Moving your office from Texas to Tennessee – tips and tricks

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The idea to move the office to another place can be a result of external factors. Or of your opinion that you will benefit from such action. Anyhow, moving your office from Texas to Tennessee is not such an easy task. It has to be well-planned and prepared. And, to make such a relocation successful, you will need skilled and professional movers at your side. Therefore, having Spyder Moving and Storage TX company to assist you, will show very beneficial. They will be able to provide you with various services. And they will help you to reduce downtime as much as possible.

Moving your office from Texas to Tennessee is a complex project

Many business owners are unhappy when they have to move their office. Although in many cases it is your own decision. For example, you may find out that the conditions for your work are much better in Tennessee. Especially since Tennessee has excellent railway, air, and waterway connections.  Also, Tennessee shares a common border with the most significant number of other states in the entire US. With such a central position, you will have a better chance of acquiring new suppliers. As well as new customers for your services.

People sitting around the table and consider moving your office from Texas to Tennessee.
When moving your office from Texas to Tennessee, you should plan it with your managers and movers.

All this will help and speed up the further development of your company. However, what will worry most owners is the time required for relocation. The longer the downtime, the company’s loss will be more significant. And when you move from one country to another, the downtime will be more extended than moving within the same city.

The steps that can help you move your office from Texas to Tennessee

It is possible to consider the office moving process from many standpoints. However, we have decided to present a simple and clear scheme. And it basically consists of four basic steps. These are:

  • Draft the detailed moving plan and the moving budget
  • Discuss the office moving from Texas to Tennessee with your employees
  • Hire skilled, professional movers
  • Make plans for your new office space

Each of those steps can be further divided into smaller tasks. This is even recommended if you are moving to a larger office. In this way, the activities will take place parallelly. You will be sooner ready to give a call to long distance moving companies Texas. And thus, the downtime will decrease.

Draft the detailed moving plan and the moving budget

You must be aware that commercial moving is more complex than household. And in case of moving the office to another country, you will have even more tasks to complete. Just to mention obtaining the proper permits and licenses from your new country. Therefore, the entire preparation process should start at least six months in advance. Relocating the larger office, you should start planning even earlier.

people talking about moving your office from Texas to Tennessee
Assign the sector manager to take care of the moving preparations.

A well-defined moving plan will help you a lot. Also, you will have to calculate the exact costs of the move. It will have to include all kinds of costs that you can expect, from transportation to manpower.

Inform the employees about the moving plan

When you are moving office, many people will be affected by such a decision. So, you should inform all employees about your intention timely. First, they will decide if they want to follow you across the state border. If not, they will have enough time to secure other employment.

From your side, you will know precisely how many new people you will have to employ. So you can start the job advertisement process immediately. And, since you are moving to Tennessee, you should check the local manpower.

Involve the department managers to help you with moving preparations

It is good to consider involving the department managers in the moving preparations. The fact is that they know the job of their sector as well as their employees. So they will be able to further delegate the tasks to employees. That way, all documentation will be decluttered. Also, the remaining documentation will be ready for transport.

Make sure to find experts to complete packing your electronics and sensitive items

Every office is nowadays full of electronics. If you don’t have your own technicians, discuss the issue with state to state movers Texas. Hopefully, they will be able to help you with disassembling and packing those sensitive items.

Discuss the moving your office from Texas to Tennessee with your employees

As we already noted, some of your employees will not be able to follow you to another state. If so, you should consider giving them recommendations. And you can even help them find new jobs. With such treatment, they will be ready to help you with office packing. 

a man fixing cables in a system unit
You will need an expert to prepare and pack your electronics.

Also, during the preparations for moving to Tennessee from Texas, some of your employees can work from home. That way, you will not need to entirely stop your business activities. And keeping in contact with existing suppliers and customers will help you later. Most of them will continue cooperating with you on a larger scale than during the relocation.

Make plans for your new office space

When planning a new office space, discuss it with the employees following you to Tennessee. They might have some specific wishes. For example, they might wish more light in their working space. Or, have their desks positioned differently so everyone can move through the office easily.

Considering their wishes and answering them whenever possible will create a good atmosphere in the office. And thus, will increase the productivity of your employees.

After unpacking your things in Tennessee, you can resume regular work

Moving your office from Texas to Tennessee will be much simpler if you follow office relocation steps. Once you’ve done so, it’s time to reassemble your office furniture, reconnect electronic devices, and return to your everyday working routine. Also, ensure that your employees are happy in the new office and with how the relocation has turned out. Make sure to take the time you need to relax and come into your own.