Moving your office to Denver

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Denver is a very popular choice among people that want to expand and relocate their businesses. We understand why you want to move your office here. However, office relocation can be hectic and stressful. Also, it’s a big task you’ll take on. Without the right plans and organization, it can turn into a disaster. If this is the first time you are moving your office, you might have no idea where to start or how to plan it. So, before you look for long distance moving companies Denver, we’ve prepared some tips for moving your office to Denver. Keep reading to find out more.

Let your employees know about it

The success of moving your office usually depends on the soft elements of the move. Keeping your employees in the loop and on your side can relieve any anxiety related to office relocation. You may be moving to a new city. Office moving can make your employees feel pretty overwhelmed, which is understandable. Even though companies generally give employees two weeks to decide whether they want to relocate, this may not be enough time for them to decide. Listen to your employees’ concerns, as this will help address some problems that come with office relocation. Also, make sure to cover every base. If you’re unsure of all that this entails, Spyder Moving and Storage CO will gladly help.

telling employees about moving office to Denver
Make sure to tell your employees all about moving your office to Denver promptly.

Assign a reliable project manager

Office relocations need a team effort for a successful outcome. Choosing a reliable project manager to ease all parts of the moving process is essential. The project manager you choose will need to have great communication and organizational skills, the ability to multitask, and knowledge of working with a budget. Also, a good set of office management tools can make the relocation process smoother.

Plan your budget

When moving your office to Denver, the costs can go up fast. Things such as delays and oversights can exceed your budget easily. Your project manager will probably be in charge of the budget. The budget includes costs like new stationery and interior design, however, it usually doesn’t include property and legal fees.

Setting your budget can be as hard as sticking to it. There are hidden costs and nasty surprises that can add to your budget. So here are a few general things lots of budgets miss.

  • Cost of reinstating or dilapidations or the office you are leaving
  • There may be leased or specialist equipment that needs special handling. These could be chemicals and art collections.
  • There might be timing and access limitations that can affect the cost of your move.

Plan in advance

If you are relocating your office to Denver very soon, you will need to start planning now. Give yourself about three months to create a plan to move your office to Denver. Figure out what you want to move and decide what items to donate or get rid of. Even though lots of charities will accept office furniture, they may not be able to do a last-minute pickup. The same thing applies to the disposal of electronic items. Planning in advance will make your office relocation smoother.

planning budget for office moving
Make sure to plan the move to your office to Denver on time.

Change the addresses before you move your office to Denver

Commercial movers Denver suggests you change your physical and digital addresses in advance. Put any changes on your website and Google my Business so that when people are looking for your business online, they will know about address changes that may affect their visits. Also, have a disclaimer on your voicemail. This will let those who call know about the location change.

Protect your data

When moving your office to Denver, you can never predict if something will happen to your files. You might lose important documents because of damaged hard drives or servers. This is why it is essential to back your data up and protect it from any potential breach and loss when moving your office.  For example, you can use a visitor management system to keep the data of your staff and visitors safe. And the best thing is that you can move it quickly because it is cloud bases. If you use a visitor management system, you’ll demonstrate compliance with General Data Protection Regulation because you are not going to lose any data about who visited the business in the past.

Have a tour of the new office location

Before you move your office to Denver, have a tour of your new office before moving items in. An idea of the new office layout will help you to better organize the furniture and understand the seating plan. That way, it will be much easier to move your items in and put them where they need to be instead of organizing them after unloading them.

Hire a professional moving company before moving your office to Denver

Hiring reliable movers and packers Denver is essential for a smooth office move. They have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to make moving your office easy. Also, they’ll offer packing and unpacking services to ensure your office belongings arrive safely at your new location. In addition, professional movers can understand your business needs and create an efficient moving plan. So make sure to go with a moving company that is experienced, insured, and certified.

man carrying boxes next to a white van
A professional moving company will help you relocate your office to Denver properly.

Schedule your move carefully

When moving your office to Denver, you’ll need to remember essential project deadlines and client meetings. You don’t want to be in a situation where you didn’t find the right one out of the plenty moving companies Denver offers in time or have client meetings when your items are being unpacked. Also, expecting your employees to work efficiently in such an environment isn’t fair. So make sure to give them at least three days to settle in and get used to the new office.