Packing mirrors for storage

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Yet another relocation is just around the corner and you must prepare for it adequately. You should organize the packing process, find a moving company, and get ready for your moving day. So, if you are moving to Hattiesburg MS and you want to know the best way to preserve your precious cargo, you are in the right place. We bring you a simple guide on one of the important aspects of the packing process – how to handle packing mirrors for storage. Let us take a look.

Get ready for moving and obtain packing materials

As soon as you find your new place and decide to move, start organizing, and make a proper plan. Inspect your home and your belongings to easier calculate the moving costs. Then assemble a moving checklist to follow as a guide along the way. This way you won’t forget one of the important steps. Then, find reliable movers in Jackson MS, and secure a professional moving service for you and your family. And finally, pay special attention to the packing materials and the packing process.

Mirror next to the white table
Mirrors are extremely fragile. You will need higher-quality packing materials to transport them safely.

The goal is to get essential packing supplies to cover each step of the packing endeavor. Therefore, visit your nearest hardware store and purchase at least 30 cardboard boxes. Also, you’ll need packing tape, Styrofoam, blister packs, corner pads, and labels. Make sure you invest in higher quality packing materials. You are packing mirrors for storage after all. Not to mention all the other fragile items we have at our homes. So, obtain good packing materials to secure your fragile and expensive pieces like a pro. It is cheaper than replacing them for sure. And if you struggle with finding quality ones, contact your moving company and ask whether they have some to sell.

A little trick up your sleeve

Next to the moving box, one of the essential packing materials is packing tape. For this occasion, you should use masking tape, especially if you have a lot of mirrors, paintings, and picture frames. So, take your mirror and place it flat down on a soft and cushiony surface. The best solution is the bed in your bedroom. Then, use your packing tape and place a few strips directly on the glass forming an ‘X’ shape. This way you will prevent the glass from shattering in case you drop it in transport. And keep in mind that this solution will strengthen the whole construction, protecting the glass and your mirror frame.

Also, it can be used for any other frames you have at your home. Protect your glass but keep in mind that this is a protection against bumps and bruises. If you drop your mirror from great heights, you can bid it farewell.

Packing mirrors for storage, step by step

Keep in mind that the frame is what holds everything together. Your mirror won’t stand a chance if the frame is broken. This means you must protect the whole package and not only the glass. Therefore, this is where corner pads we mentioned earlier come into play. They are designed for this occasion and there is no better protection. After your pads are in place, wrap your mirror in a bubble-wrap and use the packing tape to strengthen the whole bulk.

Two people holding moving boxes
Find a few suitable moving boxes and cut them into a custom made mirror holder. It will add another layer of protection.

The final step is to use one of the cardboard boxes to cut-out the shape of your mirror and make a custom made box. This box is a final layer of protection and it will fit nicely into any moving truck. Just make sure that everyone is aware of the content of the box.

Wrap and pack it

Now, the previous scenario we explained will be easy if you purchased higher quality packing materials. But in case your moving budget did not allow it, we have a solution. You can use many items from your home to tuck your mirror in and keep it safe. Although, you will still need cardboard and packing tape to keep it all together. But instead of expensive blister packs and corner paddings, you can use any sort of cushion you already have at home. For example, blankets, sheets, and a tarp. Once you are done wrapping, add a plastic cover to keep the moisture and dust out.

Finally, use your custom made box to protect it from bumps. Although, the level of defense you’ll apply to your mirror varies widely. Depending on the type of storage you possess. If you are renting a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to worry about the moisture, mold, and heat.

Use labels when packing mirrors for storage

To finalize packing mirrors for the storage process, you must label your boxes in the right way. You will develop a system to track the content of each box for sure. We suggest using an already established system with numbers or colors. Whatever is easier for you. Simply match the number on your moving checklist with the number on the box. The same goes for colors. But what is most important while labeling your cargo is to make sure everyone is aware of the few fragile pieces they are transporting. And those are your mirrors, picture frames, pottery, glass, etc.

Label your cargo when packing mirrors for storage
A simple FRAGILE sign will do the trick. Make sure you have one.

Ensure that your mirror is properly labeled. Preferably with a huger ‘FRAGILE’ sign and with a few exclamation marks. This will help everyone navigate better and take care of the fragile items during transport. Furthermore, it is a safety measure that will prevent moving day injuries and damage to your property.

Your mirror is ready to be stored

Now, we reached the final step. How to load your mirror into the moving truck and into the storage. Many people make mistakes here, especially if they are moving for the first time. So, in both situations, you should always place your mirror upright and never ever place anything on top of it. Preferably to find a safe spot for your mirrors and picture frames. And this is of crucial importance during transport. You do not want any items falling or colliding with your mirror. The same goes when storing, but less bumpy. Make sure that there are no shelves above the mirror and nothing should lean on it. Stash your mirror in the safest place you can find and you can rest assured that you’ll find it intact the next time you visit.

So, now you know what to look out for when packing mirrors for storage. It is a packing process that will ask for some of your patience and a delicate touch. But we are sure you are now equipped with the knowledge to perform this task like a pro. Good luck and stay safe.