Moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch

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Moving from a big city to a small town is not an unusual thing to do. Not everyone aspires to live among many people, in crowded streets, and in hectic traffic. This is especially true for people with families. It is much easier to lead a quiet family life in a small community, surrounded by all the amenities you need. If you are thinking about moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch, then this is the perfect guide for you. Professional movers from Spyder Moving and Storage CO will advise you on all the advantages this type of relocation offers.

Moving to a smaller town

If you are tired of the big-town hustle and wish to settle with a family in a smaller town, it is time to start looking for the perfect place of residence. What drives people to leave the big city is the desire to own a bigger living space, access to outdoor activities, lower costs of living, and avoid the stressful life of a big town. Even if you decide to move cross country, one of the best long distance moving companies Denver has is there to assist you.

a mother, father, and a child showing you all about moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch
Moving to a small town has numerous advantages for a high-quality family life

Moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is one of the best places to live in Colorado. It is located south of Denver, and it takes around half an hour to get there by car. The population of 101,000 residents makes it seven times smaller than Denver, which has 711,000 inhabitants. It is a part of the Denver metropolitan region which makes commuting to the big city easy. If you are thinking about moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch, that means you are ready to start a new chapter in a peaceful neighborhood. After all, the perks of this relocation are endless:

  • parks and plenty of outdoor activities
  • great location
  • quality education
  • great job opportunities and low taxes
  • planned community and a safe neighborhood

Parks and outdoor activities

Many families like to spend weekends outside, after exhausting work and school weekdays. Highland Ranch is the place to be for nature lovers. It boasts 19 parks of various sizes, so anyone can find activities for themselves. The magnificent Chatfield State Park is located just outside the town and it offers abundant wildlife, a large lake, and magnificent nature. Also, wherever you choose to live in Highlands Ranch, you will have a spectacular mountain view outside your window. The weather is mostly sunny, with all four seasons, but without any extreme temperatures. As soon as your Colorado movers unload their truck in front of your new home, unpack your hiking gear and start exploring the wonderful outdoors this place offers.

a lake in Colorado
Moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch means easier access to the outdoors

Great location

Whenever you need to feel the spirit of a big town such as Denver, you can have anything you want in half an hour. Besides Denver, you can also travel regularly to Colorado Springs as it is just 25 miles away. Denver International Airport is around 45 minutes away, and it will take you an hour to reach Boulder. In case you wish to avoid driving around, there is a bus line that can take you around town and to other towns as well. The easiest way to reach Highlands Ranch when moving is to hire movers Highlands Ranch CO. They will know the fastest way to get your boxes from your old place in Denver to your new abode in Highlands Ranch.

Quality education

Highlands Ranch offers a large number of elementary schools, and many of them are within walking distance. This is very important when moving your family from the big city, as you don’t have to drive your kids to school. Both private and public options are available for elementary, middle, and high schools. There are no options for higher education in Highlands Ranch, but there are a few universities in Denver. In general, the Douglas County school system, under which Highlands Ranch schools fall, is regarded as one of the best in the metro region and throughout Colorado.

Great job opportunities and low taxes

Numerous companies move their headquarters to Highlands Ranch because of low taxes. Currently, there are over 2,000 companies in town. Probably the most prominent ones are Avaya Communication and Lucent Technologies. Property taxes are also low here, as well as sales tax, which makes it an ideal place for businesses. Therefore, moving here will not hamper your career. The vicinity of Denver, along with many companies that operate locally, make Highlands Ranch an ideal place to find a job and raise a family. Also, having one of the best moving companies Denver CO offers nearby is a great asset for those looking to relocate.

a person looking at a screen with advice on moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch
Highlands Ranch offers various job opportunities

Planned community and a safe neighborhood

This town is the largest master-planned community in the US. Single-detached family homes and small apartment buildings are the most common housing options in Highlands Ranch. This is the perfect housing for a family moving from a big city. On top of all, it is a very safe place, 21% safer than the national average. Highlands Ranch ranks very high on the list of places for families who seek a quiet and safe neighborhood.

Find the best neighborhood to live in and meet the locals

Before leaving Denver, figure out which neighborhood in Highlands Ranch suits you best. Westridge, Rock Canyon, Northridge, Eastridge, and Verona are the top five neighborhoods. Also, try to meet the locals and get to know your community better, as it will be a large part of your life after moving your family from Denver to Highlands Ranch. Get involved in community events to get to know the people better. Also, forget the frenzy of the big city and get ready for a slower pace of life. There may be fewer groceries and entertainment options in a small town, but the advantages it offers for a serene family life are priceless.