What you need to know before moving to Mississippi

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So, you have decided to relocate to Mississippi. Awesome news! There are plenty of things to love about this amazing place. But before you start looking for Mississippi movers to assist you, there are some things you should know. The climate, the job market, the cost of living – these are just some important pieces of information that you should investigate before moving. Luckily, we assembled a handy guide on all the important things you should know before moving to Mississippi. Let’s take a look.

Quick statistics about the state of Mississippi

Popularly nicknamed The Magnolia State and The Hospitality State, the state of Mississippi is located in the southeastern part of the USA. Flanked by Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas, it is a part of the Deep South and the famous Bible Belt. It is therefore not surprising that Mississippi is a red state and has not voted Democrat since 1976. Surprisingly, however, it is relatively diverse. The total population is just short of 3 million people. Of those, 59% are White, 37% African-American, and 2.8% Hispanic. The titles of the largest city and the state’s capital both go to Jackson with a population of approximately 167,000 people.

the United States map
The lovely Mississippi farmlands are located in the southeastern part of the US.

The love for the country!

Before we even begin to explain how awesome Mississippi is, we must get something out of the way. Generally speaking, the entire US is well known for patriotism and love for the country. Although, Mississippians excel by far and their love for the country is on an entirely different level. Locals here celebrate troops from both present and the past and how would they not when the state is the innovator of Memorial Day. Hence, before moving to Mississippi, you must take this into consideration. A healthy dose of patriotism is fine but if that is something you view differently and don’t want to talk about it much, it might not be the environment for you. So, think about it before moving here.

Additionally, you will see the confederate flag displayed from time to time. Again, locals want to preserve history and heritage as well as to express their political views. This will tell you a lot about diversity and the freedom of speech, no matter what subject is in question.

Prepare for a change in climate before moving to Mississippi

Probably one of the first things you’ll wonder about when relocating to Mississippi is the weather. Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate. And if that doesn’t mean much to you, this might: the summers are long, hot, and humid while the winters are short and mild. It hardly ever snows or even frosts here so that’s good news! The bad news is that Mississippi has frequent heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, tropic storms, and even hurricanes. It has its ups and downs like in any subtropical place on the planet. You have probably known this before you even began searching for properties and  Tennessee long distance moving companies to relocate you there.

But it is surely better to have more rain than a constant drought. Won’t you agree? So, before you decide on moving house to Mississippi, obtain enough information about the weather changes because subtropical climate can be tough for elders with respiratory problems.

A big city, farmland, or a combination of both? What would you prefer the most?

Mississippi is covered in farmlands. That is why we cherish all the rain we have over there. Over 10 million acres of land are farms! It’s no wonder then that the state’s primary industry is agriculture which employs around 30% of the population. So if you’re a farmer, you are the lucky one. Everything from poultry, soybeans, cotton, cattle, and catfish is represented in Mississippi agriculture and farming. Yes, catfish! If you ever tried one, it probably came from Mississippi’s aquaculture farm. If not, you must try it as soon as possible because it is amazing and Mississippi is exporting fresh and the best in the US. Although, if you do not want to seize the farming opportunity, there is always one of the big cities to welcome you with arms wide open. The largest ones are:

  • Jackson
  • Hattiesburg
  • Biloxi
  • Gulfport

The big four are located in the southern part of the state of Mississippi. While they can’t compete with the sheer size and numbers of places like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, they do offer all the opportunities and commodities of a city. Therefore, if you would like to try it out and become a farmer or continue pursuing a career in one of the abovementioned industries, then Mississippi is a fine choice. Call your movers Biloxi MS today and figure out what would be the best option to relocate swiftly and affordably.

Moving to Mississippi for education

Are you considering moving to Mississippi for education? The state has over 50 colleges, universities, and technical colleges so you’ll have plenty to choose from. And it gets better from there. Higher education is among the cheapest in the nation. Mississippi ranks 13th with the average cost of college tuition for residents around only $4,500. Education here is therefore largely accessible to all citizens.

moving to Mississippi is a fine choice
Education in Mississippi is easily accessible and affordable.

So, we highly recommend you to think about this option. If you were thinking about relocating to Mississippi, this is yet another reason to do it. Call your movers today and browse through the long distance relocation services they offer. See what your options are and figure out what would your yearly plan look like. If your relocation and education would pay off in a long run, it is definitely worth a shot.

