find them, check out the residential moving services of your chosen moving company. Most movers offer packing supplies alongside packing services at a reasonable price.

Packing supplies: tape

You’d be surprised by how much tape you go through when packing! You’ll use it to reinforce and seal boxes, tape down wrapping, and put on labels. Don’t skimp too much on tape either – a few dollars extra for higher quality can go a long way! Instead, buy tape in bulk to make sure you’ve got enough without breaking the bank. Use a tape gun or similar dispenser to make things go faster. And rule of thumb is to never just tape over something once, twice or even three times is the most secure way to go.

A woman using duct tape
You’ll need a lot of tape for packing.

Packing supplies: cushioning

You’ll be moving a lot of fragile things during relocation. Plates, glasses, mirrors, picture frames, and appliances: you can’t just put them in any old box and be done with it. To protect them during transport, you’ll need cushioning materials that absorb vibrations and fill the empty space in the boxes so the stuff inside doesn’t move as much.

The most common materials you’ll use for this are bubble wrap and paper, but you can also get packing peanuts and all kinds of fabric. Wrap breakable dishware and appliances that you don’t have the original packaging for in bubble wrap, packing paper, or newspaper. Line boxes with old blankets, towels, or clothes. Use shredded or crumpled paper, newspapers, and packing peanuts to fill up boxes. Most anything in your home can be used to help out during the packing of fragile items. We would recommend some cotton T-shirts that won’t mind getting crumpled. Two birds with one stone, your clothes can help your valuables and won’t take up even more space in the other boxes.

Packing supplies: labeling

Remember that everything you pack must be unpacked too. Especially in cases of long-distance moving, this will be your worst challenge after the big day. But labeling boxes properly will make unpacking so much easier! Always write down which room the stuff in the box is from and try to make a quick list of the items inside. This will make it easier to separate boxes to their respective rooms and find what you’re looking for when you start unpacking. You will be so thankful to yourself if you do this extra step. Even though it can take up a bit more time during packing, it is so worth it.

Packing supplies: odds and ends

There’s a ton of things you’ll use while packing that you already have around the house. Scissors and box cutters, plastic bags and tarps, rope and gloves – these are just some of the things that come in handy when you’re packing. For the most part, you won’t need to buy these. But when you’re gathering all your supplies, remember to add them to the pile!

Various supplies
Use the tools you already have!

Other things you will need when packing

When you’re moving, it’s not just the clothes and the plates and the photo albums that are coming with you. You’ll be moving much larger, heavier, and bulkier things too. Your furniture, mattresses, and large household appliances all need to be packed and moved too. Some of those require special supplies too. Your chosen Mississippi moving company will more than likely have all the special equipment you might need. Also, there are many specialized moving services for extremely bulky items, or extremely fragile ones to consider.

Tools for moving furniture

One of the best tips for making relocation easier is to use the right tools. Things like furniture slides, moving dollies, hand trucks, and shoulder dollies will make moving furniture infinitely easier. You almost certainly don’t have these lying around the house so plan your move in advance and buy the tools you’ll need!

Packing supplies for furniture

While your furniture can’t be neatly put in a box for the move (unless it’s IKEA in which case you’re in luck), it can still be packed and protected. Use mattress bags, furniture covers, and stretch film to make sure your pieces survive the relocation.

Cleaning supplies

Not only will you be moving some things that you probably haven’t moved for as long as you’ve had them (who looks behind the fridge anyway, right?), but you will also be moving into a whole new home. That includes a lot of cleaning on both ends. So make sure you have some basic cleaning supplies handy on moving day. You want to close the door on a clean house and start in a freshly cleaned home too!

Keep in mind though that your chosen movers Jackson MS will likely not move any chemicals due to the fear of spillage. This won’t pose a problem though as you can simply move them in the car with you. We’d also like to recommend any old pieces of furniture you haven’t used in a while to be cleaned before the move. It will be all the easier for you once you arrive at your new home.

We hope our extensive list of packing supplies you’ll need will be of good use to you in your relocation. Good luck!