Moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg: Where to?

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Deciding to move your family is a significant decision, requiring thorough research and careful consideration. This includes hiring Spyder Moving and Storage MS, researching your new destination, and many other things as well. When it comes to the actual place, factors such as education, healthcare, cost of living, recreation, and climate often come into play. In Mississippi, two cities that families often consider are Gulfport and Hattiesburg. Thus, what will you decide about moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg? Of course, these cities offer unique advantages. However, each city’s unique attributes can cater to different preferences and needs. In this comparison, we’ll delve into the specifics of these two cities, breaking down how they stand on various factors and helping you decide which could be the ideal choice for your family.

What factors will you consider when moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg?

When considering a move with your family with the help of one of the moving companies in Mississippi, several factors play a crucial role.

  • Education is paramount, as the quality of schools and colleges can significantly impact your children’s future.
  • Healthcare facilities are also essential, ensuring your family’s well-being is catered for, both for immediate needs and long-term care.
  • Furthermore, the cost of living, encompassing housing, utilities, groceries, and other expenses, can dramatically affect your family’s financial comfort and lifestyle.
  • Then, recreational activities contribute to the quality of life, fostering family bonding and individual hobbies.
  • Lastly, the climate can affect daily life and activities, from clothing choices to outdoor activities, making it an important consideration.

Educational opportunities

When comparing education in Gulfport and Hattiesburg, both provide commendable opportunities, but they do have key differences. As for Hattiesburg, two universities are located here and provide excellent opportunities for education. Those are The University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University. This provides a dynamic college-town atmosphere and allows access to a variety of educational programs and resources. Gulfport, while not housing a university within its city limits, has proximity to the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park campus in the neighboring city of Long Beach.

a little girl writing something in her notebook will make you think about moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg
The well-being of your children is certain in both cities.

For primary and secondary education, Gulfport and Hattiesburg have public and private schools with comparable ratings. In terms of advanced educational opportunities, Hattiesburg might offer more due to its larger student population and the variety of academic fields available. Hence, when moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg, your choice might depend on the level and type of education sought for your family.

The cost of living is one of the crucial factors

When hiring movers Hattiesburg MS you will be relieved knowing the situation with the costs in both cities. In terms of cost of living, both Gulfport and Hattiesburg are relatively affordable when compared to the national average. The overall costs are about 20% lower than the national average. As for the overall living expenses, such as groceries, healthcare, utilities, and transportation, we can say they are generally less expensive than the national average in Gulfport and in Hattiesburg.

While the costs are, for the most part, slightly lower in Hattiesburg, we can’t say the same for housing costs. Though Hattiesburg is more inland and home to a large student population, it tends to have slightly higher housing costs in comparison to Gulfport. Hence, the median home value in Hattiesburg is $200,447, while in Gulfport, it is $188,104. However, both places truly stand out since their housing costs are almost 50% lower than the U.S. average, which is really outstanding. Therefore, both cities are more economical compared to many U.S. cities.

Enjoy numerous activities in both cities

If one of your main interests when moving is the possibility of having fun with your family, feel free to hire one of the moving companies in Gulfport MS. Recreational opportunities in Gulfport and Hattiesburg offer different flavors of entertainment, both unique to their environments. Gulfport, being on the coast, boasts of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, beach outings, and water sports. It’s also home to several golf courses and Island View Casino for those seeking indoor recreation.

a boy and his grandpa fishing
When deciding about moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg, recreation is guaranteed whatever decision you make.

On the other hand, Hattiesburg is known for its historic downtown area with boutiques, galleries, and a rich culinary scene. It’s surrounded by natural beauty, offering hiking, biking, and camping opportunities at spots like Paul B. Johnson State Park. The Longleaf Trace, a 44-mile trail, is a highlight for outdoor enthusiasts. Both places host festivals and events throughout the year.

The similarity between the cities is their climate

Gulfport and Hattiesburg, both located in Mississippi, have similar subtropical climates characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. However, being a coastal city, Gulfport tends to have a slightly more temperate climate due to the influence of the Gulf of Mexico. It experiences a gentle sea breeze which can provide some relief from the summer heat. You must admit this is a reason to call long distance movers and enjoy lovely weather. Hattiesburg, located more inland, can experience slightly hotter summers and slightly cooler winters. Rainfall is abundant in both cities, with the wettest season typically in the winter months.

No need to worry about health

Healthcare is a vital consideration for any family, and both Gulfport and Hattiesburg provide solid healthcare systems. Gulfport is home to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, a highly rated facility offering a range of services. Other medical facilities and private practices are also present, offering comprehensive healthcare services. Hattiesburg, however, has a slight advantage with two general hospitals – Forrest General Hospital and Merit Health Wesley. It is considered a healthcare hub in the region, with a wider array of specialized services. While both are equipped to cater to healthcare needs, Hattiesburg’s larger healthcare network might be a significant consideration for families with diverse healthcare needs.

a doctor holding a stethoscope
In case of some health problems, Hattiesburg is a better option for your family.

Decide what is your ideal Mississippi city

Altogether, both Gulfport and Hattiesburg offer unique attributes that make them appealing to families. Gulfport provides a coastal lifestyle with various water-related recreational activities, a slightly more temperate climate, and commendable healthcare facilities, though at a slightly higher cost. Hattiesburg, with its vibrant college-town atmosphere, provides diverse educational opportunities, a grander healthcare network, and a lower cost of living, along with a rich blend of urban and natural recreational activities. Your decision when moving your family to Gulfport vs Hattiesburg will depend largely on your family’s specific needs and preferences. Both places are promising in their own right; it’s all about which attributes align best with your family’s lifestyle and expectations.