The ever famous music scene

Maybe you did not know, but the Mississippi is the birthplace of blues and Tupelo is a town where Elvis was born. Mississippi Delta is the place where everything began and this area and its people helped in shaping rock, jazz, and country music as well. So, you can only imagine the music scene you will encounter here. All the bars, live gigs, concerts, festivals, and more. We must recommend Tupelo Elvis Festival, Prairie Arts Festival, Pinetop Perkins Homecoming, and Atwood Music Festival. There are many more but you should browse online to find all those that fit the right description.

Moving to Mississippi in search of new job opportunities

As we explained earlier, the entire state of Mississippi relies mainly on a couple of industries only. Those are agriculture and forestry as the main ones and manufacturing, trade, education, and health services right behind them. Those industries are the main employers in Mississippi so you must have this in mind before you relocate. Maybe it would be wise to check your job offers online before the relocation. Or if you already have a job, secure your transfer to one of the better companies.

After all, you must sustain your family and keep up with the quality of life in general. It is entirely possible in the state of Mississippi as long as you aim for one of the industries we mentioned. Hence, search online for the job offers, and while browsing for offers, browse for commercial relocation to Mississippi so you won’t have to do the research twice. Time is of the essence, do not waste it.

The cost of living is amazing!

Yes, maybe the job market is limited. But the cost of living is at an all-time low. Mississippi is the 13th most affordable state in the country. And if we look only at the cost of living, it is the top-ranked one. This may be because the cost of living is a whole 15% lower than the national average. And it doesn’t look like that is about to change. Despite the economic crisis, the cost of living has stayed constant over the last decade.

receipt and a few groceries on the table
The cost of living is among the lowest in the country. Who wouldn’t like that?

As for the property taxes in Mississippi, they are very low. The average annual property tax is just $768. This is less than half the national average. It makes Mississippi the state with the 5th lowest property tax in the US. Combine that with affordable housing and you have a homeowner’s dream. And that’s exactly what Mississippi is. The median home value throughout the state is just over $120,000 right now.

The Mississippi housing market

Now, the housing market is somewhere in the middle. But with everything else being cheap, you will be able to afford a nice family home for sure. Currently, the median home value is around $130.000. The Mississippi housing market is considered “very hot” due to the very low number of offers in general. It is all because of the 4% unemployment in the state and fewer people moving out. This means that the market is steady as long as you get your hands on the property. So, we advise you to find a realtor who will hunt down a nice property in one of the Mississippi neighborhoods. We can advise you to check Brandon, Starkville, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Biloxi, and Gulfport. There are a few more for sure but you’ll need to dig further through the real estate market and get your hands dirty. Good luck.

This is quite a big journey; you must find an adequate moving company to assist you when moving to Mississippi

Once you decide on a Mississippi neighborhood you are moving to, you must find reliable movers in Memphis TN area to get you there. The goal is to search for a licensed company with all the tools and equipment and the knowledge and experience. It is easy to find a company but to confirm their legitimacy is a bit harder. Therefore, do the following. Go online, apply your search criteria, and narrow it down to a few potential candidates. Then, dig through their websites and confirm they have their contact info and a physical address publicly displayed. The next step is to check out if they are accredited on one of the moving-related websites such as the Better Business Bureau, FMCSA, or the US Movers Association. Also, you should check social media groups and read a few moving reviews.

two people loading the moving truck
When moving to Mississippi, you must find a reliable moving service to relocate safely and with style.

When you are done with your research, call your movers and communicate further about the Spyder Moving Services TN they have in store. You will be amazed at what they offer and what they can do to make your relocation a pleasant experience. All the research you have done will pay off tenfold. Therefore, invest an hour or two and find a reliable and reputable moving company. If you do, your belongings and your family will be relocated safely to your new Mississippi home.

People and culture

One of the most important things you should know before relocating to Mississippi is its culture, shaped by its people. A Southern state through and through, Mississippi is one of the most religious and most hospitable states in the country. The largely rural and low-income population embraces the Southern charm. Besides religion, soul, food, and music are the major cornerstones of the culture. Mississippi is very proud to call itself the birthplace of the King himself as Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Overall, you can expect a pretty relaxed, slow-tempo, and down-to-earth lifestyle.

Now you know what will wait for you if you decide on moving to Mississippi. It is an amazing place but we suggest you pay a visit before you make the final decision. Simply to feel the vibes and the soul of the locals. You will fall in love with the place and with the hospitality, there is no doubt.