Packing and moving your wine collection

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Are you a wine admirer preparing for a relocation? If you are going to be moving your wine collection, you should consider hiring one of the top moving companies Meridian MS. It’s best if you let the professionals move your precious collection since wine bottles are unique items to relocate. They are fragile, often extremely valuable, and the contents are very volatile. So let us look at all the different, yet equally secure methods of moving wine.

Many glasses with red wine
When it comes to local relocations, a better option is to move the wine yourself then with the moving company.

Moving your wine collection yourself

This is a great option if you have a small, valuable collection. Even professional moving companies often advise families to move the items that are most valuable to them in their cars if possible. This allows you to keep absolute control and peace of mind. Just be sure to follow Spyder Moving expert tips for moving your wine collection. However, remember that you can also choose to have the moving company pack the wine, but move it yourself.

Leave your collection in professional hands

This option is better for local relocations than for interstate ones. Don’t worry, you can include wine in your move together with your other household goods. However, note that this is probably the best option if your wine collection is not very valuable. The same goes if it is the spring or fall seasons. That’s when the temperatures are not extreme. If local movers Memphis are relocating your wine, ask their representative if the company has wine moving experience. Also, inquire about their method for packing and moving wine bottles. Some premier moving companies may even be able to refrigerate your wine during the relocation. If your wine is exceptionally valuable, be sure that you have proper insurance.

Two glasses of white wine that would make you think about moving your wine collection
In terms of interstate relocations, the better option is hiring a specialized company.

How to pack wine bottles for moving

  • Appraise your wine collection before you move: This is important in case there is any damage to your collection during the relocation. Then you will have the documentation to obtain the full value in your claim. Feel free to contact us and we will make sure to ask your local wine vendor to recommend an appraiser.
  • Fill out a high-value inventory: If a company is moving your wine collection, list your collection on a high-value inventory. This will ensure the movers keep a special eye on it. Plus it will help ensure that you receive the full value in the case of a claim.
  • Pack wine with extreme caution: Purchase specialized wine boxes. Make sure to pack wine on its side because that will keep the corks wet.
  • Keep the temperature of your bottles stable: For the best taste and to prevent the bottle from corking, maintain the temperature of the wine around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Allow the wine to rest: Due to the movement while in transit, do not open your wine for 7 days after you relocate.
  • Check customs laws: Some states or countries do not allow you to move alcohol across their borders.