Oxford vs Southaven: which is better?

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The Magnolia State is a very unique part of America. Mississippi is the 31st most populous state in the USA, with a population increase year after year. All these people that are making it their home, keep reading for the benefits that it offers. The low cost of living, mild weather, southern hospitality, and high-quality Spyder Moving and Storage MS are just some of them. From the 362 places in Mississippi, it will be difficult to choose one. For all these places, if you cannot decide between Oxford vs Southaven, you are on the right page.

Oxford vs Southaven – what differences can you expect?

First, we must mention that no matter what place you choose, some movers in Mississippi can assist you in getting there. Oxford is a small town with close to 26,000 residents, while Southaven is a suburb of Memphis that 54,000 people call home. Even though both offer a suburban feel, surprisingly. Southaven is more spacious, with 1,322 people per square mile. The majority of people in Oxford rent their homes, which shows that they are not committed to staying there. Southaven, on the other hand, has 71% of the population living in their own homes. This is mostly because there are many families living in this Memphis suburb, while mostly young professionals live in Oxford. The crime rates are significantly lower in both places compared to the national average, but with a slightly higher index in Southaven.

Picture of a bras scale symbolizing deciding between moving to Oxford vs Southaven
Even though it is Oxford vs Southaven, the places are quite similar

Why do people like Oxford?

Apart from the classic charm and warm feel of a small city, people like Oxford thanks to its:

  • Low crime rate
  • The high-quality educational system

Safety is an important condition that needs to be met at all times. If you hire our Oxford movers and packers to move to Oxford, you will feel genuinely safe. Both violent and property crimes are far lower than the national average, making Oxford as safe as it can get. Another reason why people love this town is its educational system. Some of the best schools in the area are Central Elementary School, Oxford Middle School, and Oxford Intermediate School.

Southaven has a considerable amount of benefits to offer

With a steady population growth of 1.5%, our movers in Southaven MS have been busy. They all move here because they love Southaven’s:

  • Low cost of living
  • Low poverty rate

The prices of essential items and services have skyrocketed, and searching for an affordable place to live is more important than ever. Southaven is one place like this, with a median home value of $170,000, compared to the national average of $245,000. This is the main reason why so many people can afford to buy a home here, followed by the acceptable median household income that is just $2,000 lower than the average. This also contributes to a low poverty rate in the suburb, even though Mississippi has the highest poverty rate in the USA, with 19.6% of people living below the poverty line.

Picture of a couple buying a home after deciding between Oxford vs Southaven
The low housing costs attract people to Southaven

Oxford vs Southaven – which is better?

Taking into consideration everything that has been said, the choice between Oxford vs Southaven is not easy. Both have considerable benefits to them, and the right choice will depend on the person. If you are moving with children, Southaven will be a better community, but Oxford has better schools. In case you are a young professional, the city of Oxford will be a better choice, but you will end up paying higher housing costs. Whatever you decide, you will also have to face the bad sides of your choice. We wish you good luck with your decision!