Moving your business from MS to TN – all you need to know

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For many entrepreneurs, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and a move seems like the best way to grow. In order to better their chances of success, they move to a new location where they hope to find better odds. If you are one of those companies, and you are moving your business from MS to TN, our commercial movers got you covered. Before relocating your office, it’s important to gather all the information. Relocating isn’t easy, so we hope that these tips will help ease the whole process.

All you need to know before relocating your business

Around 40 million Americans are moving each year. And although it’s unlikely that anyone keeps track of businesses moving, given the multitude of valid business reasons for moving, almost every entrepreneur will consider relocating at some point. For all of those who want to take this bold step, here are the most important things to consider prior to hiring professional movers Memphis TN.

  • research the location you want to move your business to;
  • gather all the information about the economy in the city you are relocating to;
  • find out what the cost of moving your business from MS to TN
  • prepare your employees for the transition.
A CEO giving a presentation about moving your business from MS to TN to his emloyees
It’s important to inform all your employees about the big steps you are about to take

Moving your business from MS to TN

If you are considering moving from Mississippi to Tennessee and relocating your whole business, you should gather all the necessary info on the city you are moving to. The first thing you should know is that the two cities are more the 5 hours and 240 miles apart. That means that you will need the services of long-distance movers. The state of Tennessee offers numerous benefits to those who call it home, including a business-friendly climate. For corporations seeking a change of geography, it is an ideal spot due to its low living costs and robust business environment.

The low cost of living in Tennessee is a great reason to relocate your business

Doing business in Tennessee is perhaps most desirable because of its low prices. In terms of the cost of living, Tennessee is one of the most affordable states in the country. At 89, Tennessee’s score is lower than the national average of 100. Consequently, the dollar has more power, and consumers can stimulate their local economies more freely. Financial stability and a thriving corporate sector are rare outside of this state.

Business environment and the economy

There is a strong pro-business culture in Tennessee, a state that is a right-to-work state. The country invests in education, infrastructure, and workforce development to support its people and businesses. Due to its attractiveness for corporate relocation, it has become a popular destination. Tennessee has seen an influx of companies opening headquarters in recent years. There has been significant investment in Tennessee’s reputation as a business-friendly state by household names like Mitsubishi, FedEx, and Oracle.

People sitting in the office talking about moving your business from MS to TN
Moving your business from MS to TN, no matter how big or small requires good organization

As Tennessee’s economy has grown due to corporate relocations, the state’s economy has only become stronger. Thousands of jobs have been created in the cities in which these corporate transplants have settled. The state also offers a wide variety of business-friendly cities, such as Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville. In other words, you decide what kind of culture you want to create for your organization. In any metro area, you can expect stable, affordable business and living costs.

What about the logistics and transportation when you are moving your business from MS to TN

Transportation is one of Tennessee’s strongest assets. Among the reasons for this is its optimal geographical location. You can drive to three-fourths of the United States within a day if you are in Knoxville, for instance. Several modes of transportation are available to reach the state, including highways, air, rail, and barges. The premier geography of Tennessee also contributes to its thriving tourism industry.

Cost of moving your business

Do not underestimate your move’s cost. Suppose you own a medium-sized manufacturing company in a 25,000-30000 square-foot facility. If you want to move your operation from point A to point B, you can expect to spend around $100,000. If you own a small business, with not too much equipment, the cost will be much lower. The biggest cost that one company might come to is the loss of productivity. When you hire some of the best Tennessee long distance moving companies and relocate to a place that’s 5h away, it’s not expected that all the employees will follow. You will need to find new people, or accommodate old employees if they wish to work from home. In both cases, gather a couple of moving quotes and make your decision.

Moving boxes taped together and ready to be carried into a moving truck
Relocating with the help of professionals is always encouraged

How to prepare your employees for the transition?

It is straightforward to offer to handle the logistics of an employee’s move when they have so much to take care of. You can recommend them to use moving labor in Memphis, to assist with the organization. You can help smooth the relocation process and ease the transition for everyone by supporting your employee’s entire family. The fact that moving is expensive will not come as a surprise to you. It can quickly add up when renting a vehicle, hiring movers, transferring utilities, and renting or buying a new place. You’ll have to pay more if your employee moves a considerable distance like MS to TN.

A smooth relocation process can be enhanced by giving employees time off, flexible work hours, or remote work options. It will ensure your employee lands in their new role ready to go and less stressed. Moving is a huge undertaking, no matter if you are relocating a team or one employee. Moving your business from MS to TN can be successful if you all work together smarter.