Moving with children – how to handle it properly

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Are you planning on moving with children? If so, you should know that this can be quite stressful for them, especially if they are school-age children. Even though they have no responsibilities when it comes to planning or executing the move, they do feel the same amount of stress that grownups do. All of a sudden, they have to move away from the safety of their home and friends and away from everything that is familiar to them. Then they will be faced with a strange new city or neighborhood which will bring about new feelings of uncertainty. However you plan for your move, some issues are sure to arise when moving with children. Thankfully, here at Spyder Moving Services, we have compiled a useful list of tips for making sure you execute the move properly and with care.

Make the children feel excited about the move

As we have mentioned, moving to a new home can be very stressful for the children. They have to leave behind the comfort and safety of their home. They also worry about leaving behind their friends and having to make new ones. Making them excited instead of nervous can help both you and them with dealing with the stress of moving. There are a few ways you can make them feel excited instead of worried.

Family having fun while preparing to move with children
When moving with children, make the move seem exciting to them

Tell the children about the move as soon as possible

If you are able to tell them about the move ahead of time, it will give them an opportunity to adjust to the idea of moving. Also, try to break the news gently and focus on the positive aspects of the move. If you present the moving process as an adventure instead of as something they should be dreading, they will be less stressed, or they could be even looking forward to seeing their new house.

Give children details regarding the move

When you inform the children about the move, try to give them as many details as you can. You should validate everything they will be leaving behind, but also focus on the things they will be moving towards, such as new friends, their new school, the new house, and their new room. Try to mention any new and unique things they will be able to experience at the new place, such as a new experience or activity you can do as a family.

Visit the new city or neighborhood before moving with your children

In addition to painting a word picture of the new place, why not take them directly there so they can see it for themselves? By taking out the unknown and making it familiar, you can lessen the stress of moving with your children to a new city. Take a one-day family trip to the new city, highlighting all the places and activities you will be doing as a family once you relocate. When they can experience the new place firsthand, they will be able to create a positive association with it.

Family taking a trip with children
Introduce the new city to the children

When moving with children, start packing ahead of time

Daily life is stressful enough already, and now you have to plan a move on top of everything. Moving day can come much faster than we have previously thought, so it would be a good idea to make a thorough plan for the packing process. This can be an endeavor in and of itself, depending on where you will be moving to and how many things you will be bringing with you. Luckily, one of the best commercial movers Memphis has to offer can help you with planning out the packing process, as well as anything else you might require during the move.

Create fun packing activities for the whole family

Since packing can easily become overwhelming, an extra pair of hands (or two) is always welcome. That is why you should try to get your children involved in the process. However, packing is on no one’s list of fun activities. However, you can be creative and try to present packing as a game you will be playing. Children are more open to cooperation if they think they are playing a game. You can create packing lists and try to turn them into a scavenger hunt. Be as creative as you like. By involving the children in the packing process, they will feel like their opinion matters and they will feel valued. It is very likely you will not be able to bring everything from your old home with you, so you should try to help your children choose what goes with you and what does not.

Child sitting in a cardboard box
Try to make the packing fun for the children

Make a schedule and stick to it

Sticking to a well-made schedule can be a life-saver when you are moving with children. If you simply do not have enough time to think of everything by yourself, try enlisting the services of some of the best moving companies in Memphis TN. Life can be hectic and we can sometimes forget important things. Also, time flies when we are busy and we might not even notice how close the moving day is. So, prepare your schedule well and keep to it.

Plan for any eventuality when moving with children

Life can be unpredictable, so it is always a good idea to be prepared. As we have said, having a well-made packing schedule can be extremely handy. Still, even the best plan can account for everything. So, by hiring some of the most reputable movers in Tennessee, you can rest assured all will be taken care of, regardless of the issue that may arise. Always talk to the movers you hire and work with them towards making your move as smooth as possible.

Even though moving with children can be very trying, we can try our best to handle the situation properly. By carefully planning every step along the way and making sure our children are involved in the process, we can take out the stress and infuse some fun. Hopefully, these useful tips will help you along the way.