Moving your family from Oxford to Starkville

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Moving your family to another city and state is somewhat challenging. However, this is a great opportunity to meet new people, enrich your spirit, and start afresh. If you are thinking about moving your family from Oxford to Starkville, don’t do it without the help of Spyder Moving and Storage, a family-oriented business specialized for this type of move. Even though they are only 75 miles away, Oxford and Starkville are quite different in many ways. If you want to feel the Starkville vibe, settle in a friendly community, and let your family experience something new, then moving here is one of the best decisions you can make in your life.

Why do people decide to move from Oxford to Starkville?

Oxford and Starkville are both located in Mississippi. While Oxford is only 70 miles away from Memphis, Starkville is more isolated, which is considered an advantage for families. Plenty of people decide to leave the more crowded Oxford and settle in a peaceful Starkville to raise their kids. However, this is not the only reason why so many Oxford residents hire moving companies in Mississippi to relocate them to this city. Starkville University is considered one of the best in the state, currently enrolling more than 22 000 students. As a result, new job opportunities are constantly being opened, bringing more professionals and businesses to the place. If you are planning your relocation to Starkville, check what mostly draws people to this amazing place.

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Moving your family from Oxford to Starkville can be a fun and enjoyable experience with a positive attitude

Starkville is getting cheaper

Probably the greatest reason for moving to a place is the cost of living. As Oxford is getting more expensive, people are drawn to Starkville’s more affordable and laid-back lifestyle. The cost of living in Starkville is lower than the national average, but also lower than Mississippi’s overall rating. Families move here to buy affordable homes which cost around $228,100, compared to $294,200 in Oxford. And while Oxford is still the winner when it comes to more affordable utility bills, Starkville is leading in terms of healthcare and housing. Before you relocate your family here, it might be a good idea to leave all the moving tasks to some moving companies Starkville MS offers and delve deeper into the costs and finances of both cities.

Moving your family from Oxford to Starkville means having better finances

The job growth in Starkville is positive, with new jobs arising in many industries. If you decide to move your family to Starkville, you can expect to find plenty of job opportunities. The highest-paying jobs are legal, transportation, and warehousing, while the lowest-paying ones are cleaning, maintenance, and food services. The average household income in Starkville is $36,700, compared to $36,561 in Oxford. Even though the unemployment rate in Oxford is lower, higher living costs make more and more people hire moving services Oxford recommends to relocate their families to Starkville.

A happy woman holding banknotes and thinking about moving your family from Oxford to Starkville
If you’re moving your family from Oxford to Starkville, you’ll experience a lower cost of living

Starkville’s lifestyle is attracting more residents

Although Oxford’s proximity to large cities like Memphis makes it an attractive place, people are now more drawn to Starkville’s laid-back lifestyle. This isolated city is perfect for raising families, and it has improved a lot since the past. The city went through a major reconstruction in the 20th century, now attracting people from all over the state. Some of the best things to do with families are to visit history museums, play sports in parks and fields, and enjoy some outdoor recreation centers. If you are using packing and unpacking services for your move to Starkville, make sure you ask your movers to use recyclable boxes, so you can contribute to the beauty of the city as well.

How to prepare for the move to Starkville?

Since Oxford and Starkville are one hour away, you can easily go there by car. However, moving your family and putting your entire life in boxes is overwhelming. Therefore, many people hire a reputable moving company in Oxford to move them to Starkville. Getting help from a professional mover can make your relocation easier and faster, as movers know how to handle these types of issues well. The best of all is that you don’t have to think about packing, unpacking, and loading your bags. Your mover’s job is to handle every aspect of moving to Starkville in a seamless way.

Another thing you should do to prepare for the move is calculate your budget in advance. Hiring movers is easier but more expensive. Keep that in mind if you are planning to move any time soon. Moreover, you will also need finances for renting or buying a house, redesigning your new home, as well as completing paperwork. Once you get straight with your budget, moving your family to Starkville will become a memorable experience.

An agent looking at the happy family in their new home
Moving your family to Starkville will put a big smile on your face

How to adjust to your new life in Starkville?

Starkville is a beautiful city with wonderful parks, a friendly community, and welcoming people. Once you move your family there, you will need some time to adjust to the new environment. Starkville is home to some of the best public and private schools, colleges, and universities, such as Overstreet Elementary School, Henderson/ward-Stewart elementary school, and Armstrong Junior High School. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your children’s education. After you settle in, take some time to explore the area before unpacking. Starkville boasts some wonderful open spaces, parks, and greenery. We recommend you visit The Cotton District, the Cobb Museum of Archeology, and to fire up the grill at Dudy Noble Field. Jazz festivals, international fiesta, and events are all things you can enjoy with your family in Starkville.

Final thoughts on the process of moving from Oxford to Starkville and the benefits it can bring to families

Starkville is truly an amazing city. Apart from being secluded and away from crowded places, Starkville has plenty of other benefits for families. Its education system is among the best in Mississippi, it is cheaper than Oxford, and it has a simple and unique lifestyle. Moreover, people can find plenty of good job opportunities and enjoy festivals, events, and historic sites. If you are moving your family from Oxford to Starkville any time soon, make sure you hire a reliable mover to help you out. Once you do this, you can start your life adventure and move to Starkville with a smile.