Packing leather furniture for moving

Packing leather furniture for moving or storing requires more care than dealing with regular furniture. This furniture is pretty expensive, and it is not easy to repair when damaged. And during a move, there are many dangerous situations where your leather pieces could get easily scratched, or worse. Leather furniture is usually very hard or impossible to disassemble, so you will have to pack and carry it in one piece. Therefore, if you are planning to move, and you have leather furniture to pack and carry, hire moving companies in Mississippi. They are specialists in moving all types of bulky furniture. And their expertise will come in handy in a situation like this.

Plan before you start packing

When you are planning to move, you will need to decide whether you will move all your furniture to your new home. Or, there are some pieces that you would like to store or get rid of. It is a very important thing to consider before you start packing. If you decide that your new home does not have a place for some of your pieces, maybe you would like to store them for the future.

In that case, you will probably need to rent a storage unit. So, keep that in mind. If you think that keeping your leather furniture in a storage unit is an unnecessary expense you could try to sell it. Leather furniture is usually very finely crafted and there is a constant demand for high-quality leather furniture. So, if you decide to sell some of your pieces, you will have no trouble in doing so.

Leather arm chairs waiting to packed
Call professionals to pack your leather furniture

Using packing services for properly packing your leather furniture

Another thing to consider is whether you will use packing and unpacking services or not. This decision is only up to you. But before you make it a final, think about all the pros and cons of using those services.

Pros and cons of using packing services for packing your leather furniture


  • You don’t have to pack your leather furniture. The first and most important benefit of using packing and unpacking services is that you don’t have to do it. And that also means less stress during your relocation.
  • Professional packers will do it fast. If you hire packing services for your relocation, be sure that they will do it faster than you could.
  • Packing leather furniture properly is very important, and professional packers know how to do it correctly.
  • If you let professionals do it you will greatly lower the possibility of damage.
  • You don’t have to deal with leather furniture disassembling, your packer will do it for you.
  • Your items are insured. When you hire packing services, your movers will cover all damage caused by their negligence.


  • This will increase your final bill. Packing services cost money, and if you decide to use them, you will have to pay extra.
  • You have no control in the packing process. Your movers like to pack efficiently and have their own ways of doing it.
  • Strangers will go through your belongings. This is probably the number one reason for people not using packing and unpacking services.

As you can see, there are many more benefits with using packing services rather than not. And if you don’t mind if strangers pack your belongings, you should hire them, at least for packing your leather furniture. Almost all residential moving companies have packing services in their offer, so think twice before you decide not to use them.

Living room with leather furniture
You will need lots of packing supplies if you wish to pack your leather furniture properly

Gather supplies for packing

If you decide to hire residential movers but to pack alone, you will need to gather all necessary packing supplies before you start. Packing leather furniture requires a little more attention than other types of furniture. So you will need to think about what you are getting for your packing. If you want to protect your leather, the best solution is to use a combination of moving blankets, bubble plastic, and stretch foil. You will also need packing tape to secure everything in place. If you plan to store your furniture, especially for longer periods, you will need some special cleaning products. And some leather conditioner to replenish your leather and to keep it in good shape for a long time.

Items you need to gather before you start packing your leather furniture

  • Moving blankets
  • Stretch foil
  • Bubble plastic
  • Packing tape
  • Cleaning products
  • Leather and wood conditioner
  • Set of tools

Disassembling leather furniture

Packing and carrying furniture is complicated and hard. So it would be good if you could find someone to help you. Furniture is easier to pack and carry when you disassemble it. But leather furniture, especially older pieces, are usually very hard or even impossible to disassemble using conventional ways. If your leather furniture can squeeze through your doors, then it is best not to complicate your life with this. If you can’t fit your leather sofa through your new home’s door then you should hire professionals who work with disassembling leather furniture pieces.

Part of leather furniture
Leather is very hard to repair, so be careful when you pack it

Packing leather furniture

Leather furniture is easy to damage. One puncture or rip and your expensive leather armchair are done. So, you need to be very careful when you are packing your leather furniture. And you need to be sure you added enough padding and protection before you load it into a moving truck. So to pack your leather furniture take your moving blanket, that you’ve prepared earlier, and wrap it., Make sure that you cover it all. Then you can wrap it with few layers of stretch foil and tape it with duct tape. You can wrap wooden parts in bubble plastic sheets. And that is it. Be careful when you carry it through your apartment. Make sure that you have enough helping hands, and watch your back.

If you plan to store it, before packing your leather furniture you should do some cleaning and replenishing before you seal your pieces in blankets and foil. Just make sure that you inform your local movers MS who will carry it to a storage unit, that a leather piece is in that package. And that they should be extra careful when they maneuver it to your storage unit.

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